‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

FIRED MY A$$!!! First this! Then this! The Ole Dog! Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the chorus of US lawmakers lashing out at White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for funding ‘hazardous’ virus research and ‘despicable’ experiments on dogs. At issue are Fauci’s decisions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and […]

Mass Murdering Lying A$$ed CDC Cunt Threatens Cops & Government Workers Who Do Not Want To Commit Assisted Suicide With Killer Jabs With red Russian Stalin Styled Reeducation Camps

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to provide vaccine hesitant police and other government workers with “education and counseling” to make them “comfortable” about taking the shots. Walensky told Chris Wallace that “We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people […]

“Identifiable Harm”: Biden Kills JFK File Release, Issues Baffling Statement

Whats baffling about it? USA/DC is Israel’s bitch. ISRAEL IS ROTHSCHILD’S USEFUL IDIOT BITCH. HANDS Biden is Israel’s Bitch, thus a Rothschild’s Bitch. JFK was not the first American leader murdered by the Rothschilds for standing up for America against Rothschild’s zionism/Communism Twins. Nor was he the last. American General George S Patton murdered by […]

USA Elected Political Whores Steal Social Security From Struggling Retired Americans while Becoming Multi-Millionaires From Bribes & Insider Trading

Just When Social Security Was About To Collapse A Half Million American Retirees Died Prematurely Of COVID-19. That Saves ~$48.5 Billion. Was This All Pre-Planned? Elitist Bank Of International Settlements Issues Digital Currencies Guide But Doesn’t Instruct How To Correct Ongoing Central Bank Public Robbery. The game is as old as the Roman Empire. The […]

FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s Covid-19 Clinical Trial

Ignored by the FDA. Help Maddie from SilentPartner on Vimeo. When Stephanie and Patrick de Garay enrolled their 12-year-old child Maddie and her two brothers in Pfizer’s Covid-19 clinical trial, they believed they were doing the right thing. That decision has turned into a nightmare. Maddie, a previously healthy, energetic, full of life child, was […]

‘Cruel’ Fauci Who Loves to Torture & Mass Murder Little Children & Puppy Dogs condemned for spending $2m on “experiments” Where Beagles Vocal cords Cut,Tortured, trapped in Cages so Flies could eat them alive. Bi-partisan fury at Evil Sadistic use of taxpayer funds’

Matthew 7:12 “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” A group of 24 bi-partisan lawmakers are demanding answers from Dr. Anthony Fauci after a nonprofit claims he permitted experimental drug testing on dogs The White Coat […]