Richard-John C Carleton “The war has been over for over 150 years, get a frelling life.”

In reply to a truthful statement I made concerning the ramifications of the 1861-1865 War Crimes the USA/DC committed against Virginia, the never ended armed occupation by the same War Criminal Corporation, USA/DC, on Virginia’s current gun confiscation push, some whining son of a yankee bitch, who did not have the balls to use his last name, and the Richard first name was probably fake even.

Richard-John C Carleton
“The war has been over for over 150 years, get a frelling life.”

My reply:

John C Carleton – Richard

“But the Armed Occupation continues.
Never was real good at letting criminals claim sainthood.
Them little Southern Children, women, European and African American, gang raped till death by those pedophilic arsonist, mass murdering lying degenerate self righteous zionist yankee spawn of War Starting, Peaceful Quaker’s murdering for their land, “witch” burning “puritan” gentuza, may have been gang raped till death by the Glory-Glory Hallauehia Pedophilic War Criminals some 150 something years ago, but they still got gang raped till death by the white trash “pure blood Anglo Saxon Chosen” by the god who was never real, to rule the world, which God they stopped believing in themselves , but still believe the god they don’t believe in said they had the right to rule the world.

But to add insult to injury, their boss The War Criminal Corporation, USA/DC, has never owned up to those war crimes, much less, condemn them, or even get their evil asses out of the Southern man’s Occupied Countries.
Never was real good at spreading the opposing sides of mine own derrière for evil perverted pedophilic s of bs.
Un-pacified, Unrepentant, Un-Reconstructed, Un-lobotomized, Proud as all get out, Scotts-Irish Southern Rebel!

The Ole Dog!

The Gay Caballero pendejoberg And It’s Band Of Rico Crime Cabal Hairless Chihuahuas Down At SAN ANTONIO city hall, Have Given The Contract To Take Down The Memorial To The Men Died At The Alamo

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

Having already stolen a  Texican Confederate Memorial off of Confederate Deeded to the Confederate Texicans  by San Antonio City Council in 1905, for EVER, two cannons, a time capsule, AND THE PARK, and not having gone to jail yet, they grow bold.

Now, they will desecrate the memorial to the men died defending the Alamo against Mexican Troop.

They say it needs repair, so they MUST!!!!!! take it down.

Oh yes, while they are at it, they will just move it to a less visible place, and probably lease the stolen land, to build a Mexican Cafe on.

These ass holes are not Texicans!

The gay caballero is a New York Carpetbagger yankee, of Khazarian ancestry.

Don’t like Confederate Statues to Texicans tried to keep the invading Foreign War Criminal USA solders from gang raping their children, wives, mothers to death, stealing everything, (I’d like my great grandmothers silverware back), mass murdering Texicans,  (Secession is STILL legal under the constitution), get you yankee carpetbagger misbegotten and abused  ass, back to yankeeland.
I know a bunch of folks, who will  help you pack!

They have statues to child gang rapers , thieves, war criminals, liars, arsonist, to  African American hating bi-sexual shyster railroad lawyer war criminals manic depressive atheist like Lincoln.

You should be happier there!

Make one thing REAL clear about one thing at this point, the invasion of Texas, by the USA, was a War Crime, done for economic reasons, using session as an excuse. Session remains legal under the constitution till this day, remember?

Same for the grandson of the serial baby raper, yankee carpetbagger, Papa CIA BadBush, Who once said, “If the American People knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and hang us”,  yankee carpetbagger BadBush, acting Land Commissioner of the Vichy Occupation yankee government, (Corporation), holding forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Brazos, who is assisting the RICO criminals down at SAN ANTONIO city hall, (corporations are spelled in all capital letters), to desecrate the Texicans dearest memorial!

There a small village in New England, looking for a village idiot.

I feel your are over qualified, should have no problem getting gainful employment for the first time in your pampered life.

As for the Mexico Firsters down at SAN ANTONIO city hall, my father was a pastor to a church close enough to the Rio Grande, my brothers and I used to swim over to the Mexico side.

If we could do it, I am sure you can do it!

Texas is never going to be a Lilly white country, never has been.

But to be a Texican, you DAMN WELL, have to be Loyal to her, and put her first in your heart, before the country you or your ancestors ran from, to get here.

The Texas song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, is about a Texican who was African American  mixed with European.

She’s a Texas hero, she slowed Santa Anna up on his march to the Alamo.

At the Alamo was a mixture of Europeans from several different backgrounds and places, African Americans, and Texicans of Spanish and Mexican ancestry.

Not many Mexican families wanted to come to Texas, it was a hard, rough, dangerous place to be.

Many a Texican’s hair decorated the lodges of the Native tribes of Texas.

But the families which came, had BIG BALLS.

They were men to stand beside, men to have at your back when the wolf came hunting.

A huge wave of Mexican refuges came pouring into Texas, during the revolution years of 1910-1917, throughout all of Mexico.

Texicans  had tamed most of Texas down, making Texas now safer than Mexico, so they sought refuge in Texas.

My mother in  law’s family were part of this mass of fleeing humanity.

The came after Poncho Villa had murdered as many of the family as he could, ones got away, came to Texas.

I have grandsons, more Native American than European, with Spanish sur names, who are cousins to Generals George Washington, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Richard Taylor, Andrew Jackson, George S Patton.

They are not Mexicans, they are not Europeans, they are Texicans!

Being Texican, is not about where you or your ancestors came form, being Texican is about being loyal to, honoring, your home, or adopted home if you are the immigrant generation, along with your Texican History, or adopted Texican History, as the case may be.

But if you are in Texas, trying to desecrate  our heroes, our history, our land, our culture, then you are NOT a TEXICAN, but an Enemy of Texas and Texicans.

These evil scum sucking degenerate misbegotten  Enemies of Texicans, will not stop, until made to stop.

The following is something taken from a face book post. Just for information purposes do I insert it, to show you how determined these evil scum are to desecrate this memorial. They are doing it RIGHT after Christmas, and before New Years, hoping it will be down before most Texicans know about it.

Evil lying Anti-America, Anti-Texican sons of bitches, and bitches themselves!

The Ole Dog!


“Today is a sad day for Texas and it’s history. Today (Dec 3, 2019) we learned from a reliable source of a plot by the city of San Antonio to start removing the Alamo Cenotaph on Dec 27-28, 2019. Contractors who have been hired to remove the Alamo Cenotaph will start setting up their equipment on Dec 27, 2019 and start work removing the Alamo Cenotaph on Dec 28, 2019. We expect the work to start early in the morning (around 1am Dec 28, 2019). This truly is a sad day.

We are calling on all Texans to come to the aid of the Alamo Cenotaph aka the Cradle Of Liberty. We will be massing at the parking lot located at…
300 Avenue E
San Antonio, TX 78205
on Dec 27, 2019 at high noon. We will lay out our full plan at the parking lot at 12:30pm Dec 27, 2019 so plan to be there early to park and get to the meet up location. Failure to be on time could result in not getting to participate. From there we will make our way to the Alamo.

We are asking Texans to bring provisions and gear so you can sustain yourself, at least till sunrise Dec 28, 2019. Please prep and be aware of what you bring & the consequences of what you bring. TITFF will have snacks & water but we encourage you to bring your own.

The amount of people who respond to this call to action will determine our plan of action. Please spread the word and plan on being here during this time. Texas History, the Alamo Cenotaph & TITFF needs your help.

PS- We can use donations of food, snacks and water if you can donate them. We will have a supply drop in San Antonio and possibly Houston, Tx in the coming weeks, if not you can bring them to the meet up location at the address above. ”

Can You Remember Your First Memory?

Can you positively say, such and such is my first memory in this life?

I can.
Maybe two and a half to three, maybe a Bit younger even.
I did not mark the date on my calendar.

I was held in the talons, of a giant bird I take to be an eagle, a bird of prey.
We were flying high over tree tops, I could look down and see the tops of trees far below me.

Then I became aware of being me, in a bed, I jumped up, ran to my mother!
I told her as best I could, in my limited words at that age, what had happened.

I remember she told me, “It was just a dream”.

But it was not.
A giant Bird of War & strife, an Eagle, in Viking meaning bravery, war and death, carried me to my new body, my new identity, my new name, my new time.

I am of the Clan of the Wolf.
I have known war from before the birth of this rock.
I have led the pack.
I have know much of blood, of strife, of death.
I grow tired of humanities refusal to grow as spiritual beings.
I grow tired of the evil, the lies, the betrayals in Humanities hearts.

Even some tryin to make the rape of children normal!

Does humanity not understand the consequences of failing the final test of becoming a Positive Spiritual Human Being?

When my lessons are done here, when i have learned the price of that which i held, after my Clan, dearest to my heart, when i have begged for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding i brashly in my youth thought i understood, and the meanings of, When i have learned to try things other than grabbing a sword and yelling charge, in certain situations as a first resort, i will return home.

Humanity, you were given a chance to climb out of the slime, become advanced beings, and you are pissing that chance off for a cold six pack, and half an hour with a warm piece of ass!

I feel sorrow for the sheep people.
I feel sorrow for Humanity.
Perhaps they prefer to be slaves, sheep to be slaughtered at will without resistance.

I still harbor in my heart, a hope Humanity will open their eyes, ears, use their own Brians, and as a wise man once said:

“How much is the whistle worth?
How much will you pay for the whistle?
Is it worth it?”

The ole Dog!

If You Find Texican’s Hero’s Memorials Offend You, Why Did Your Illegal Alien yankee, Mexico, Red Russian Ass Come To The Occupied Republic of Texas?

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagger pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

I record several local TV news shows every day.
Once I am trough running a hand along the news of the world and the Occupied Republic of Texas chasing around with grandkids, tending to the daily chores, doing some Honey-dos, drag my self to bed, I will fast forward through most of it.

Not interested in house fires, I feel sorrow for their loss, nothing I can do about it, already happened.
All the “public interest stories, are people trying to promote their product or organization, and unfortunately for the News, not enough rapes, pedophiles, murders, really bad car wrecks, corrupt government official caught/busted, house fires to fill their half hour or so.
Thats where the filler “public interest comes in.

And the Weather, on a slow day they can stretch that out with all kinds of computer animated screens for him/her to stand in front of and point to, with all the different colors.

I want to see the seven day forecast.
Tells me what the low and high temps will be, rainy or dry, sunny or cloudy.
Got it!

Comes to anything “National News”, I zip right past that also.
If I wanted to see a bunch of liars, i would attend a Big Liars Contest.
I already know what crimes the USA/DC have done before the bimbos and neutered males get up on “National” news, lie their asses off for shekels, trying to cover up that days War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, theft, pedophiles rapes of children by top shelf political prostitutes covered up.

Just watch a bit of the local stuff to see how badly city hall and the ball less, not a hair on their asses, Anti-American, Anti-Texican, political Teat hangers which infest it, have shafted the public, and how they plan to shaft the Tax payer deeper this time, for another Bull Shit project, by a teat hanger trying to make brownie point for future higher teat hanger position.

Saw a “news story” the other night.

Unincorporated part of the county.
People have a home and a bit of land, out in the country.
Some want to make $$$$$$$$ want to be big shot, buys some land way out, so he can get it cheap.
Builds a bunch of cookie cutter houses from the cheapest material he can get.
And as the Eagles sang in “The Last Resort”:
“They put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought them.

So this ole country boy, been living out here in the sticks all along, gets a whole bunch of folks move in on him, noisy, thieving.

Now, you city folks do not understand country living.
Not talking people with too many credit cards, or too much money, buying land out in the country, building a huge fancy house with a big huge “city manicured lawn”.
Nope, talking country folks, real working class country folks.

The usually have a scrap metal pile, cause when you get ready to build something, the fancy metal places are usually a long distance away.
Go the the scrap pile, dig around, find some metal which does the job.

Many have a parts car sitting in the back pasture, some sheds, farm animals sometimes.
Not much gets thrown away, if it could be useful fixing something, or worth something down the road.

Anyway, these city folks decided on “country living”, moved out there, and are trying to force all those who were there already, do it their way.

Saw a “news” story.

The man who lived in the sticks, who got a bunch of city folks move in on him, bringing crime and noise, is being attacked by the city slickers wanted to pretend to be country folks, because he has a tractor in his front yard.

They admit, no laws have been broken, the tractor runs, he uses it around the place and perhaps making money shredding/other tractor things, but they want him to citify his country living to suite them, the uninvited, unwanted, unliked, noisy Late Comers.

Remember when the local Taxpayer, had to bend over, take it up the tail pipe, because people who could buy cheaply built houses, built in the flight paths of landing and taking off commercial jets liners, cheap BECAUSE of the noise, whined, cried, howled, until a program was put in place to insulate the hell out of those houses at the public’s expense.

So people smart enough not to buy houses in there flight path of huge jets, had to pay to make up for the stupid peoples stupidity!

Brother lives in a county close to Sodom and Gomorra on the Brazos, (Austin), way out in the sticks at the time.
There was a community dump.
An unscrupulous person, bought a ten acre track next to the dump, got it cheap cause no one wanted to live next to the dump, built him a house on the place, then went around getting a petition to close the dump because it presented health hazards, got the folks been living there all along, got their handy community dump closed.

If you don’t want to live next to a guy with a tractor in his yard, stay in the damn city!

You don’t want to hear loud jets overflying your house all damn day, don’t be a stupid ass and buy a cheap house in the flight path of an airport been there generations before your dumb ass got hatched!

Don’t want to live next to a dump, don’t buy next to a dump!

Which brings this up.

If you are the spawn, of child gang raping arsonist thieving mass murdering yankee War Criminals, why the hell would you move to a foreign land, where they have memorials and statues, honoring their ancestor heroes who tried to stop your ancestors from burning everything, raping everything, stealing everything, if those memorials are going to make you shit your fruit of the looms.

Just stay in yankeeland.
They have statues, memorials up there, dedicated to the memories of Child Gang Rapist, Arsonist, Thieves, Mass Murderers, Liars, War Criminals.

Pisses me off, the yankee spawn has the brass balls to force their unwanted presence on Southern folks, then bitch, whine, lie their asses off to take down memorials to Heroes, while they keep their’s up to perverted pedophiles, war criminals, (War Criminal Rabid racist against African Americans, Manic depressant, Lying, Genocideing, shyster homosexual Rail Road Lawyer, “honest” Abe Lincoln) arsonist, liars and mass murderers!

Same with you Mexico Firsters, in conjunction with the RICO Crime Cabal, down at SAN ANTONIO city hall, told a whole fleet of ship fulls of lies, slandering the names and character of better men than they, stole a Confederate Memorial out of a privately owned park.
Then stole the park too.

Now they are trying, occupation yankees and their pet useful idiots, Mexico Firsters, are trying to tare down the Memorial to the men died defending the Alamo from Mexico.

They say it has to be repaired, and while they are repairing it, they just going to move it to a less visible place, and benefit monetarily from stealing the land from under the memorial.

Tell you child gang raping yankee sons of bitches, and you useful idiot Mexico firsters, being used as useful idiots by the invasive Red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarians WHATS UP!

In the occupied Republic of Texas, in the City of San Antonio, (Real city, not the “Corporate CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, a sub corporation of BEXAR COUNTY, the sub corporation of THE STATE OF TEXAS, the sub corporation of the USA/DC, a sub corporation of the evil of the Red Shield “British Empire”), you yankee spawn, and you Mexico Firsters, can get a U Haul on damn near any street corner in the city.

You Red Russian Baby raping, Usury thieving Khazarians, they got flights out to places you can catch a plane to Red Russian Khazarian Land, Russia!

That goes for the whole of the OCCUPIED Republic of Texas.

You all have a nice trip home now, ya hear?

The Ole Dog!

The UN Is a Red Russian, Red Shield Rat Tool of Oppression, Was Conceived By the Evil Ratschilds For That Very Purpose

UN is a Rat Khazarian Mafia construct.
As such, it can not be “fixed”.

If the foundation is sound, one can build on it, several stories if desired, and if the foundation be on solid rock, barring earthquakes and such, will stand indefinitely.

But if the foundation is flawed from conception, best thing to do not bust, tare it out, to solid footing, start over with a new, solid, sound foundation.
Once i spent some time with an amphibious SeaBee Battalion.
It was a hell hole.

The HQ, all the way down to the E-7 positions, and for ones wanting to suck up, sometimes into the E-4-5 positions was infected with the abuse of those under their authority Virus..

A new NCO, a new Jr. officer, come to the command, see all that BS, bad leadership with the beatings will continue, until moral improves attitude, they would decide to fix it.

I never saw one fix much, though many tried, including myself.
I finally transferred to a NMCB battalion, because I realized, I could not fix it.

They had the lowest retention, and the most Captains Mass, of any SeaBee Battalion in the whole of the USA Navy.

The command position required a Commander, an 0-5.
Navy finally sent a Captain, 0-6, to handle the job and try to get things fixed, get rid of the beatings will continue, until Moral improves, beat the 0-6 also.
To fix that battalion, one would have to shut in completely down, fire EVERYone on the base, including civilians working with the battalions, transfer all enlisted and officers, to a reeducation school, get evaluations, see if they are able to go to other commands, with a new attitude, and not poison the new commands with their old evil.

The Battalion, when reorganized, and staffed with hand picked officers / enlisted, who have never served at that command, re-floated, closely monitored for a time, to make sure none of the old beatings until attitude somehow, reinfected the New command.

Same with the UN, fire everyone, demolish the building, start over with an organization, which no one has a veto power to use as a tool of oppression, as the Red Shield has done.

Of course, until Red Shield occupation “governments” are taken back from the Red Rats, punishment for war crimes/treason among the high ups carried out, new organizations as “governments”, which humanities interest, and the interest of the peoples of these countries or areas foremost are in existence, any attempt to form a new World Cooperation Organization, to to repair the existing flawed from conception one, will bring quick attacks by the Rat’s and their minions, which means most of the “governments” in the world, most of the media, most of the militaries, most of the cops, most of the political prostitutes.
Rats and freedom, individual determination and responsibility, can not exist in the same organizations or “governments”.

Some other Red Russian Red Shield Khazarian Mafia Rat tools are the IMF, World Bank, Bank of Settlements, British Empire, District of Colombia, (Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac), Occupied Palestine, Moscow, LONDON, and many, many more.

There are two choices for humanity.

Make the Rats fear humanity enough to make the Rats scamper back to their Khazarian Home Land of the Steppes of Russia, or Humanity trap them in cages, and forceable repatriate the Rats to the Russian Homeland.

Just go ahead, give the pedophilic Rats your children to rape/sacrifice in heathen evil Khazarian Heathen rites.

Go ahead, drop your pants, bend over, spread the cheeks of your asses.

Accept you/Humanity, are slaves to the Red Russian Khazarian Rats, and you through your cowardice, have sentenced your prodigy to eternal hell on this earth slavery, to Pedophilic mass murdering, Usury Red Shield Rats.

The Old Dog, never could stand a coward!

The Ole Dog!

The Khazarian Pedoist “Banker”

The Khazarian Pedoist “Banker”-
Is a Usury Thief child raping whanker-
The Red Russian Khazarian treasures gold-
He frequents places where children are bought and sold-
Mother Nature says they are an aberration-
Gang raping & sacrificing little host countries children a tradition-
Printing fake money is their game-
A Red Russian Khazarian is an animal without shame.
Jesus the Christ said chain a Volga transmission around the neck of each child raper-
Throw the Red Shield Baby Raping Rats into the deep end, a moral leper!

The Ole Dog!

Did Did Hear About the Red Russian, Red Shield, Pedophilic, Usury Practicing, Lying, Inbred Turkmen mongrel Non Semitic Khazarian who Cried Holocaust?

Did you hear about the Red Russian, Red Shield, Pedophilic, Usury Practicing, Lying, Inbreed Turkmen Mongrel Non Semitic Khazarian who cried Holocaust?

It seems, to keep folks from criticizing the Khazarian world wide Mafia Members for their evil pedophilic, parricidal, blood sucking, lying, usury, gang rapes of little children with some Human sacrifices , (Non Cult Member Children), hanging the perverted mongrels for their evil crimes agains Humanity at Large, Mother Nature, perversions, trying to make slaves of the host countries people, the Khazarian Yelled, HOLOCAUST, again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each time the responding Humans, found there was no “holocaust”, but usually some Khazarian blood suckers paying the price of their Mafia crimes, if anything of substance was found.

One day, the Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Red Russian Red Shield World Wide Khazarian Mafia member cried:
“Holocaust-Holocaust-Holocaust!!!!!, and no one came.

But a real Holocaust did come, and no humans cared any longer, or believed the news of “another Holocaust”.

The End.

The Ole Dog!

“If Jefferson Davis is innocent, then it is the government of the United States which is guilty; if secession has not been rebellion, then the North in stifling it as such, has committed a crime.”

The Boston Daily Adviser, July 25, 1865, stated exactly what was on the line:

“If Jefferson Davis is innocent, then it is the government of the United States which is guilty; if secession has not been rebellion, then the North in stifling it as such, has committed a crime.”
That the question was even asked tells us that the legality of secession was at minimum an open question. How then could Jeff Davis be convicted of treason? The North wanted legal vindication of its trial by battle in a trial by court, but recognized the stakes were high and vindication far from certain. The press in New York City was insisting that no treason had taken place and Jeff Davis was merely obeying an order of his rightful sovereign – the State of Mississippi. The New York World asserted, “To submit the secession question to a court is to imply that it is still open to doubt!” The paper then concluded that even if the court did “decide that secession is a constitutional right, Unionists would not yield their convictions on this subject.” Therefore the paper concluded “the trial of Mr. Davis is little better than a judicial farce.” (New York World, May 16, 1866.) Harpers Weekly noted the possibility of acquittal which if happened would mean the US Government had “waged war against those whom the courts would have justified in their actions.” (Harpers Weekly, May 26, 1866.)

The Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court G. W. Woodward wrote:

“But is secession treason? That’s a grand question. If it is not, war in support of it cannot be… It will have to be defined and made plain, unless indeed we continue to set aside all law and administer only drumbeat justice.” (G. W. Woodward to Jeremiah Black May 28, 1865)

Lincoln knew his claims about secession’s illegality were not certain, and therefore hoped Jeff Davis would escape. He told Gen. Sherman, “I’m bound to oppose the escape of Jeff Davis, but if you could manage to have him slip out unbeknownst-like, I guess it wouldn’t hurt me much!” (Sherman interview, New York Times, July 4, 1865).

Jeff Davis believed a trial would vindicate the Confederate cause. For this reason he steadfastly refused to apply for a pardon. His private secretary wrote to his mother, “he has all along earnestly desired a trial, confident the world and posterity would see the thing in its right light…” (Burton Harrison to his mother, June 13, 1866.)

In light of the uncertainty regarding the illegality of secession, US Attorney General James Speed received pressure from all angles, including Sec of State Seward and Sec of War Stanton to try Davis in a way that would ensure his conviction at all costs. Sen James Doolittle proposed a bill that would manipulate the qualifications of jurors to ensure they could be counted on to convict him. Representative William Lawrence introduced a bill that was a potential violation of the Constitution. When warned he declared himself “willing to go to the very verge of the Constitution…” (Congressional Globe, 39th Congress, 2nd sess, 12/11/1866).

When an indictment was returned against Davis based on “thin” testimony, the New York Daily News protested that the prosecution had rigged the proceedings by selecting a grand jury predisposed against him. (The New York Daily News, May 12, 1866.) In charging the grand jury the Judge in the case, John C. Underwood, made it clear he thought Davis guilty prompting one courtroom observer to remark, “if he and his packed jury of ferrets and Yankees were to be permitted to have anything to do with Mr. Davis he would have but a slim chance for justice.” (New York Times, May 12, 1866; David Powell to Elizabeth Dabney Saunders, June 8, 1866.) When asked if he could pack a jury to convict Davis, Judge Underwood responded, “I could pack a jury to convict him: I know very earnest, ardent Union men in Virginia.” (Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, 1866, testimony of John C. Underwood.)

Obviously the North was plagued by a culture of lawlessness. Is it any wonder the South sought to secede, and sought to do so not because of slavery, tariffs, internal spending, bounties, centralization, or any other numerous complaints they levied against the North? These were all symptoms of a more fundamental reason for secession – Northern infidelity to the legal compact that held the States in Union. The South simply sought independence from a section of States that had a long history of a culture of lawlessness.

Rod B. O’Barr

Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Red Russian Non Semitic Khazarian Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide

PEDOPHILES R US, Israhell Crime Cabal, Occupied Palestine.

zionist “christians!

Jesus the Christ, who you claim as your “savior”, said chain a millstone around the neck of every pedophile you catch, throw em in the deep end.
After he cooled down a mite, he also said it would have been better if such evil non human BABY RAPERS, would never haver been born.

Yet you sell out America, to a bunch of Red Russian Non Semitic Khazarians, who’s heathen religion not only allows baby raping, it says it is no sin to rape the children of “soul less cattle” (your children), Non Members of the End of Times Death & Baby Raping Cult!

So are you really just evil liars who approves of raping children, or only really really stupid sheep?

The Ole Dog!

An apparent “safety net” is in place for jewish pedophiles who want to escape justice in their home countries and flee to Israel, where they will never have to worry about being deported for their sick crimes:

One of [Israel’s] founding pieces of legislation, the Law of Return allows any Diaspora Jew to receive citizenship in Israel.

But child rights activists contend there is a dark loophole to the law which allows Jewish pedophiles to effectively flee court-mandated supervision in their home countries and move to Israel with a clean slate.

“There’s a danger that Israel is becoming a safe haven for pedophiles and alleged perpetrators,” said Manny Waks, a survivor of child abuse and the founder of Kol V’Oz, an advocacy group addressing child sex abuse in the global Jewish community.

Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Jewish Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide

It’s Ok Shouts The Home Invading, Little Child Raping And Murdering Grandma Raping and Murdering, Mother, Father, Little Baby, Raping and Holocaustining Home Invader as the Police Show Up To a Bloodbath of Home Owner Raped, Dead, Mutilated Bodies, GOD GAVE IT TO ME!, Shouts the Evil Home Invader


Headquarters, uh, well, yeah, could you send a meat wagon to our location, some vile deranged criminal type slaughtered an innocent family, then committed “Blue Suicide”.

Roger that!

We are needed in Occupied Palestine!
Roger that!
I expect the smarter of the Khazarian Red Russian rats will have scurried for mother Russia before we get there.

The dumber ones will commit “Blue Suicide” I expect!

Over and out!

“Blue Suicide”, for those unfamiliar with the term, is something akin to a DC/CIA “Assisted Suicide”.

The Ole Dog!