The Trump ‘Assassination’ Fiasco: Logic and Critical Thinking Are Necessary Here

The Trump ‘Assassination’ Fiasco: Logic and Critical Thinking Are Necessary Here

July 16, 2024

By: Gary D. Barnett

“In America, as soon as you are born, you are brainwashed. Starting with your parents, then by religion, then by the public school system, and then by government via the news media.”

~ James Thomas Kesterson Jr

Maybe I should get right to the point. If the CIA, the FBI, Mossad, or those referred to as the deep state; the actual ruling class who control all presidents and politicians, wanted Trump assassinated, he would be dead. That was never the intent of this so-called ‘lone gunman’ theory posited by the heinous mainstream media. The entirety of this planned operation is completely ludicrous, poorly executed, and full of holes, but worry not, as this idiotic population has been trained to accept anything they are told by their masters and those who spread the ruler’s propaganda.

What actually happened was that Trump was positioned purposely to take over this insane election, and chosen to do so by the powers who control the voting and ruling structure of this country. After what was reported as a ‘real’ assassination attempt, where all the security stood down for what seemed like an eternity, failed to stop the so-called assassin, who walked 150 yards through crowds while armed, climbed a previously set up ladder on the single most obvious building from which to shoot, all while carrying a rifle, made sure this was seen by not only a large number of spectators screaming at police and security for several minutes, and then the tightly wound Secret Service watched him through their scopes at point blank range, without so much as lifting a finger to stop anything. And most bought this idiocy hook, line, and sinker. Of course, the State cabal knew this going into this plotted fraud.

Immediately after the Secret Service, full of short, incompetent, crisis-acting females, who obviously had no idea whatsoever about security, and some cowardly-looking men in black suits, some crouching behind to protect themselves, posed with Trump while fully exposed to any threat, and allowed what I consider to be the staged fist pump with corroborating photo ops of course. After Trump ducked down, grabbing his ear, he raised his hand next to his white shirt, and not one drop of blood was yet to be seen. He was then covered, and arose with what looked like blood on his ear and cheek, (Not his shirt) while getting prepared for his defiant raising of his fist, screaming “fight, fight, fight.”


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The crowd surrounding Trump, and their reaction to bullets supposedly flying everywhere in their direction, was bizarre to say the very least. Some seemed slightly panicked, but many had no expression or simply ignored the so-called flurry of bullets, and were busy on their phones. Some stood up and never moved, some were smiling; all awaiting to cheer their hero Trump as he was intentionally presented as a target had there been other active shooters.

Almost immediately after this show, Trump’s fundraising efforts were in full gear, huge sums of money flowing everywhere. His company, Trump Media and Technology Group, went up close to 50%, a gain of approximately $315 million for Trump. The media, including the leftist media, cancelled popular shows in order to give him 24 hour blanket coverage, causing him to soar in the polls; with claims that he was now unbeatable in the race for the fully controlled supreme leader position. Sympathy abounded, as he was given god-like status from every outlet. I would call this a very successful coup.

Had the controlling powers over this country and its complicit government wanted to kill Trump, it would have been a piece of cake from the beginning. Obviously, that was not the plan, so any who still have doubt, or who choose to refute the absolute obvious, try to recapture the tiny bit of common sense you may have once possessed


The Trump ‘Assassination’ Fiasco: Logic and Critical Thinking Are Necessary Here

What the F##K!! Sheeple

This world is a school for souls.
Most souls on this rock are primitive like they are still in Head Start or 1st grade, peeing /pooping their pants while they eat the paper on the crayons they color way outside the lines with.

Everyone has to start somewhere but these with pigs fornicating sheep monkey souls seem to fight learning and spiritual growth with a passion.

Anyone, ANYONE, still “voting” in the illusion of elections which are meaningless as all candidates or controlled by the Rothschilds though blackmail, at least two of the main ones clearly pedophiles, for who gets to be the head hand puppet for the Rothschild’s UNITED STATES CORPORATION is too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time.

They would be challenged to pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican’s cowboy boot with the directions to do so printed in huge capital letters on the bottom of the heel.

The closet homosexual atheist Marxist manically depressive puritan yankee rabidly racist against blacks shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and constitution in 1861

replacing it with a MANDATORY MARXIST MILITARY DICTATORSHIP thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”.

One Hundred & Sixty Two years later, the sheep are bleating they are going to save “the union” by “electing” blackmailed pedophilic hand puppets who work to make America a worse shit hole than it is now.

At this point I speak out not because I think the sheep who love being slaves to evil f##ks will listen, but because it is my duty to God, Self and my ancestors to speak out and stand against ignorance, stupidity and the evil the sheep love and serve.

There is a rule of God, Nature if you prefer, when a soul stands before the record of their life on the other side, to be held accountable for the evil they did, the evil they voted for, the evil they cheered on, they had to be warned with the truth.

They don’t have to listen to the truth, they don’t have to try to understand the truth, they can throw sheep shit at the truth tellers, but only that the truth was made available to the sheep.
That they did not believe the truth and continued supporting little children raping mass murdering demonic beings serving the dark side, is not an excepted excuse for their personal evil on the other side.

I have family and friends who have warned if I don’t stop speaking out the evil f##ks will kill me (my body, not my soul).
I have spent my life picking fights with thunderstorms and charging into trees.
Everything hurts.
I am forced to walk in sheep shit among increasingly more stupid all the time sheep.
I feel like one who is qualified to teach at the highest levels of academia who is sentenced to herding and trying to teach 1st graders.

They going to kill my body so I can get some relief from stupidity, ignorance and evil of the sheep and their masters with a nice rest on the other side before I have to return to this sheep world school?

The evil the sheep love murdered my bodies my last two lives and like the terminator in that movie, I will be back again as I always have been when I stand against stupidity and evil and the sheep help the dark side murder my bodies.

So have your “election”, get all excited, cheer, wave your flags, fight among yourselves for evil f##Ks who despise you for your gullibility and stupidity.

But you best stock up on personal lubricants because as soon as your “elections are over, you going to get hammered up your sheep’s asses one more time.

But then the sheep seem to like getting f##ked up their asses.
If they did not, they would learn why it keeps happening and put a stop to it.

The Ole Dog!

Humans Have very Little To Do With Controlling Their own Destinies

There is no time, and sometimes, not always, but sometimes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

If one understands reincarnation one is far ahead of the atheist who thinks they can do anything they want without future Karma payback, or christians who believe they can sin like hell & avoid the hell of Karma payback by saying “JEEESSSUUUSSSS FORGIVE ME and dropping a twenty in the collection plate on Sunday.

But understanding reincarnation is only a baby step.

Got to go down a lot of rabbit holes, forget that crap about humans being on the top of the food chain and controlling their own destinies.

The two legged hairless sheep monkey bodies is just a vehicle which souls possess so they can attend school on this rock.
Those who run the school decide where and when each soul will attend the next class after the body dies.

Those souls who have advanced far down the path of understanding and humbling themselves before the Source or the Creator God if you will, have more say in their next deployment than the common herd sheep soul, but still the world they deploy to will be of the choosing of the schoolmasters and designed to teach the lessons that soul is marked to learn for that life.

A friend and I were discussing yesterday our lives in which we were friends during and after the American Revolution.

He and I both had things we did that life which we both said we would not do now.
Lives about learning and we both learned some lessons from that life.

There are things from my next life I did I would not do now.

My last life there were things I did I would not do now.
Just one example I was all the way pro-military draft as I though we had to defend America at all cost.
After WW2 I realized the wars we had been fighting were not about defending America.
After seeing the men made slaves by the evil of US/DC, sent to wars which should have never been fought, the lives lost, the lives destroyed, the treasure transferred to evil rich ass holes pockets, I am now firmly against a military draft.
It is slavery and I am against slavery.
In addition if a people do not support a war in the numbers needed to fight a war so they volunteer to fight either because they do not believe in the cause, or they are just ball-less cowards, then that war should not be fought.
Making people slaves to fight wars they do not want to fight in is evil.

I cheated on my wife my last life and the shame of wronging a good women who stood by me through hard times shames me still.
I have made peace with her soul and my acts, but the shame of my failure last life gave me strength and determination not to think with my lower head and betray my wife of this life when I had women offer me a roll.

We can screw up and learn from our screw ups.
That’s what we are here to do.
The lessons I learned from former lives I do not have to have repeated in future lives.
I can move on to a higher class on this schoolhouse rock, learn more advanced lessons.

What one does in this evil world right now will be of little importance besides choosing good or evil and the spiritual growth earned if one chooses good.

The next life will be in a shit hole world if that is what is needed to teach the lessons of the next life, or a good world if that is what is needed to teach the lessons on the next life.

A passing or failing grade in this life is an individual failure or achievement.
There is no herd or group democracy grade, just you and what you have earned by your individual actions and decisions.

The Ole Dog!

Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Trump groupies ignore all evidence of his pedophilia.

They ignore Trump’s Warp Speed pushing the killer jabs while cussing Fuck-I who did the Trumpster’s bidding pushing the killer jabs, as evil.

They will not allow themselves to see Trumps treason against America for IsraHELL’s benefit.

They ignore and will not allow their brains to see the clean white shirt and the no blood on the hand Treump clasped to his ear or the fact an ear wound would not stop bleeding on it’s own in mere seconds.

They are true believers and their “god” can not be evil or fallible.

Their god puts a patch on his ear, they put one on theirs just as the men who were raped by Roman priest as little boys wear the crucifix of their raper when they grow up.

Just as the Jews raped as children remain true believers in the cult of their rapist as adults and wear the six pointed star with demonic pride.

Just as Democrats do not care the senile old man who has been raping little girls his whole life now can not remember two minuets later which little girls he has felt up in a crowd.
They will vote for him.

When a sheeple has made up their mind to commit assisted suicide, there is no stopping it.

If Trump stuck a dildo up his ass,

(in public I mean) and walked necked on all fours backwards down Pennsylvania Avenue, his groupies would do the same while waving the US Corporations flag.

The Ole Dog!

Jesus On A White Horse

The Little Boy Raping Roman priest who cobbled the Roman Slave Religion bible together promised in their instruction on how to be good little slaves to the rich and powerful state, how if you would just not fight back against “authority”, the bad guys, evil, oppression, taxes and all that goes with being a slave, in the end Jesus, a fictitious character based loosely on a Judaic revolutionary named Yeshua, would come back riding on a white horse, kick all the bad guys asses, do away with all evil, set himself up as king and all the sheep would have everything they ever wanted without having to personally stand against evil or do any hard or dangerous acts themselves.

Jesus died so they can live like hell and still go to heaven.

This was brilliant propaganda as they understood the sheep are always looking for an external savior.

In the Roman Slave Religion and it’s break away “Protestant” cults, a sheep can still rape little children, commit adultery with others wives or husbands, steal, start false flag wars for profit and “go to heaven”.

Just bribe God with some money to the priest or in the plate on Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy the loudest, see who can be the biggest hypocrite for show, go out and live like hell the rest of the week and just come back next Sunday with another payment for buying your way into heaven.

Atheism is a cult religion also.
In the religion of Atheism there is no heaven or hell, no reincarnation, no nothing after one dies.
Therefore one can do any evil shit every day all day long and as long as one can get away with it without being caught or brought up on charges, there is no ramification to being a despicable evil piece of hammered pig shit because when you die, you are just dead forever and there is no pay back.

They have a “god” also.
Karl Marx.

Let us not forget the Jew cult religion.

The Judaites of Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) time were not all, but a majority were in a Babylonian Talmud Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult.

Yeshua was fighting both the Roman occupation of Judea and the Talmud cult.
Their pedophilia really pissed him off.

By the time Yeshua, Jesus if you will walked the face of Judea there was no Israel.
Judea and Israel had only been in the same kingdom during King David’s and King Solomon’s times and one brief period shortly thereafter.
By the time Jesus was in Judea, no one was really sure anymore where Israel had been located it had been gone so long.

The evil the Israelites turned to after Kings David and Soloman destroyed them as a people and as a kingdom.

The Judaites evil destroyed Judea as a people and a nation shortly after they murdered Yeshua because he was telling them to stop raping children and return to the True Creator God.

Islam like Roman christianity is a splinter cult of the Talmud cult.
After Yeshua’s time Islam was formed and eventually most everyone, the descendants of the Judaites became Islamic.

In 0740 AD an evil bunch called the Khazarian who had a kingdom in the Steppes of modern day Russia and Ukraine mass converted (mass infected with the Zionist Zombie virus) to the Babylonian Talmud’s Pedophiles End of Times Death Cult.

In the 18th century the term Jew was invented so the Khazarians who are in no way descended from the Biblical Israelites or Judeans, could steal or assume the identity and history of the real Hebrews who were now Islamics living in the Middle East.

Sheep are weak minded and weak kneed creatures.
They need their external saviors, rituals and myths.

This brings us down to modern times in America.
The American sheep believe they live in a free land and American sheep have the biggest balls of all sheep anywhere in the world.

About half of Americans do not vote either as they know it is a meaningless ritual which never changes anything

or because they don’t give a flying trapeze as long as they have a daily cold six pack and an occasional warm piece of ass.

Of the ones who belong to the US CULT the “government is God.

Every four years the cult holds a contest to see which wing of the same carrion slurping vulture

gets to be the prophet of their god for the next four years.
In between these every four year rituals they write articles and post on social media how the other side, depending which side of the cult they belong to, are going to Destroy America which is already a 3ed world shit hole owned and run by the Rothschilds.

The US Cult demands that EVERYONE in America MUST be in one wing or the other of the cult and serve their god.

It would not be so bad if they would stop raping children, starting wars in which millions are killed, just go out in the woods somewhere, have orgies where they swapped sexual partners while drunk as waltzing piss ants and left the smart non sheep folks alone, BUT NO, they want to shove their religion down everyone’s throats.

I am sure as soon as this “election” is over America will stop being a 3ed world communistic shit hole irigardless of which side’s prophet “wins” the “election”.

The Ole Dog!

FBI Which Groomed the Loner Looser Kid To Do The Deed, “stumped over Trump “”shooter’s”” motive”

The founder & top “man” at the FBI for decades was a cross dressing pedo who used to illegally tape MLK & wife having sex in their own bedroom, play it for the president in the Oval Office while both rolled around on the floor laughing

The FBI has been caught with their pants down many times grooming mentally slow or loner looser young people to do False Flag “terror” “attacks, providing the explosives, weapons, funds to make it look good.

Some like the slaughter of 19 children and 3 teachers in Uvalde Texas school they allow to happen, others they “stop” by arresting the useful idiots and them crowing about how the FBI “saved” Americans from “domestic Terrorist”, without mentioning they set the whole thing up of course.

The CIA is tasked with foreign terror, the FBI is tasked with domestic terrorism.

This was a domestic false flag “terrorist attack” so unless the CIA is horning in on the FBI’s territory, and I have assurance from an CIA friend the CIA was not in Pennsylvania that day, then it is logical to assume it was the FBI running the very badly scripted show.

But of course the reason for using off the book mind controlled patsies is plausible deniability, so the FBI just can not figure out why the kid they put up on that roof with a weapon was up there???

The Ole Dog!

The REAL Israelites Hated The Prophets of Old

The REAL Israelites hated the prophets of old-
Old souls who stood in the face of evil bleating sheep and spoke bold-

Old souls who had seen the death of kingdoms and societies many a time-
Trying to wake the sheep from their worship of evil while imagining themselves sublime-

The truth of the prophets words made the with pigs fornicating sheep monkeys react-
By laying the cat of nine tails upon the truth tellers bared back-

So don’t try to wake the sheep from their illusion they are intelligent, good and brave ole hoss-
Or like Jesus you might find your ass nailed to that mythical cross!

The Ole Dog!

I Have Proof The CIA was Not Involved With That Thing In Pennsylvania

I called my “retired” CIA friend in foggy bottom this evening and asked him if he and his buddies were in Pennsylvania the other day?
(While laughing I admit).

He said no.
There you have it.
The CIA was not involved.
So there!
That settles it!

After all, the CIA and the “government” in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac would not lie to the American people would they?

It was probably the FBI running things.
After all the FBI is tasked with domestic terrorism.
The CIA is tasked with foreign terrorism.

The Ole Dog!