Perhaps It Is Time To Take a Couple of Steps Back

I think God will not mind if I take a few steps back and spend my time doing other things now.

The time line of “history” is cobbled together and will not stand a close inspection and pass the smell test.

Most of the “history” humanity has been fed if not outright bull shit, has been half truth twisted, tortured until it does not even represent what really happened.

American “history” is like a fairytale.
It is perhaps about 10% truth mixed in with 90% USA GRADE A PIG SHIT.

The charlatan “religious” leaders condone raping children and promote communism.

And the sheep seem to be attracted to the slaughterhouse by some irresistible force they do not even want to fight.

Everything which could be said, has been said.
And it made no difference.

I am among the truth tellers who put bulls eyes on our asses to warn the sheep.
The sheep hate the truth tellers for exposing them to the truth.

It has gotten to where I can not stand to watch any “news” on TV.
When one understands the truth and can smell bull shit a mile off, watching the propaganda fed the sheep on a daily basis is not only a waste of time, it turns ones stomach.

It has gotten to where I scan the headlines but can not bring myself to waste my time reading the pig shit spewed out from sources the sheep consider “alternative media”.

For years I have forsaken doing things I wanted to do, things I needed to do to put out the truth and warn the sheep of the unadulterated Zionist Zombie baboon shit being shoveled down their pie hole each day.

And I see no one standing up.
I see no one fighting where and when it matters.

In America the sheep are caterwauling about saving a constitution which has been dead and meaningless after 1861.

They want to “save” the “democracy” America never was.
It was a constitutional republic, but that died also in 1861, replaced with a soviet styled Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship with a bunch of child raping 3ed string clowns in Washington DC who put on a show for the sheep so the sheep still think the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union which has been dead for 161 years just needs a little tender loving care to “save” it.

I have two classic motorcycles which have sat in my barn for years I wanted to get back on the road, but I spent my time telling the truth the sheep hated and refused to listen to.

I have not been fishing in years while I hammered two fingered on a keyboard to try to help the sheep who do not want to be saved from themselves.

I have put off learning more guitar cords, getting started on the mandolin and bass guitar while I screamed electronically the truth until I feel like John the Baptist, ” voice crying out in the wilderness” where no one is there to listen.

I have fence to build, a garden to water, a plumbing job on the house to finish, the oldest grandson wants me to teach him to shoot and handle weapons, and many books which I want to read.

I think the sheep love taking it up the ass from the jackals.
I think the thought of not having some “authority” figure to tell them when to pee and when to poop, scares the sheep shit out of them.

I have goats which need to be BBQed.
Others which need to be butchered so my family has meat to eat when the jackals feed the sheep left alive after the killer jabs, bugs.

My grandsons need to learn how to mend things, butcher animals, raise gardens, compost soil, and read some of the very old books in my extensive library so they come to know the truth, and the evil of organized religions, politicians and Usury bankers.

There are years of articles on this blog.
Most people will never read all which is already posted.

I think I will be spending much less time trying to keep the sheep from entering the slaughterhouse doors.
Might still post something now and again but I have lost interest in the goings on of this insane asylum world.

I tried to hide in the crowd this life, but God found me and reminded me I had duty to God.
I have done that duty of warning the sheep who do not want to know the truth and hate the truth tellers.

If enough sheep die from the jabs, if enough sheep get tired of evil pedophiles f##king their lambs up the ass, if enough sheep get tired of working all their lives so evil f##ks who never broke a sweat can live like kings, if the sheep show me there is a snow ball’s chance in hell of them standing up, perhaps then God will task me with helping set up common law courts, writing constitutions, setting as a judge over trials of evil mass murdering jackals, teaching them how to grow food, be self sufficient.

Until that time and on the condition God orders me back into the race, I have some weapons to clean, some goats to BBQ, some fishing gear to gather up from the four corners of my barn, some books to read, some motorcycles to get running, some fence to build, some plumbing to do, and I bought a nice little classical guitar to add to my collection yesterday out of a thrift store.

If I ran my hands over other women, my wife would kill me.
But she don’t mind in the least how many guitars I run my hands over.

Till next time.

The Ole Dog!

The Mythical “good” Jew

I hear and read people admitting the Khazarian Jews are evil and the cause of most all evil in the world today, while trying to give the majority of the rank and file Jews a pass.

They try to claim the evil Jews are just the ones on top, a handful of evil ones who use the rest as a buffer between themselves and retribution for their crimes against humanity.

They wring their hands that when humanity has had enough soon, the mobs will not be able to tell the “good” Jews from the bad Jews.

No worries mate!
There are no “good” Jews.

Jew is a cult religion, not an ethnicity, not a sub race of the human race.
Jew is a member of the End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult.
This cult is split between the Zionist Zombie Jews and the Commie Jews.

ANYONE who self identifies as a Jew is a danger to Humanity and their host country.

The cult demands the Jew Cult member be first, foremost and loyal ONLY to the cult.

The vast majority of Jews today are Khazarians.

All Jews are evil.

Not all Khazarians are Jews.

Just because someone is Khazarian does not make them evil.
I know some good Khazarians.
But they are not Jews.

No matter what ethnicity a Jew is, they are evil.
They are demonically possessed.
Their parents fill them with lies, fill them with hate, teach them evil till they are easily possessed by the evil spirits or demons which are very much still around.

I tried for years to figure out how to take out the top Khazarian mafia Jews while sparing the rank and file Jews.
It can not be done.
They are brainwashed till they will sacrifice their own soul, their own chance at being human to further the evil goals of the cult.

I knew a Jew women who I warned years ago to distance herself from Israel as things were going to come out about the evil Israel had done and that when the mobs got started, any Jew who was associated with Israel would be fair game.

She assured me she was doing so.
Then Trump

said he was going to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem to further help the Khazarians steal Palestine from the Palestinians,

and I saw this women on Facebook shitting her pants in joy.

She is not an American.
Hell, she is not even human.
She has no soul.

Once they are possessed, I do not believe they can be saved from their own evil.

At this point, I am as tired of trying to save them from themselves as Jesus the Christ was tired of trying to save the sheep after the sheep helped the Romans nail his ass to a tree.

The Jew Cult has proved again and again throughout history they are unable to live peacefully with humans who are not members of their End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult.

Want humanity to survive?
The Jewish cult must be eradicated.
It is that simple.

The Ole Dog!

Past Time For Humanity To Convene Common Law Courts & Hang All The “elite” Mass Murderers

“Kissinger Is Believed To Be Responsible For Over 3 Million Civilian Deaths”

This Rothschild’s minion of the dark side is evil.
Murder is a hanging offense.

This evil f##k has mass murdered over three million humans and he will soon die of old age, fat and rich unless he is hanged soon.

This evil piece of hammered baboon shit lied for the Rothschilds

In order to “justify” to the American sheep and the world, USA’s illegal invasion of Iraq, holocaust of the Iraqi people, the destruction of Iraqi society, theft of Iraqi natural resources and the to this day illegal occupation of Iraq by USA/DC war criminal military forces.

The excuse used, it was a damned lie and everyone in DC knew it was a lie, was Iraq was developing weapons of Mass Destruction.

This from the City State which has thousands of nuclear weapons, remains the only power in the world to have EVER used such weapons on humanity, has holocausted millions of children, women and old men in unjustified wars based on false flags and lies.

The ONLY two wars in US history which can be justified is the American Revolution against the British as Americans had a right to rule themselves.

They have not done a real good job of that and America could not be more of a 3ed world evil shit hole if they had stayed a British colony, but they did have the right to try to rule themselves so one can justify that war.

The only other war which can be justified is the Confederates trying to stop the USA invading terrorist from gang raping their children to death, gang raping pregnant women and minister’s daughters to death, setting fire to whole cities filled with civilians, stealing everything, purposely starving tens of thousands of children to death,

and the outright holocaust of damn near a million Americans by the USA war criminals.

Other than these two, no wars USA has done can be justified once the lies in USA history books are pealed back to allow the light of true history to shine forth.

This means the millions the USA has holocausted in all the other wars were murder, mass murder by evil psychopaths aided by the cheers and votes of the American sheep.

Papa CIA BadBush the serial child rapist has already gone to hell having died of old age, but the others in the above pictures are enjoying raping children, eating the best meals, living high on the hog till this very day while the innocent blood they spilled cries out for justice.

For years the evil sons of bitches who take their orders from the demonic Ratschilds have been spraying modified fly ash on your heads, the heavy medal particles get caught in your, your children and your pet’s lungs, gets into the water supplies, coats the foods you eat, and lands on the forest so when there is a forrest fire they burn out of control fuels by the flammable fine coating metals.

For the last three years millions of humans have been Holocausted with Loaded syringes


FORCED on humanity world wide by the above Ratschiold’s political minion of the dark side whores,

Many blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Honey Trap Blackmail Videos.

And while we are on the subject, many of the evil child raping perverts are know who they are, they are presidents

Congress critters,


Fake “royalty”

Charlatan Religious “leaders”

Pedophile preachers, priest and popes put words in God’s mouth telling humans to commit suicide with Ratschild’s Witch’s Brew, Voodoo Chemical/Biological Human Herd Culling Weapon.

Self Defense is a God Given Right!!!

And you Christians need to stop loving and voting for baby rapers and obey Jesus’s command on what should be done with baby rapers.

A parent who will not defend their children from Killer Jabs and diseased baby raper’s dicks are lower than hammered pig shit and will have to answer to God on the other side.

Fair Common Law Trials.

Fair Hangings!!!!

The Ole Dog!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday he is running For Head Ratschild’s Dick Sucker From DC in 2024

Soulless Zionist Zombie virus host Ron DeSantis

announced today on fellow Soulless Zionist Zombie Host Elon Musk

Musk dressed as a soldier of Satan

Twitter Litter he pretends to own which is really a Ratschild’s disinformation site, that DeSantis is running for Head Ratschild’s Dick Sucker from the USA/DC branch

of the Ratschild’s one world government Empire.

I can deal with evil Zionist Zombie f##ks like Musk and DeSantis betraying their host country

as they have no soul, no honor, no truth, no integrity and no balls.
I expect nothing less than mass lies, evil and dishonesty from their kind.

But the stupidity for the American head Ups Assus breed of sheep!

If the American sheep voter had more than one brain cell the brain cells would collide and explode their sheep brains all over the damn place!

The Ole Dog!

The Cure For The “COVID” Scamdemic




The Ole Dog!

Don’t Let Them Rewrite History: Ventilators Killed People… and It Was No Accident

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus
We’ve known for weeks that hospitals get payments for diagnosing Covid19, and even using ventilators. That should worry everyone.

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus

A new study from Northwestern University has concluded that the majority of “Covid19” patients put on ventilators were actually killed by bacterial pneumonia, not the alleged virus.

You can read that paper here.

This should not come as a shock to any regular OffG reader – or indeed anyone who tried to keep themselves informed during the “pandemic”. Mechanical ventilation is not a treatment for respiratory infection, and quite often makes the situation worse.

Deliberate, institutional misuse of mechanical ventilation probably killed huge numbers of patients during the so-called “first wave”. We cover this in great detail in our “40 Facts” covid cribsheet.

Predictably enough, though, mainstream talking heads are not ready to admit this, and the Northwestern paper has produced a wave of somewhat fevered revisionism among the dwindling covidiot class.

Video: Putin Just Scored a Knockout Blow to Europe and the WEF
See, for example, this tweet from “Dr Craig Spencer”:

Ironically, while he is accusing others of revisionism, he is the one rewriting history. Ventilators were never recommended for treating Covid, but rather for preventing transmission.

The WHO, CDC, NHS and ECDC all published guidelines instructing healthcare workers to put “Covid patients” on respirators as early as possible, and in every case it was classed as an “infection control measure”.

This is not new information, it was all known at the time.

Further, it was known, that this policy was potentially doing harm, having been reported in mainstream articles (such as this one from Time or this one from The Spectator) as early as April 2020.

But it’s not just the “ventilators saved lives” crowd who are rewriting history, even this new discussion recognizing the role ventilators played in Covid stops several steps short of the truth, characterizing it as a mistake or a panic reaction.

It was neither. It was deliberate policy.


Don’t Let Them Rewrite History: Ventilators Killed People… and It Was No Accident

USA Eagle Trying Clumsy Foreplay With Russian Bear for Annal Sex

First allow me to explain to you how things got to this point.

In 2014 under the Obombister’s watch

The Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Israhell Citizen Jew

Cookies Nuland

Israhell Citizen Khazarian Jew Cookies Nuland passes out cookies to the survivors of Ukrainians who were not shot down by the terrorist she hired to murder Ukrainians to blame it on the Duly elected Ukrainian government, so USA could overthrow the government and install a puppet “government” which they had start murdering ethnic Russians inside Ukraine

plying her trade from the US State Department using 5 BILLION fiat dollars stolen from the struggling American Tax Payer, to hire terrorist to murder Ukrainians so she could blame the murders she and the CIA bought on the duly elected Ukrainian government so USA could overthrow said government, install a puppet government which USA had start mass murdering ethnic Russians caught inside Ukrainian line from the break up of the USSR in 1991.

For 8 years the holocaust of ethnic Russians continued while the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew the Putinister did nothing.

But when the truth started coming out the Ratschild’s

Witch’s Brew, Voodoo Human Herd Culling Euthanasia Killer Jab

was holocusting millions of humans, disabling millions of humans, sterilizing females as well as causing them to abort their unborn babies, a distraction was needed.

So like a good Ratschild’s bitch, the Putinister

militarily invaded Ukraine.

I come from the family lines from which most all the great American generals came from.

George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Richard Taylor, George Patton and others.

Before America my ancestors were such as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, the Merovingian Long Haired Kings, as well as the Capetian French kings who replaced them, the Castilian kings including Fernando 3ed who kicked the Moors out of Spain and united the country, Ragnar, Rollo the Walker, William the Bastard, Henry the 2nd, Richard the Lion, and Edward Longshanks.

Of the 25 Insurers of the Magna Carta, the 17 which have living prodigy are my great grandfather types, during the American Revolution my cousins were commanding generals on both sides and the president of the constitutional convention was my 2nd cousin.

When I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country and territories in history, Government, Law, Economics AND Military Matters.

That damned yankee spelling, puritan yankee adulterated English composition and mixing the alphabet with numbers knocked my scores down a bit.

The local congressman called my father to see if his baby boy wanted a “free” “education” at West Point.
My Viet Nam vet brother and other vets had filled me in on the ‘attributes” of West Point grads in Viet Nam, I knew I had way too much military knowledge and ability to go associating with them f##k ups, so I passed and did mine enlisted.


could have wrapped up the Ukraine war

inside a week.

But that was not the plan.
Beside giving folks something other than sick and dying humans because of the Ratschild’s killer jabs to talk about was not the only reason the Ratschilds ordered the Putinister to invade.

Energy prices were driven up.
Grain exports from Russia and Ukraine were severely effected helping to set up the food shortage meant to force humans to eat bugs

Greta Ratschild.
Her great grandfather was a Rothschild’s bastard kid who was given his mother’s maiden last name.

and to starve humanity into submission to the Ratschild’s wet dream of a one world communist dictatorship with them running it.

Also it is being used to drain Western counties of defensive weapons so when the Ratschilds make their move to completely take over these counties they have no means to fight back.

There are other benefits for the Ratschilds also.

The red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew Cult members running Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

Have hands all over little girls Joe by his withered balls.

And little girls

Hands Biden is doing his best to start a war with Russia for the benefit of the Ratschilds.

I believe wars are not healthy for the common people who do the killing and dying while pedophile political whores stay far from the front lines in their thousand dollar three piece suits and eat the best cuts of meat while drinking the best booze, snorting the best illegal drugs and raping little children.

Multi-generational pedo Hands Biden lip smooches granddaughter

So Hands all over little girls Joe wants a war with the Putinister.

Let the two Ratschild’s bitches fight a duel.
The one dies, lost the war.
The one who lives, won the war.
With any luck, they kill each other.

Anyway it turns out, when it is over both countries celebrate the end of the “war” with a three day BBQ and beer bust party!

(Let the war begin)

The Putinister snarled angrily at Biden, you chump-
Ratschild loves me the best, rubbing his rump-

Hands Biden responded with a sneer-
And a little girl molesting leer-

Ratschild told me you had little junk-
And your orifice was loose in your trunk-

Putinister snarled in anger and disdain-
Oh yeah, he told me you were a major pain-

In his Holocausting and baby raping ass-
And on doing you again he would gladly pass-

A cat house fight between Zionist Zombie whores-
Endangers the world at large, opening Hell’s own doors-

So it was decided by all truthful and moral mankind-
They both had lost their damned fucking minds-

It was decided on a peace plan-
So the endangered white dove could again land-

It was decided the scourge of Putinister’s and Hand’s hissy fit-
Should not affect the rest of the world one tiny damn bit-

So Back to back they pulled the pins-
That the world could know peace again-

The Ole Dog!

How Washington DC Political Whores Are Using American’s Tax Funds To Pay Hospitals To Murder Americans

Good information about Washington DC whores using American’s tax funds to pay hospitals to holocaust Americans.

But the article includes words which seem to assume the “COVID-19” Scamdemic was real, but hospitals were not allowed to treat it properly and still get huge bribes from Washington DC.

The hospitals were knowingly murdering anyone they could slap a “COVID-19” label on, but “COVID-19” is bull shit, made up, never existed.

Keep that in mind.

215 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

The Ole Dog!

How Washington DC Political Whores Are Using American’s Tax Funds To Pay Hospitals To Murder Americans

By Neenah Payne

This Form Can Save Your Life When Hospitalized! explains that a growing number of lawsuits are charging that patients are being killed by hospital protocols for which hospitals earn huge profits. It explains that preparing a simple form now and submitting in the right way at the right time can help protect your rights and life if you have to be hospitalized.

in ‘Making a Killing’: How Hospitals Profited From Deadly COVID Protocols, Stella Paul said on 5/19/23:

The federal government sent Patty Myers $9,000 to pay for her husband’s funeral — she used the money to make a documentary about how COVID-19 protocols killed patients like her husband while generating big profits for hospitals.

The article points out:

When the federal government sent $9,000 to Patty Myers to pay for her husband’s funeral, she got angry. “I didn’t want to take a penny. It felt like hush money, like they were paying me to keep quiet about how my husband died in the hospital,” she said.

In a burst of inspiration, Patty decided to take the government’s money and use it to make a documentary. She found a director through a church friend on Facebook. She created, “Making A Killing,” which exposes the COVID-19 hospital protocol that she believes killed her husband and thousands of other Americans. “When I started making this film, I didn’t know about the federal money driving the protocol. I do now,” Patty told me.

The federal money was titanic, flooding hospitals with cash that stimulated record-breaking profits. A new report from Open The Books reveals that the 20 largest nonprofit hospitals in America received more than $23 billion in federal aid during the 2018-2021 time period, and “their cumulative net assets soared to $324.3 billion in 2021, up from 200.6 billion in 2018.” And, in a wonderful development for the hospitals’ top executives, those lavish taxpayer funds enabled many of them to get paid $10 million or more a year.

Alas, as Patty discovered, all that sweet federal money came with a catch: it incentivized specific medical treatments for COVID-19 that happened to be deadly. If the hospital admitted you with a COVID-19 diagnosis — great, they got paid more! If they “treated” you with remdesivir, a drug well-documented as lethal — fantastic, they got a 20% bonus on the whole bill! If the hospital tortured you with mechanical ventilation that caused secondary bacterial pneumonia — hooray, they got an even bigger payout! And if the hospital really lucked out and you died of COVID-19 (even if not directly of COVID-19) — the cash bonanza was absolutely awesome.


Military action in Mexico should be on the table – US congressman Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw has argued that drug cartels in the neighboring country pose a “clear and present danger”

What does the scalawag Israhell Firtser treasonous son of a bitch want the US Military to do in Mexico?
Forcibly sterilize most of the Mexicans?

A Clear and present danger to the Occupied by the USA/DC Illegally for 158 years, Republic of Texas is all the Mexico gentuza the USA is importing to replace real Texicans with.

There are some really good intelligent people in Mexico, but they are not the ones the USA are importing by the millions to displace real Texicans.

These are the low life trash criminal ones.
Trash is trash in any society.
Texas already has plenty of trashy people who want to sit on their ass and do criminal shit without importing another countries problem children.

The main threat to Texas is the 158 year long criminal occupation by the USA/DC.

As for the drug cartels, anyone smart enough to walk and chew gum at the same time understands if the USA wanted to end the illegal drug trade in America, all the USA has to do is shut down the CIA and hang the main criminals of the CIA and the “elite” families they work for.

JFK was in defence of America going to destroy the CIA.

The Ole Dog!