That Rhythm You Hear, Just Hoof Beats of The Approaching Horsemen of Pestilence, Starvation, Economic Pain-

That Rhythm You Hear, Just Hoof Beats of The Approaching Horsemen of pestilence, starvation, economic pain-
America has lain with the great Whore dressed all in Purple, fornicated with her in the purple falling rain-

As they taught you in grade school, each action has a direct and opposite action-
Which means evil given, must be evil received for fornication with evils faction-

America, Oh you have fallen so short for the Revolutionaries American Dream-
Life has become instead in America one long reverberating sound of a hopeless wailing scream-

Birds come home to roost, deeds done returned to bite the ass of the initiator-
Whole generations who sold out the American Dream, each a sorry cowardly ball less traitor-

Eat the pain, take it all now-
Perhaps the Dream will survive somewhere, somehow-

One must reap what one sows-
God Help America because the Bitch of Payback has arrived, and there she blows!

The Ole Dog!

Checkpoint Asia, is not only a Bitc# for the Red Shield, They Do the Three Point Bow to the Rats, and Spread the Cheeks of Their Own Cavernous Bought and Paid for minion Situpons

When the Red Shield Dragon Blow Job Giving, Checkpoint Asia controlled asset site, could not find a Hazbara could rebuttal my truth, they contacted “technical difficulties” for a couple of days to keep me off the site, then just out right banned me for telling the Gods Honest Truth.

Been meaning to point out the Rat’s bitches run the little Mossad/CIA site, spread the cheeks of their own asses to form a receptacle for the Red Shield dragon Rat’s perturbing sex toy!

Must suck to be such low life slime!
No self respect!

Been meaning to do a similar short piece on a pedophile promoting, American hating little hole where some Anti-American, Anti-Freedom for America “writers” peddle some of their pro DC/LONDON/Tel Aviv propaganda.
Call themselves TruthDig!
Banned my ass for telling the truth.
LieDig seems a better name!
Or, We Hate America, But Love Pedophiles!

They banned me for telling the truth also, have the screen shots still.

It is just Mossad/CIA BS outlets, (controlled Oppositions), are a dime a dozen, they can start one up, put a front guy on it, when it outlives it’s usefulness, they just start a couple more new ones with new front guys.

In the end, they are just whores who sold their souls for a warmer place to sleep, and a better brand of booze to drown their realization of what they really Are.

Got another short piece to do on my Texas site, about an idiot who mistreated a live Big Mouth Bass on video, then posted it on YouRube.

Seems the bass was innocent, and the Mossad whores are not, so the bass is more important to humanity than the Mossad/CIA/Red Shield perverts and prostitutes!

Carry On!

The Ole Dog!

Real Americans Huh?

Real Americans huh?

Cousin Burr, Vice President who shot and killed the treasonous Usury Empire builder, Father of the “Elastic clause” in the interpretation of the constitution, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel, doing America a HUGE favor.
Cousin George Washington should have done it himself.

That would be my cousins :
Frank and Jessie James, CSA.
General James Longstreet, CSA.
General Richard Taylor, CSA.
General Stonewall Jackson, CSA,
General Robert E Lee, CSA, General Commanding.
Lt. Col. John A Washington, Aid de Camp to REL, murdered by DC in Virginia, 13 September 1861, shot three times in the back, his possessions divided between the assassins as the Centurions divided Jesus the Christ cloths.
Col. James Barton, (Texas) CSA.

Baker Barton, Texas Rangers, Died in a hand to hand fight with Comanches on the Neuces Strip, Texas 1851.

General George S Patton, murdered by Russia and DC because he WAS an American, and would not sell America out.

My 3ed great grandfather, Lewis Carleton, who was a winter soldier, with Cousin George Washington, American, at Valley forge, crossed the Delaware with George, to attack Trenton.

My 4th great grandfather, also at Valley Forge, also crossed the Delaware.
My 4th great grandfather, mother side, served in the Militia.
My 5th great grandfather, too old to march, but served in the Virginia Home Gaurds.
My 2nd great grandfather, who was at New Orleans with cousin General Andrew Jackson.
Three second great-grandfathers and one great grandfathers shot baby raping, thieving, arsonist war criminal yankees during the late war of rape, aggression, war crimes, theft,arson, gang rapes to include African American females and children of all backgrounds till they were dead!!
Which Russia helped DC/USA do.

Randolph Carleton, Great Uncle, CSA.
(Great great Grandmother mourned him the rest of her life, not knowing where, when, how he died, or if he even got a burial, same as many a young Southern boy and grieving mother).

And their women!
Takes a Real Woman, to hang with a real man!

Told my wife many times, when she is praying, she should say one for Mary Magellan, cause putting up with my butt, should give her an idea what Mary went through.
Cause Jesus the Christ was no bargain to put up with and grieve for afterwards.
He was right of course, but that did not make it easier for Mary, neither the constant trying to save the sheep from themselves he did, or the grieving when the unrepentant ungrateful curs murdered him, then wrote him into their nightmare.

Always told my wife I was the most truthful Carleton I knew of, and I would own up, any woman married a Carleton and stuck with him deserved a damn medal.
So a few Christmas back, I had a jeweler melt some gold coins and custom make her a pendant, gold star with in graved highlights.

Presented it to her in front of the Christmas tree, in front of everyone, for going way beyond the call of duty by hanging with my windmill tilting Military ass all these years.

I am sure i forgot some Real Americans from my clan.

Not all that Clan, was in the big houses, the Scotts Irish souls who went out into the wilderness to get away from the “polite society”, which wanted to tax, own and use them as a beast of war and burden, the poor people without shoes in the summertime, because they could not afford them, these people have come to save the uptight ass holes of Americans polite society, again and again, war in, war out.

Like my great great grandmother, second cousin to George Washington, Washing cloths, cooking about all they had, sweet potatoes in coals in an outside fire in the frontier of Washington County Arkansas, with my great grandmother, while ones sons, and the other’s husband, was away in the Army, trying to defend them from the evil of the invading gang raping mass murdering USA Army.

This gentile woman, with a back of steel, raked sweet potatoes out of the fire, got more raw ones, to give to starving Southern soldiers marching in a hurry to try to get to a upcoming battle, to defend them.

Leaving themselves hungry, so these their defenders, could eat a bit before battle, from which many would not return!

Real Women!

Scotts Irish Southerners!

Building grand things.
Welcoming all who came to live with them, as long as the newcomers accepted, did not try to change their world.

Course them newcomers had daughters, so the memories of these people became the memories of the Scotts-Irish collectively.

My wife is of Scotts Irish-Cherokee Kentucky hillbillies on her fathers side, and Basque via Mexico, with more mixing with Native Americans on the way, across the Rio Grande when Poncho Villa murdered as many of their family as he could.

These are the REAL back bone of America, always has been, always will be, until the dream of America is no more!

God Bless each and everyone of them who stood against the evil between theirs and that evil, with a weapon.

Be that weapon fingernails, bared teeth, club, a rifle, or the Sword of Truth!

The Ole Dog

Israhell’s Mistress of Sex Entrapment Escapes Justice

According to the New York Post, two of the supposedly late sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators in the rape of minor girls—Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel—are hiding out in the Brazilian Rivera of Santa Catarina.

A former cop traced the pair through their phones to the posh resort, according to the New York newspaper.

The lurid front-page story of sex with children and Mossad blackmail has slipped largely from the news. Investigations into the disgusting entrapment scheme appear to be going nowhere. Both Maxwell—a documented Mossad operative—and Brunel have nothing to fear. It is unlikely they will be arrested and sent to the United States to face justice for their roles in the molestation of an unknown number of girls.

Maxwell was allegedly photographed at an In-N-Out fast-food joint in California back in August. I say “allegedly” because researchers, relying on photo metadata, say the photos are fake.

Regardless, a message was sent when the photos appeared in the media—Ghislaine Maxwell is untouchable. The farce was punctuated by a book Ghislaine was supposedly reading—“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” by Ted Gup.

Here’s the takeaway from the sordid affair—Israel’s Mossad is free to do whatever it decides necessary to protect its special status. From stealing state secrets, pilfering uranium to build atomic bombs, dancing before the backdrop of a burning WTC where 3,000 innocents died, and killing US sailors without consequence, Israel can do pretty much whatever it wants in the United States and the West.

Every member of Congress knows you don’t call out the racist state of Israel for its crimes (ethnic cleansing, the murder of journalists, medics, and the torture of children).

In fact, our “representatives” are expected to ignore murderous and racist Israeli settlers killing Palestinians and flooding schools with raw sewage, among other despicable crimes. This ongoing cruelty and inhumanity are rarely if ever reported by a corporate media celebrating Israel’s “democracy” ad nauseam.

Instead of justice and punishment for crimes against humanity, Israel receives billions of dollars every year from oblivious American taxpayers (or, more accurately, their children and grandchildren because the state now operates in deficit fashion, borrowing trillions the unborn will be obliged to pay).


Israel’s Mistress of Sex Entrapment Escapes Justice

The Flight of the Raven Along the London Bridge, and on to Buckingham

‘The Flight of the Raven Along the London Bridge, and on to Buckingham’

The Flight of the Raven Along the London Bridge, and on to Buckingham-
Screaming all the way the fake “royals’ are a cheap common sham-

Calling to all and one, to one and all-
To witness the great long over due fall-

Of this house of evil, theft, rape, pain death and lies-
Hope before the Imps of Hel arrive they have said their goodbyes-

The swaying breeze on the Raven’s return trip gives rise to it’s wings above London Bridge-
Tis the re-dawning age of Noblesse Oblige-

As the Raven flies by the swaying forms dangling in the darkness below-
All he sees is food for the vultures and the crows!

The Ole Dog!

Been as Busy as a One Legged Man in an Ass Kicking Contest!

I mean on top of caring for the various wild and domesticated creatures of this earth, domestic duties.

Lot of time thinking.
Some folks call this meditation and have all sorts of positions and angles to get there.
That way reminds me too much of sex, and being as I am non saint yet, if it comes to sex, I want the real thing, not a substitution for it!

I can commune with That Which Is, Nature, open myself to the voices of of ancestors, chopping wood, feeding the goats, digging a post hole, cooking breakfast.

In the Bible it is called, “be still and know that I am god”.

Turn the TV off, turn the radio off, put down that phone which you worship liker a god in and of itself, with all the facebook friends don’t really give a rats ass how you are doing, and many get a secret thrill when something bad befalls you, tune out all the bull shit from DC and Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado, (If you are a Real Texican), and THINK!

Consider what you have been told, to believe, then look at reality.
Put the two side by side, run them back and forth, flip em over, look at the underbelly of both, then use the god given ability to reason, and THINK. for yourself!

To hell with what some son of a female of questionable character, who try to tell you what to think.

Just tell that SOB, Where to Go!

If you listen, if you ask them to, your ancestors will come to you in times when you tune out the din of everyday life, and speak to you of times past, mistakes made, lessons learned.

A shared learning the lessons of life, and the things which really matter in the end.

No denying this world, humanities world, teeters on the edge of a dark chasm of enormous depth, as if a single puff of dragons breath should blow humanity into the darkness of that waiting mouth.

But take heart folks, tis not to be!

Nature NEVER allows one side to take control of all of Earth / Humanity.

Evil is never allowed to win full control.

On a cold desperate night, George Washington cast the dice, put it all on one roll, crossed the Delaware in hellish conditions, scared shitless of failure, and what they would mean for Americans, for the brave Winter Soldiers, mostly young folks, with a scattering of all other ages, great grandfathers, grandfathers, sons and the grandchildren.

But before they started to cross, Washington had a piece of The Crisis, written by Thomas Paine, a brave soul who put the cross hairs of the British military might, square on his own ass, read to the waiting boatmen and troops.

It gave comfort, and helped find courage in souls of the scared shitless, cold, men, from the lowest private, to Washington himself!

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”

These words, spoken by a WINTER SOLDIER, those so many years and generations ago, ring with the same pure truth as when spoken in the dark days of the early war years.

Americans need to look inward, to their own lives and souls.
Remember and honor your ancestors, the sacrifices they made.
And when you remember you heroes like Paine, Franklin, Lafayette, Allen, many more including Washington, because they were not gods, but scared men, doing a duty to try to build a better world for humanity.
They had truckloads of human failings, but that something extra, which cared enough for humanity to place their own asses in the cross hairs, for the benefit of humanity as a whole

They could use your prayers for their souls, when you remember them.

Other than that, “let the dead bury the dead”.

Time humanity grew up.
Time to stop meat-grinder wars for pedophile Usury “bankers” which never seem to solve the problem, it always returns, like a hungry stray street dog a well stocked trash can.

Just refuse to fight their wars.

In days of yore, “Leaders” had balls and led!

No more nukes used, or humanity will corner the rat used it in a blind ally and kill em slow.

No more sending poor folks kids to die for rich cowardly baby raping ass holes.




Leaders my ass, hiding under their office desks on the knees of their two thousand dollar suits, when Thor clears his throat for a bit of rain.

Pitiful excuses for a male of the species!

Look at them America, that what you want for your Prodigy?

Be still, and commune with yourself!

The Ole Dog!

Which America-Lew Rockwell

If all humans, on the American land, were Nobel, honest, honorable, the “constitution” might have stood a snow balls chance in hell of not leading America where it is now.

The Constitution, opposite of what is taught in government indoctrination centers called “public schools”, made the heavy handed, blood soaked banner and hands Empire you see using your children for sexual party favors and cannon fodder in false flag wars for power and profit, possible.

Thats why the power and money hungry elites had to have it.

And you thought America was about the “people”!

America today, thanks to the constitution, is about using the common man as cattle and cannon fodder for the games the rich and powerful play.

The constitution taking just a little bit of freedom from folks for the good of the whole, is like some gal claiming she is just a little bit pregnant.

I am saying that as a man who has endured the Devils Spawn demon’s gestation period, (pregnant woman), on three different occasions, along with some unavoidable bleed over from the gestation period of grand prodigy.

Been there, done That!
I want a damn Medal for it!

John C Carleton.

“Which America”

The just-concluded 40th anniversary meeting of the Philadelphia Society, held in Chicago, featured a panel on US foreign policy. Midge Decter, the controversial new president of the society, praised the United States as embodying universally applicable principles, and endorsed the aggressive foreign policy that is the hallmark of the Bush administration. On the same panel, Claes Ryn, the 2001–2002 president of the Society and the author of the recently released America the Virtuous, criticized this kind of universalism as “neo-Jacobin” and as incompatible with traditional American views on government, not to mention peace in the world. Professor Ryn’s remarks follow:

Quite often I have lunch at a McDonald’s in one of the most affluent and pretentious suburbs in America just outside of Washington, D.C. The residents are ambivalent about having a McDonald’s in their community – it undermines their self-image – so the restaurant is tucked away inside a little mall and almost impossible for outsiders to find.

I like to arrive just after 10:30. I am up very early, and before 11:00 my McDonald’s is still quiet. I eat and read in peace. Later, mothers drive up in their luxury SUVs with their preschool children, and, if schools are closed, older children too. Some high-schoolers show up. On Saturdays many fathers do McDonald’s duty and older children come as well. My French café is transformed into bedlam. Near the playpen especially the noise rises dramatically. I have learnt when late to shut out the din, but sometimes I watch the scene in fascination. At the counter toddlers in strollers scream when parents do not give them French fries fast enough. Older children crawl on chairs and tables or rush about shouting and shoving while waiting for mom or dad to bring the food. Mothers and fathers scurry around, anxiously solicitous of their princes and princesses. They comfort the crying and apologize to little Ashley and Eliot for having taken so long. By now I know well the difference between the crying of a child in distress and the importunate crying of a child who won’t wait or take no for an answer. At the playpen – the “hell-hole” – it is obvious that playing without throwing yourself about and making lots of noise would not be real playing. Sometimes the playpen emits such piercing screams that the Asian-American children look at their parents in startled surprise. Deference to grown-ups seems unknown. I used to take offense, but the children have only taken their cue from their parents, who took their cue from their parents. The adults, for their part, talk in loud, penetrating voices, some on cell phones, as if no other conversations mattered. The scene exudes self-absorption and lack of self-discipline.

Yes, this picture has everything to do with U.S. foreign policy. This is the emerging American ruling class, which is made up increasingly of persons used to having the world cater to them. If others challenge their will, they throw a temper tantrum. Call this the imperialistic personality – if “spoilt brat” sounds too crude.

But, surely, this rising elite has wonderful strengths. Are not its adults highly educated – about history, philosophy, geography, and world affairs – and masters of several languages? Do they not travel widely and have a keen understanding of other countries and regions of the world? Are they not sophisticated cosmopolitans suited to running an empire.

Pardon the sarcasm. I am well aware that a different type of American still exists. That American aspires to character traits virtually the opposite of those on display at my McDonald’s. Americans used to admire self-restraint, modesty, humility, and good manners. They were acutely aware of original sin. They feared the self-indulgent ego, in themselves and others. Americans of an earlier era stressed the need to check the darker potentialities of human nature, the unleashing of which could wreak havoc on the individual and society. They hoped that in personal life moral character would restrain the desire for self-aggrandizement, just as in national political life the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution would contain the all-too-human desire for power. Personal self-control and constitutionalism were but different aspects of the effort to subdue the voracious ego. Human beings could not be trusted with unlimited power.


Which American?