The Rose~Bette Midler With Lyrics

A Loving God Does not send evil creatures to punish evil people.

A loving God is Pure Love, there can be no vindictiveness, only Love.
Sometimes when humanities evil gets so overwhelming, God can no longer stand to keep his hand of blessing on such evil, so removes his hand of blessing.

Humanity then destroy themselves.
The Evil you see around you is your evil.
It is evil you personally did, or did not stand up, speak up against.

You did not want to Pay the Price of Duty the Light Requires of his own.

You individually, and banding together formed the $hit #ole you see, and bitc# about, around you.

It can only be fixed, Humanity saved from the Great Gathering of Souls, by individual repentance, individual submission to God.

THEN Together, as a Group, Seek the True Will of the One True God.

There is no easy path to Eternal Life in the Presence of the Source of All Light & Life!

The ole Dog!

So Little Time, so MUCH Ratschild’s Propaganda to Sling!


Fake prince/Real Rat!
The Lady Di murdering scum if from imposters.
Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards, not sired by by Plantagenet Royalfathers.
This makes the present “royals” fake monarchs.
But this does show you who really runs the British Empire.

There is this Mossad/CIA propaganda slinger using two different names perhaps, sent me the same preview of the same cobbled together red Russian Bull shit.

See, Russia & the USA both united to murder Generals George S. Patton because he would not sell America out to red Russian zionism/communism, he was trying to stop the Cold War, stop the spread of communism/zionism

From the. red Russian Rat’s Rat Shit slinger who Post at VT.
“No one but Burgess really saw it coming. ”
(From Email Preview)
“Globalism has ridden its one legged jackass of a lie about the “Nazi’s” just about far enough. Yes the National Socialists committed atrocities in a war they didn’t start but they pale in comparison to the ones Great Britain and the United States along with their dog of war the Soviet Union committed in a war they did start. Globalism has chosen Communism for its system of world domination. As Anthony Burgess, a high ranking British Intelligence officer in WW II pointed out in his masterpiece A Clockwork Orange this has been their endgame since WW II ended. It was instituted covertly, systematically, and relentlessly. No one but Burgess really saw it coming. But now in its final push every sentient being still left after seventy-five years of MK Ultra can see it as easily as they can see the palm of their own hand. Again there is a simple solution, a cure, complete the circle and go back to where it all began…”

This would come as a surprise to General Patton who was murdered by the USA & Russia for trying to stop the cold war and the spread of World Wide communism/zionism.”

Before Patton, there was Henry Ford, the father of the Ford motor Company who warned of the same Virus.


Charles Lindburg.

So you be the judge?

A bull shit slinger who tries to present themselves as a source of history, who either don’t know shit from shinola about real history,
(Someone so ignorant & dumb they could not pour piss out of a Texican Cowboy Boot with the Instructions written on the Botton of the Heel!


Takes the Rat’s diseased dick up his A$$ daily for shekels?

You be the judge.

The Ole Dog!

There was a time when the Treasonous to America red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian sons of Khazarian street mutt bitches at VT used to try to at least impersonate real journalist.

Don’t know about you, but when a women was trying to tempt the Ole Dog! into her bed, I preferred the one who used suggestion and charm, an illusion painted in my Brain, to the winch which just dropped everything showing the imperfections of the real flesh, vs the illusion.

You ARE The Devil

Non Semitic red Russian Invading Turkmen mongrel Khazarian mutilates the Body of a Indigenous Semitic Palestinian, for the “crime” of being Semitic, Indigenous and a Palestinian in Occupied by Non Semitic Evil Child Raping Mass Murdering, Thieving, Lying, War Starting, red Russian Khazarians.

The Devil?

There has been a debate for hundreds of years if the devil is a real or just a made up character.

The Devil is VERY real, but the devil is not a being, at least not a single being. He/she, lives in the souls of all mankind.

Let me start further back.

In the beginning were the Dark & the Light.

The Dark and the Light are one.
The light, or the dark, could exist without the other, but one without the other can not sustain life.

The Light is not evil, the Dark is not Evil, both are God themselves, or gifts of the one true god.

God is Love.

A loving God Can Not Cause evil.
The Dark which is part of God, Part of the Universe, Part of the Plan, is not evil.
Many evil beings walk in the dark as the dark helps them to hide their evil from others, helps them hide their evil from themselves.
One walking in the dark, does not see much at all.

The Devil is real however, it lives in the souls of each man & Woman.
It is the job of Each man or woman, to resist the devil living within their soul, walk, run, crawl, swim, jump towards the light continually, and the Devil within you will be powerless to keep you in the dark.

Put it like this.
The night comes, the cock Roaches come out!

The night is not a disgusting loser turd eating revolting creature, the Cock roach is.
The Dark does not cause the Cock Roach to be a disgusting evil being.
The Cock Roach is with you during the day also, just as evil, just as disgusting, it just hides in corners, closed off places, where the light does not reach.
Come dark, out they come, as they can hide in the dark while doing their evil.

They are with you dark or light, they live during the day also, so if the Dark makes cock roaches who and what they are, so does the Light, as the Light substances them as well as the dark.

No, The dark and the Light, neither or both together does not make they cock roach the disgusting disease spreading evil anti-human being they are.

They bring with them what they are, into the Light or Dark.

A Loving God does not send one to cause evil.

Evil, man kind brought evil, the “devil” with them in their souls from the slime of creation.

God does not force one to chose the dark or the Light.

God provides both, both are needed to sustain life.

If one finds evil in the dark, one brought the evil with them in their soul. God did not put it there, you did.

Only you can banish the devil from your soul.

Now, there are evil spirits, demons if you will running around out there looking for a home.

If a man or women, does evil, loves the dark, then they open themselves up to possession by evil forces.
Being possessed by evil is not an excuse for doing evil, as one would not be possessed with the evil, if they did not by their actions, allow the evil in.

“I was drunk when I killed that man, I should not have to pay the price of the crime, it was the alcohol, not me”!

That senecio is used very often by humanity trying to excuse their evil.
Did God force their mouth open and pour the booze down?
Your choice, your actions!

If there is evil in your life, it is because your Devil in you is in control, not God.

The Devil did not “Make” you do anything.
He is your personal Devil, part of you.
Only you can banish him from your life.
Takes struggle, self sacrifice, prayer, humbling ones self before God, sticking to the Path to God, no matter the hardships and troubles one finds blocking the path to god at times.

Man has made himself a fairy tale where the “Devil” is to blame for all their evil and faults, and God has to be what man wants, God has to allow what man wants to do, God had to do it Mans way.

“Many there will who will be called, but few who will be chosen.”

Many start down the path to Illumination, Eternal Live in the presence of God, but few there be who finish the journey.

Those who fail, those afraid to even start down the path, must have an excuse for their evil, their failure.
Man is not big on owning their own evil, failures, so they invented the Devil who FORCES them to rape children, steal, murder, lie.

You want to banish the Devil from your Life?
It is your personal Devil.
ONLY You can order him out of the Captains Chair in Your Life.

The Ole Dog!

My Testimony Concerning the World War II Japanese Surrender Offer

American sheep monkeys elect to office treasonous red Russians like FDR & Ike, they kill Americans trying to help them like General George S Patton, The Rev. Martin Luther King, John & Bobby Kennedy.

WW 2 was none of Americas business.

FDR FORCED Japan, with economic sanctions. to attack USA at Pearl, doing two things.

Causing Americans to die, American Treasure spent, in a war to take a two front war off of Russia, (Russia & Japan have always warred).

This also covered FDR’s red Russian Lies to get elected, where he had to swear to the American People he would NEVER lead them to war.

So FDR, backed Japan into a corner, so they WOULD attack, giving him an excuse to fight Russia’s Pacific war, AND, force Americans to die, American treasure PI$$ED off, fighting Germany.
Germany Loved America, thats where they got all those get rid of the insane, crippled, undesirable policies, form America.
Germany did not want to fight America.

But The Rats owned FDR’s Treasonous red Russian A$$, so Americans died, killed, in a pre-planed Ratschild war which had NOTHING to do with America the Land, or Americans the People.

Moving along to WW 2 in Europe.

If the Evil Commie red Russian Bastards like FDR & Ike would not have kept stopping General George S Patton, War with Germany in Europe would have been over by at least September 1944.

Khazarian Russia would not have be HANDED ON A GOLDEN PLATTER, all of Eastern Europe, There would have been no Cold War.

So this means, either:
Those in DC, WERE & STILL ARE, EITHER, Some of the Stupidest Village Idiots ever gathered in one place, at one time.


The evil Child Raping Treasonous Sons of Bitches are some of the most America Hating slime ball sons of cunt street mutt mongrel bitches which ever wasted good air by breathing!

The Ole Dog!

By Michael Hoffman
Former reporter, New York bureau of the Associated Press

During the observation of the 75th anniversary of the atomic incineration holocaust of Hiroshima, the corporate media have been circulating various allegations that the Japanese had not attempted to surrender prior to the bombing.

One of these disgraceful justifications for the American government’s Machiavellian extermination of Japanese civilians is titled, “Back to Hiroshima: Why Dropping the Bomb Saved Ten Million Lives.”

The following is my testimony.

The problem with the claims that the Japanese were not going to surrender is that they contradict first person testimony.

Walter Trohan, White House correspondent and Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the Chicago Tribune

In the course of my career in journalism I was privileged to come to know Walter Trohan, a star reporter for the Colonel R.R. McCormack newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. He was its Washington bureau chief. Mr. Trohan covered the White House and had known and interviewed every president from FDR to Nixon.

In a conversation with Walter Trohan, he told me about information disclosed to him by FDR’s Chief of Staff, Admiral William Leahy, who served in the same position under President Truman.

As early as 1943 Leahy informed Trohan that the White House was receiving peace feelers from the Japanese and a surrender offer, predicated on the exemption of the Emperor from any punishment or incarceration.

Leahy also told Walter that if he printed those facts before the war ended he would be imprisoned.

One week after the Japanese surrendered, the account of Japan’s surrender offer was published on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

In his memoirs, published in 1950, Admiral Leahy wrote that prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs:

“The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender.”

Few people were in a better position to know.


USA “government” Minions and WUPOON

Back in the 1800s, an official from the Indian Affairs agency, went to talk to some of the Natives who were unhappy with Uncle sugars Reservations and lack of everything they were promised.
(Cause the Indian agency agents were stealing most of what congress had not already stole before it got to the Indians on the reservations).

He had the Chiefs assemble the tribes, and for ever more gave a speech!

He told them how the Great White Father Loved them, was treating them SO well! He did not know why his brown brothers were unhappy with the Great white Father?

All through his speech the people are yelling WUPOON-WUPOON!!
Agent thinks to himself, I’ve got them eating out of my hand now!

As the Head Chief was escorting the agent out to his mode of transpiration, one of the tribes bulls raised his tail and took a giant dump in front of their path.

The Old Chief took the agents arm, guided him around saying:
Don’t step in the WUPOON!

The Ole Dog!

Odin Has Called His Wolves To Their Duty Of Ragnarök

Odin has called his Wolves to to their Duty Of Ragnarök-
Odin says of the ball-less sheep he no longer gives a Fauk-

The sheep he said must face the jackals they seem to Love alone-
His Wolves must turn their attention to Battle Skills to Hone-

For Ragnarök draws nigh at blinding speed amidst bleating sheep-
Odin reminds his Loyal Wolves they have a date with destiny to keep-

After all this tortured endless eternity of sheep herding time-
It is now almost time to do battle with Frost outlanders of Evil Mind-

Odin’s Wolves answer back without needing thought, no hesitation-
Without Any Shadow of a Doubt or Any Negative Sensation-

Time has come at Long Last For Punishing the Great Whore Dressed All in Purple-
Let the Boys Gather together in Holy Righteous Fury, Form the Sacred Circle-

Duty calls for all of Odin’s Wolves with Flaming Viking Balls-
After Ragnarök they shall drink mead & eat BBQed Goat in Valhaklla’s Golden Halls!

The Ole Dog!

DO YOU WANT YOUR KIN DYING FOR THE Ratschilds, Monsatan & Golden Sacks following West Point Rope Chewing Idiots?-JCC

West Point:

Where those who do not understand Warriors, try to teach jackals to be wolves.

Not working!

All the USA seems to teach at the Point, is how to lie, murder the innocent, invade foreign sovereign countries which have not attacked America first.

If the USA wanted real Generals they would not have helped their bestist buttie red Russia to Murder American General George S Patton for not selling America out like the red Russians FDR and the red Russian war criminal Ike who Holocausted over 1.7 million Germans in extermination camps after the war was over.

No, USA wants dick suckers, ass kissers, yes men who rape children and get filmed by Mossad doing it, criminals, moral-less non human gentuza graduating from the point.

And they got them.

let me point something out.

PomposA$$ is all proud of graduating first in his class at West Point.

The Point says they teach Honor, Integrity, Duty.

PomposA$$ BRAGGS about lying, cheating, violating all international laws and norms of decency, and betrays America Every day he waste good air by breathing it.

I believe the Point needs to be shut down as a failure, but first get that certificate back from PomposA$$, as he Flunked West Point!

They were not able to change him from a lying evil self righteous sack of zionist pig shit, into a human, much less a Warrior!

The Ole Dog!

Senior Mufti: Most Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis Ready to Fight for Expelling War Criminal Invading & Illegally Occupying US

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iraqi Sunni Mufti said an overwhelming majority in his country’s both Shiite and Sunni populations are prepared for jihad (religious war of defense) to force the US pull out its military forces from the Muslim state.
“8 out of 10 Shiites are ready for resistance and prepared for expelling the American forces, and many sides, including (prominent Shiite leader) Seyed Muqtada Sadr support our resistance,” Sheikh Mahdi al-Samida’ei was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website on Sunday.

He added that the Sunnis are also more prepared, compared to 2003 (when the US attacked Iraq), to fight against the US military presence, noting that they can also supply weapons from different countries now.

The Iraqi parliament has passed and approved a plan to expel foreign troops from its soil on January 6, 2019, two days after the assassination of the late Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, Deputy Chairman of al-Hashd al-Shaabi Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their companions in a US military terrorist attack near Baghdad airport.

Senior lawmakers in Iraq have reiterated time and again that withdrawal of foreign forces from the country is necessary based on the law approved by the parliament.

“The approval to expel the foreign forces has been ratified and the former government was committed to it and it has turned into an imperative law,” Ahmad al-Assadi, the chairman of al-Sanad al-Watani faction in the parliament, was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ahd news website as saying in June.

No talks will be held to prolong deployment of foreign forces in Iraq, he underlined.


Those who Try to Teach, That which They Do Not Understand, To Those Who Do Not Understand Either.

Was telling stupid officer ole fart warrior stories back and forth with a Brother Warrior the other day.

We did different wars this time, but both understand a bond which can only mean we have bladed before, perhaps against and/or back to back to each other, in some hazy long past battle, of some forgotten field of time gone by.

The subject of Ring Knockers came up.

I told him, those like you and I, who operate from instinct, from lessons learned in countless desperate bloody battles of the past, are studied by those who do not understand us, or those like us.
They then try to teach what they do not understand to those who do not understand either!

Think of it?

There are only so many ways to fight and win a battle on certain type terrine, in certain kind of weather, a certain season, with the enemy in a certain place, your forces in the other.

The Warrior who learns to trust that small voice whispering advice from long ago fought battles into his ear, will take the enemy trying to execute moves out of a book, based on that which they do not understand to begin with, every damn time!

Unless of course one has been consorting with one of the god’s favorite concubines.

But them, that becomes personal.
lesson learned there is don’t go trying to monkey with another monkey’s monkey!

The Ole Dog!