White House FINALLY breaks its silence on the Hunter Biden’s Laptop Crimes … only to call the Pedophilia, Massive Crack Use, Consorting With CCP Chinese Whores & Illegal Firearms Purchase ‘distraction’ and ‘OLD NEWS

Hunter jerking off in front of hooker while waving his illegally purchased pistol around

Seems drug use, breaking all the laws, pedophilia, incest, abusing girls and women is no new thing in the Biden clan.
Must be generational.
Must be in the genes.
Old News.
Just a distraction.
Nothing to see here.
Move along!

The Ole Dog!

Thousands sing God Bless America-God Replies That Must Be Some Good S#it Your Smoking American Sheep!

God said after they finished singing (of course the American sheep were not listening to God) “Thy Evil Fools”,

What part of anyone who rapes one of my little children should have a donkey millstone chained around their necks and be throw into the deep end did you not UNDERSTAND?

While for generations you stupid spiritually blind sheep sing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY while electing child rapers to be “president ” of the USA/DC corporation.

EVERYONE who wanted to pull their heads out of their asses knew for generations Papa CIA BadBush was a serial child raper.

The Watergate Break-in was trying to steal pedophile records from the Democrats

God asked the American sheep, what the hell is wrong with you asking a God who despises baby rapers to bless a s#it hole run by baby rapers with baby raper lover voters who vote for them?

And why has the high ups in Disney

not been introduced to millstones.

‘America Argues with God!’

America, a Good Dream of a Just land the Angels Once Had-
Now has made God Himself Look Away, His Countenance so Very Sad-

Time wasted on such stiff necked self righteous Primitive souls treading in Quick sand-
Who’s only thoughts are of self gain and more pain for their own fellow “man”-

They rape their children, they sell their daughters, they pimp their wives-
All to avoid spiritual growth, Labor, and to get Self Gain from Others Lives-

They screamed at God he was Wrong, he MUST do things Their way or take a Hike-
Last seen God was near Venus giving America the rearward Finger while riding his Celestial Mountain Bike!

The Ole Dog!

Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind

First published on April 29, 2022


We have heard all about the many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis post-injection, as well as recipients repeatedly testing “positive” for the virus even after doing the deed. But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: blindness.

The latest data out of the United Kingdom suggests that a growing number of fully jabbed people are losing their eyesight. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card system currently shows 163 cases of total blindness among people who got jabbed with the Pfizer-BioNTech needle, along with an additional six cases of central vision loss and four cases of sudden visual loss.

Twenty-one people also reportedly now suffer from “blindness transient” specifically caused by the Pfizer injection. This adverse reaction involves visual disturbance or loss of sight in one eye for a few seconds or even minutes at a time.

19,916 ‘Eye Disorders’ Including Blindness Following COVID Vaccine Reported in Europe
Another 20 people beyond that are reported to have suffered from a reaction called “unilateral blindness,” which is when a person got blind or blurred vision in just one eye.

“In total, there have been 8,016 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab as of 6th April 2022,” reported the Daily Exposé.

Is it worth possibly going blind just to feel “protected” against a cold?

The AstraZeneca injection, which is one of the COVID jabs currently available in the U.K., is also linked to cases of blindness.

As of April 6, the MHRA has received 324 reports of blindness, three reports of central vision loss, five reports of sudden visual loss, and 29 reports of blindness transient among 14,895 eye disorders, all specifically linked to the AstraZeneca needle.

Moderna also jabs people in the UK, though at a much smaller rate than the aforementioned companies. Still, many people who take the Moderna needle are now blind as well.

The MHRA shows that in conjunction with the Moderna injection, there have been 34 reports of blindness and 56 reports of visual impairment. In total, there have been 1,519 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Moderna jab.

“In all, when including adverse reactions reported where the brand of vaccine was not specified, there have been 24,516 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections, with 525 of these reactions being complete blindness,” the Exposé reported.

“‘Fact-checkers’ alongside authorities have been on the case to sweep this data under the carpet and have labelled it as unreliable. Their reasoning is that ‘just because someone reports the event after having the vaccine, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is due to the vaccine.’”


Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind

211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

June 6, 2021 by Christine 31 Comments
As of September 11, 2022:

211 institutions (mainly health and science institutions) in >35 countries have all failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing the alleged “SARS-COV-2” having been found in any sick human and purified, in order to sequence and characterize “it” and study “it” with controlled experiments.

In other words, none of these institutions can prove that the alleged RNA genome of 30,000 base pairs with a spikey protein shell actually exists…. let alone that “it” causes an allegedly new respiratory disease that is allegedly spread from host to host via contagion.

No one on the planet has a pure sample of the alleged virus.

There are no validated tests. Validation of a test for a “virus” would require a gold standard – the alleged virus.

Below is a list of the institutions. Note that from several of these institutions (i.e. the CDC, Public Health England, UK DHSC, India’s ICMR) we have multiple responses.

Excel file listing 209 institutions (last updated September 11, 2022):


211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

E Pluribus Unum

e pluribus unum
“From many, one”, or “out of many, one”

Most “humans” don’t have a clue.
One sees articles of people having cows about clueless playthings of the rich and evil giving the one eye sign in photos.

It is like someone shooting the finger who has no clue what it means.
Ask them why are you doing that.
Because everyone else is they say.
But what does it mean you ask?
Don’t know they say, but it is cool!

Those doing the one eye sign don’t have a clue what the sign means.
Those telling them to pimp themselves giving the sign do not know the true meaning.

Odin gave up one eye for understanding and wisdom.
To reach true understanding and wisdom on the spiritual plane, one must blind themselves to this physical world.
One must give up trying to build empires, gather wealth, fame and acclaim on this physical world before one can see clearly the meanings of God’s mysteries.

So it is with e pluribus unum.
Many see the phrase as a conspiracy of the super rich but very evil to build a one world government or empire on this rock.

From the many, one.
From the countless many lives lived on this rock, in the end when one embraces all their past lives, all their screw ups, owns all evil and mistakes one has made, accepts the lesson learned from those screw ups, the many lives join to make one being who has understanding and wisdom.

Where one’s heart is, so is their treasure.
The soul locked into the shallow beliefs and false views of this physical world, only sees, only lives in this broke, flawed physical world.

The one willing to blind themselves to the false beliefs and shallow pleasures of this physical world, can then see the wider Universe, can then see God.

The Ole Dog!

Heaven’s Door

The circle of life, is the circle of death and rebirth-
This is the true history of Humanities time upon this earth.

Death is not to be feared but celebrated, as he takes your hand-
He is just the transporter of souls, to distant shores of another land-