Cop Gets Wrist Slap After Pleading Guilty to Torturing Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Tasering His Testicles-WE BACK THE BLUE GROUPIES MASTURBATE TO VIDEO

I am a person who believes people should pay for their crimes.

Under Common Law, (this is the type law American Law was founded on, but not the law used in America today) if a soul does not harm another without just cause such as self defence, defence of family and home, or damage another’s property, no crime has been done and no court has jurisdiction over the act.

THE USA illegally switched to Statutory Pleadings which means the child rapers of government can make any rule they want to stealing God Given rights from humans, beat, rape, kidnap, imprison, murder, and have for some intelligent person walking across the street when no traffic was coming, but not in the “mandatory” crosswalks!

The “puritan” yankee arguing with God!

Crimes are things like politicians, preachers, judges, cops, and prosecutors raping children.

Crimes are things like carjackings, thieving repeat offenders turned loose on society again and again by pedophile judges, who break into homes, rape women, murder innocent people.

It is a proven scientific fact the pedophile who is executed never rapes another child.
The woman raper who is executed never rapes another women.
The thief executed never carjacks or breaks into another home again.
The cop executed for shit like was done in this story, or the beating to death of an innocent man by five cops in Memphis while he called for his mother who had done no crime, never again does such evil crimes against humanity.

I believe evil ass holes should pay for their crimes, ESPECIALLY when they took an oath to “SERVE AND PROTECT”, not beat, rape and murder!

The Ole Dog!

Glendale, AZ — As TFTP reported, disturbing bodycam video showed Arizona cops tasering a man 11 times, including on the testicles, as his horrified family screamed for them to stop. After the horrifying incident, the main culprit cop went back on duty, having faced no accountability. However, last September, officer Matthew Schneider was hit with three criminal counts of aggravated assault after body camera footage went viral. The charges came after Schneider quietly resigned in 2020.

This week, Schneider — knowing the evidence against him was far too much to deny — pleaded guilty in court.

“Your honor, I’m standing before the court today as something in a million years I would never dreamed I’d be, a convicted criminal,” said Schneider, who was reading a prepared statement to the court. “As you know, I come from a law enforcement family… It’s hard to describe the shame I felt telling the people who raised me and were excellent role models, that I would be pleading guilty today. It was even harder when I had to tell my kids.”

He added, “I accept full responsibility for my actions on July 26, 2017. I tried to do my absolute best as a police officer and human being that day and it wasn’t good enough.”

If that was his best, however, the residents of Glendale are lucky he’s no longer a police officer. Despite this admission, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Patricia Starr gave this sadistic cop a slap on the wrist, ordering him to pay fines totaling $115 as she expressed her sympathies.

“You’ve suffered for the last five and half years the consequences of what’s happened. Your family has suffered the consequences of what happened. You’ve lost a lot of things that were very important to you,” Starr said. “What you did with that is now what a lot people would do, you picked yourself up, found something else and are now excelling at that. So, I would see no purpose what’s so ever to put you on probation… I see the loss of your career as a very severe punishment that’s already happened to you.”

To recap, Scheider dragged an innocent man from his car during a stop based on lies and then repeatedly tasered him in his genitals as his family watched in horror. He then lied to justify his actions. According to the judge, Scheider — not his innocent victim and his family — is the one who suffered.

The victim, Johnny Wheatcroft, and his family sued the city of Glendale which argued its officers were entitled to qualified immunity. The city asked U.S. District Judge Michael Liburdi to issue summary judgment in their favor.


The National Prayer Breakfast, one of the most visible and long-standing events that brings religion and politics together in Washington Taken Over By Congress

lawmakers decided to take over organizing for the prayer breakfast itself.

What the hell are they praying for?
More children to rape?

More opportunities to do treason against America?

And what Demon “god” are they praying to?

The Ole Dog!

War Crimes R US Rothschild’s and Their DUMB AS F##K BALL-LESS American Sheep Bitches

Through lying, deceit, underhanded acts the un-honorable thieving red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Jew curs the Ratschilds got the Fake kings and queens of that tiny little island for baby rapers, misfits and pretenders by the short hairs at the time of the battle of Waterloo.

Now I don’t expect any better from the European sheeple, they have always been a bleating herd of ball-less sheep.
But I had hopes for a better bunch in America.

I personally gave the one finger salute to Europe and that tiny island of baby and sheep rapers in the beginning of the 14th century.

It seems the problem is with the transfer of the few Europeans with a set of balls to America we got ship loads of Europes and that tiny island for loser baby and sheep rapers trash as well.


Cromwell’s “puritan” trash contaminated yankeeland with their virus.

Not being satisfied with abusing, domineering and murdering their own evil bunch of homicidal maniac self righteous dregs of two legged pig F##king sheep monkeys,

these evil pieces of hammered dog s#it trashers invaded the South, gang raping children, minister’s daughters. pregnant women to death,

stealing everything, mass murdering whole cities filled with defenseless civilians while singing GLORY-GLORY Hallelujah, a song GLORIFYING gang rapes, mass murder and theft on an industrial scale, written by a cum sucking Marxist (communist in today’s English) atheist bitch proud she did not believe in God.

So what damned “god” were the child gang raping to death yankee scum praising as they were raping all those children, minister’s daughters, pregnant women and the accessional farm animal to death and sealing all the silverware from little ole ladies?

Once the evil degenerate God-less F##ks had subdued the South through terrorism against children, women and old unarmed men, they sent the worst of their scum they wanted out of their towns down to the Southland to contaminate Southern society.

They infiltrated the South’s schools and churches spreading their evil virus to Southern Society.

That’s why all of America, and not just yankeeland is one huge big s#it hole today.

Being evil child raping bribe taking sons of yankee whore bitches they could not even stay in charge.

The yankee cock suckers have allowed the Khazarian Mafia

to blackmail them with Mossad jeffery Child Rape videos so not them but the Ratschilds totally run USA/WASHINGTON DC.

And dumb F##ks who call themselves Southerners are just as eaten up with the dumb ass as the yankees who butt F##k them.

The phenomena of the abused coming to love and worship their abusers is called the Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome:
Psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.

I am considering for my next life somewhere way down in South America where there is still lots of empty land.

I would get about 5,000 acres, a good women, some good dogs, build a house on the highest hill in the middle, mark the distance off in 100 yard increments in all directions so I would not have to guess at the elevation needed for an accurate shot if any of you ball-less pig F##king sheep monkeys try to follow me down there!

The Ole Dog!

‘Belief in Freedom’ Is Bad for You So is “distrust of government,” according to a study in the American Journal of Medicine.

Worth passing along but I have to inject one thing.
In the piece it says this:
“The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, for example, do not prevent acquisition or transmission of COVID-19.”


Can you say SCAMDEMIC?

Can you say KILLER JABBED sheep?

The Ole Dog! who still has his balls, unlike most sheeple.

“One possibility relates to a distrust of government or belief in freedom that contributes to both vaccination preferences and increased traffic risks.”

As Sir Bedevere (Terry Jones) proclaimed in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “who is this who is so wise in the ways of science?” Behold the authors of COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash, published by the American Journal of Medicine but authored by a trio in Canada.

Author Donald A. Redelmeier, M.D. (Doctor of Medicine), FRCPC (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada), MSHSR (Masters in Health Services Research), FACP (Fellowship in the American College of Physicians) works in “evaluative clinical sciences” at the Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto.

Author Jonathan Wang, MMASc (Masters of Management of Applied Science) is with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) and the department of medicine at the University of Toronto. Which particular science Wang applies is not specified.

Author Deva Thiruchelvam, MSc, (Masters of Sciences) is also with the ICES and the Sunnybrook Institute, in Toronto. The profile does not indicate which sciences the author managed to master. Nevertheless, this trio set out to test whether COVID vaccination was associated with the risks of a traffic crash.

A total of 11,270,763 individuals were included, of whom 16 percent had not received a COVID vaccine and 84 percent had received a COVID vaccine. The cohort accounted for 6,682 traffic crashes. Unvaccinated individuals accounted for 1,682 traffic crashes (25 percent), equal to a 72 percent increased relative risk compared with those vaccinated.

“These data suggest that COVID vaccine hesitancy is associated with significant increased risks of a traffic crash,” (emphasis added) the authors contend. That does not betoken a strong case.

In their quest to apply science, the authors might have cited reasons why some people hesitate to take a COVID vaccine shot. Maybe it’s because the COVID vaccines don’t work very well.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, for example, do not prevent acquisition or transmission of COVID-19. Joe Biden and advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci were shot up more times than a Toronto junkie, yet both tested positive. See here and here. That should be enough to make anybody hesitate, and the Pfizer vaccine raises another issue.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sought court approval to delay release of the data used to approve the Pfizer vaccine until 2096, a full 75 years, in effect, a proxy for “never.” As attorney Aaron Siri notes, vaccines are now widely mandated, and those injured by the vaccine cannot sue Pfizer, which profits from its product. That was not true of the Salk and Sabin vaccines, which creators Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin gave away for free, and which proved very effective against polio.


Bush Lied To Illegally In A War Crime Holocaust Iraq Children For Power and Profit

Everything which walks on two legs among you is not human.



I am Mr. History with the University entrance exam score to back that statement up with forty plus years since then going down deep rabbit holes of history.

The war of 1812 against Britain is sold as a war which was fought to stop British Man of War Navy ships from forcibly taking merchant sailors from yankee merchant ships to serve as seamen in the British Navy.

That is yankee bull shit.

Yes Britain was doing such.
Serving on a British navy ship was a fate worse than death many times.
Bad food and evil officers who made the seamen’s lives a living hell.
So people voluntarily signing up to serve on these ships was a problem.


The yankee ship’s owners and captains did not give a shit about the common sailors stolen by Britain.
They were easily replaced with other poor yankees needing work.

In fact the yankees of MassAss were dead set against the war, threatened to secede from the union because of the war, would not send their troops to try to stop the British from burning the US capital when that fired it.
(A rainstorm put out the flames.)

All during the war the yankee ships and captains carried on a profitable smuggling commerce with Britain.

That war was an attempt for the US to steal Canada from Britain so the US Empire could be huge.

The late war of yankee invasion, gang rapes of children, minister’s daughters and pregnant women to death, mass murder, arson and theft on an industrial scale was not a “civil” war.

A civil war is when two or more factions try to control the same government.
Southern countries did not try to take over WASHINGTON DC

Session was not prohibited by the constitution, and was not even in a kangaroo court declared so until Texas vs White in 1869, four years AFTER the illegal yankee war was over.

The war was NOT about slavery.

Lincoln hated blacks, told them to their face he considered them sub human, never should be allowed to live around whites, marry a white, or vote.
He belonged to an organization which wanted to ship all blacks out of America so they would not “contaminate” white society

The war was about continuing to steal the wealth of the South for the yankee states and building an empire.

The Spanish American war was NOT about the USS Maine blowing up or “freeing Spain’s American Colonies.

The Cubans the US was worried about were kept as slaves and 2nd class citizens by the USA until Fidel Castro kicked the US out.
And starving the Cubans is a thing US has done for generations in retaliation for being kicked out of Cuba

As for the Maine which had no business in a Cuban harbor to begin with, modern examination of the sunken Maine proves it was not blown up by Spain, the only question which remains is whether it blew up from a bad design of the ship, or if USA blew up their own ship with US sailors aboard to start the war.

As for freeing Spain’s colonies, they were just transferred from Spain to US to become USA colonies.

US “freed” the Philippine people from Spain.
But when the natives asked for self rule, USA had to kill the hell out of the ungrateful Philippine natives

World War ONE was none of USA’s business.
It was a pre-planned Rothschild’s European Banker’s Usury war.

The Rothschilds have controlled the UK for generations.

They still do.

In a moment of bragging, a Rothschild actually told the truth.

Woodrow Wilson was a not all that smart treasonous bastard who sold America and Americans out to the Rothschild clan to be made president.

He repaid them by signing into law the act with turned America’s money matters over to the Rothschilds, ‘THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT’.

The “Federal Reserve” is not federal, it has no reserves and it is not a bank, it is a Usury scam by which the Rothschilds have stolen through usury most of Americans wealth.
That’s why the paper not backed by anything US paper Dollar is in free fall in worth and everything cost way too much.

Next he paid them back by dragging America into WW 1 which the American people wanted nothing to do with to save England which had instigated the war for the benefit of the Rothschilds from defeat at the hands of Germany which did not start the war, but which was winning.

The official agreement between the UK government and the Rothschilds that the Rothschilds would arrange the False Flag to drag America into WW1 to save England which started the war for the Rothschilds from defeat at the hands of the Germans in exchange for Britain stealing Palestine from the Palestinians and “giving” it to the Rothschilds

The US in violation of claiming Neutrality in the war was sending war materials to kill Germans with.
In a second crime, in violation of the Laws of the Sea, Admiralty Law, US loaded these explosive war materials on a passenger ship, the HMS Lusitania.

Germany took out full page ads in major American papers warning Americans not to sail on her as she was carrying war materials to murder Germans with so was a legal war target for sinking.

The US government poo-pooed the warning and encouraged Americans to sail on her.
Winston Churchill who was Lord of the British admiralty had her sailed off the coast of Ireland where he knew German submarines were sinking British merchant ships, pulled all her military escorts off to make it easy for Germany to sink her, and they did.

A bit over two hundred Americans died in the sinking and the US Government which had them murdered so they could drag America into the war, started screaming about their deaths like a vestal virgin who has been gang raped.

WW 2 was also instigated by Britain for the Rothschilds.
FDR who was a Rothschild’s Bitch

Had to promise the American people who wanted nothing to do with yet another Rothschild’s European Pre-planned usury bankers war

If elected to a 3ed term he would keep America out of the war, all the while scheming to drag America into the war which again, was non of America’s business.

First he had the USA government which was claiming neutrality, again, to again arm England to kill Germans.
To try to get Germany to sink a US naval ship as an excuse to get into the war, he had in violation of neutrality laws, US navy ships escorting British Merchant ships loaded with contraband war materials from the US government.

The Germans refused to take the bait and would not sink a US ship.

So FDR took to antagonizing Japan with economic sanctions.
He moved the US 7th fleet from san Francisco where it was completely safe to the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii the US was illegally by implied force occupying where the Japanese could reach them.

He had ordered when the ships were in harbor for the shells for their weapons and guns be kept locked below in bunkers.
He had the ships sitting there without steam so they could not move.

He made sure he had the aircraft carriers he did not want to lose out to sea when the attack which he knew was coming, came.

He had all the aircraft on the airfields put all together in circles so they would make easy targets.

The Navy admiral and Army general scapegoated for FDR’s preplanned disaster spent the rest of the lives begging for court marshals so they could introduce evidence of FDR’s guilt and their innocence, but were never allowed their day in court.

During WW2, FDR and then Truman kept stopping General George Patton from ending the war in Europe so as to give the Soviets time to get into position to cause the Rothschild’s pre-planned Cold War.

Patton would have ended the war no later than September 1944 if No Combat Coward Ike had not taken his supplies away to stop him from crossing the Rhine.

There were three countries still between the advancing red Russian communist troops and Germany, and USSR had to be given time to gobble up those countries and half of Germany to set up the Cold War.

If Patton had been allowed to end the war in late 1944, the battle of the Bulge would not have happened where more Americans were killed in the European war than any other battle to include the D Day landings.

Patton warned the No Combat Coward Rothschild’s Bitch Ike not to put American troops on R & R in that area because of the danger of a German counterattack there and was told to shut up, he was nuts.

When it happened Patton pulled out of battle, marched his troops over a hundred miles without sleep in the worst winter storm anyone had seen in Europe in generations, and saved the USA’s ass again.

If Patton had not stopped the Germans at the Bulge there is a very good likelihood the Allies would have been kicked back across the English Channel and would have had to have agreed to a political end to the war.

After the war was over Patton saw the treason of the USA government and Ike collaborating with the Communist and still tried to stop the pre-planned Cold War.

So USA murdered him.

DEATH-THE MURDER OF GENERAL PATTON by Stephen Skueik who worked Inteligence Under Patton, and who the US Military Brass threw in jail and tried to ruin for warning of the plan to murder Patton.

Click to access Death%20of%20Patton%20_%20S%20J%20Skubik.pdf

If the USA had not murdered Patton, there would have been no Cold War.
This means there would have been no Americans dying in Korea which would not have happened.
This means there would have been no Americans dying in Viet Nam which would not have happened, and which the USA used the False Flag of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” to drag America into the years long kill zone of an unwindable war America should never have been involved in.

Then there was Desert Storm in which Papa CIA BadBush the serial Child Rapist seemed to give permission for Saddam to invade Kuwait and then use the Invasion as a means of birthing the Rothschild’s New World Communist Unelected Dictatorship “Order”.

Then his Draft Dodging closet homosexual village idiot son helped attack America in New York on September the 11th, 2001 in a False Flag, Holocausting 3,000 Americans in one day as an excuse to fight wars for the Rothschild’s with American treasure and blood for the last two generations.

There are only two wars in American history which were justified.

The American Revolution against Britain, because Americans had the right to decide their own destiny.
Not that they did a good job of that.

And the Confederacy’s war of defense against illegal invasion by terrorist USA yankee troops.

And today, the blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape video political whores of USA/DC

are doing their damn best to drag America into an unwindable war with Russia and China, neither which will benefit but help to finish off what is left of America.

To make sure Americans could not win the wars the whores of DC are trying to start, all the US troops have been Killer Jabbed so they will fall down dead with strokes and heart attacks under the exertion and stress of battle, and all America’s weapons are being shipped to Ukraine a make do war Russia could have ended inside a week if they had wanted to.

Usury banker’s pre-planned wars have not worked out well for America and Americans.

Perhaps it is time for Americans to convene Nuremberg War Crime Common Law Tribunals for all treasonous DC political whores betraying American left alive, and institute a new form of governing ourselves.

The Ole Dog!

US forces kill Islamic State Somalia leader in cave complex

Killing Nitwityahoo could get Rothschild’s USA/DC political whores blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos in trouble with their MASTER.

‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent’


Air Force “general” predicts “we” will fight China in a War by 2025-


Got a F##King mouse in your pocket?
You are going to personally pick up a M-16 and take point invading China or defending Taiwan?

Damn shame the united States George Washington was the father of where the central government was subservient to the individual Sovereign countries called states was killed by the closet homosexual atheist marxist manic depressive shyster rail road lawyer yankee war criminal Abe Lincoln.

My grandsons and I are not going to start shooting commie Chinese troops unless we catch them in the Occupied Republic of Texas.

The Ole Texican Dog!

Bill I LOVE PEDOPHILIA, HOLOCAUSTING via KILLER JABS & COMMUNISM Gates flies around Australia for climate change lectures in $70m private jet that guzzles fossil fuels

Pedo Mass Murderer Killer Jabber Rothschild’s Bitch Bill Gates “US Should Be More Conciliatory To China”

While tech billionaire Bill Gates is on his high horse preaching to the masses about the dangers of climate change, he is flying around on a $70 million private jet that guzzles fossil fuels.

The Gulfstream jet was recently spotted on the tarmac at an airport in Sydney, where he visited the official residence of the Australian Prime Minister after flying in from a vacation on Lizard Island in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. The jet burns 1700 liters of fuel each hour as he zips around the world strumming up business for his firm, Breakthrough Energy, whose stated aim is driving innovation and sustainable energy and technology in order to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Gates, who is currently the fourth-richest person in the world, addressed guests at the Lowy Institute think tank in Sydney, emphasizing the importance of reducing greenhouse gases and saying: “The reason why climate change is worth investing in massively is because it will get worse and worse over time. If you allow the warming to go to an extreme level, then all sorts of natural ecosystems disappear and all sorts of places in the world you can’t do outdoor work. So the tropical areas, agriculture would be impossible, outdoor work during large parts of the year would be impossible.”

Gates wants the world to reduce emissions but has a $194 million private jet collection


John Hagee’s Anti-American Rothschild’s Bitch Israel First Cornerstone “Ministries”

My father who was a pastor for fifty years was a good man who turned down the second largest Baptist church in Houston Texas to minister to farmers and ranchers, the working people.

He and I talked about deep subjects from the time I was a child.
I remember him telling me several times the people in the large churches lost their desire to grow spiritually and be better people, it was all a status social club.

As we were a pastor family, we got the inside gossip of which preachers were doing those things condemned by Christianity.

Now and then my father would point out some preacher and whisper in my ear, “I know we are not supposed to judge, but if I had to guess, I would guess that preacher will hit hell wide open.

I am grateful to John Hagee as every time I see or hear anything of him the memory of the times I sheared with my now deceased father whispering that thought into my ear returns.

Being as the obese charlatan pig sticks up the air where I live, I take special pleasure in exposing his hypocrisy.

A source I trust completely recounted to me the scandal which was shared with him when years back he was serving with the PTA of a school, of John Hagee allegedly paying off the parents of a boy who had been molested.

It is open knowledge he had an adulterous affair with the church secretary, divorced his wife and married the secretary.

But he said “god” forgave him and don’t forget to send him your money.


Jesus saves John Hagee moaned as he humped the church secretary-
I like sex with you more than my wife he told her as my wife is so sedentary-

You make me want to use my holy pole in ways which leave me in a lurch-
But God will forgive me and so will the congregation of my church-

So bend over and spread them necked cheeks while I get the Vaseline-
Your chocolate highway is a pig fat preacher’s wet dream-

Nitwityahoo told me to preach this Sunday on holocausting the indigenous Semitic Palestinians-
But I believe I will take Sunday’s message from the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians-

The Love chapter comes to mind as you and I commit adultery-
Damn baby your teats swinging there make me so damned sultry-

I promise I will get a divorce so we can get hitched soon-
But right now just stick that butt up here so I can shoot the moon!

The Ole Dog!

I never could stomach a damed hypocrite.
neither could Jesus.
If Jesus were to walk into Hagee’s Rothschild’s propaganda center he calls a church, he would take his whip with him.

Here is a tweet of the fat charlatan telling Zionist Zombie “christans” they MUST kiss Jew’s asses.

First let us establish all some facts.

Only in kings David and Solomon’s time and one short period shortly thereafter, were Biblical Isreal, Not Rothschild’s “Israel”

And biblical Judea joined as one kingdom.
By the time Jesus walked the soil of Judea Biblical Israel had disappeared on the trash heap of history.

The most high God of King David and King Solomon’s time was El Elyon.
Yahweh was the son of the most high God El Elyon and the protector of the United Kingdom of Biblical Israel and Biblical Judea.

When the Hebrew people turned their backs on the Most High God El Elyon, as they were want to do, often, they wrote el Elyon out of their history just as the Egyptians wiped the king they hated, Akhenaten from their history after his death.

They topped his statues, they chiseled his name and inscriptions out of stone tablets, walls and any other evidence he had ever existed.

This is what the Hebrews did to the Most high God El Elyon.

Then they took Yahweh’s name, without his permission, wrote him in as god like he had always been their god, put words in his mouth telling them slavery was good, bashing little babies brains out against rocks was good, raping, robing, thieving, hating anyone not of their end of Times Death cult they replaced King David’s God and religion with, was good.

It is historical and scientific FACT, the Jews of today are not the “children of Israel”, the Hebrews.

They are red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrels who CONVERTED, (mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus) in the steppes of what is modern day Ukraine and Russia in the year 0740 AD.

(Khazarian Jews)

“All original edition. Nothing added, nothing removed. This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. To the general reader the Khazars, who flourished from the 7th to 11th century, may seem infinitely remote today. Yet they have a close and unexpected bearing on our world, which emerges as Koestler recounts the fascinating history of the ancient Khazar Empire. At about the time that Charlemagne was Emperor in the West. The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain. Thereafter the Khazars found themselves in a precarious position between the two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium and the triumphant followers of Mohammed. As Koestler points out, the Khazars were the Third World of their day. They chose a surprising method of resisting both the Western pressure to become Christian and the Eastern to adopt Islam. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism. Mr. Koestler speculates about the ultimate faith of the Khazars and their impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry. He produces detailed research to support a theory which could make the term ‘anti-Semitism’ become void of meaning.”

Around 0900 AD when the Judea Jews were disappearing from history, one of the few left wrote to the Khazarian king asking if they were Hebrews.

The Zhzarian king wrote back assuring him they were in no way descended from the biblical hebrews, but had mass converted to the cult.

Modern day DNA testing proves the Khazarian Jews are not descended from the Hebrews, but the Yemen people which Israel and USA helps the crypto Jew “royal” family of Saudi Holocaust are the closest living relatives to biblical Judea Jews.

Any real biblical historian knows most of the New Testament was taken from letters written one to two hundred years after the death of Jesus.

When the Romans decided they needed a unified religion to keep the conquered peoples and slaves from revolting they took the letters and writings of the Christians who bare no resemblance and share very little in way of believes with todays Roman “christians”

There was no bible, and when the Romans cobbled one together it at first did not have chapters and verses.

The little boy raping Roman “priest” threw out all the Christian letters and theology which did not support their slave religion, rewrote much of the rest.

It was not until the council of Nicaea in 0325 AD the Romans made Jesus Divine, equal to God, and the one life then heaven or hell fairy tale was cemented into Roman Christianity theology.

At the time of the council of Nicaea there were about 1,140 different sects of Christians, and about 1,120 of them taught reincarnation.

After Rome decided on their one life, heaven or hell fairy tale because it scared the sheep into doing what they were told to do by Rome better, the Roman “Christian’s” made war on the real Christians, raped, robbed, burned them alive, used them for entertainment “fighting” wild beast inn the arenas.

As late as the 12th century the Vatican was still Holocausting christians who would not bow down to Rome and teach their Angry God theology.

The pope called for a “crusade” of the christians of what is now Southern France, sent armies to burn them alive in mass, tortured people to make them “confess” and to give up other Christians who went underground to try to keep from being burnt alive by the mad hatters of the Vatican’s Angry God “Christians.

It is known as the first documented genocide in European history.
After about one million christians were Holocausted, the Vatican and their mass murderers divided up the lands and wealth of the “heretics”.

The Cathar Christians did not honor the “cross” as they recognized Jesus as a prophet and said they saw no reason to honor the murder of a prophet of God.

These are the type Christians Roman Christianity slaughtered after the Council of Nicaea so their version would be the only “Christianity” allowed to exist.

‘Albigensian Crusade’
French religious history

I will leave you with a song the fat pig F##ker inspired me to write and sing.


The Ole Dog!