I keep getting emails from the contact me part of this site how they can help my “business” make more loot or get wider readership.

I purposely set this site up non profit.

Not non profit with “governmnet” blessing and strings which means I could pocket loot but appear to be using the loot to farther the site’s mission.

I mean I have never made one cent off the site, and never will.

If I wanted to be a rich ass hole I would have been.
The local congressman called my father and offered West Point when I graduated high school.

All the presidents at least until the BadBushs who I do not know if they are really who they are supposed to be are my cousins.

I am descended from most the people you study in history who were worth a shit.
And some who weren’t.

Most of the generals throughout history worth a shit are my grandfathers and all the American generals worth a shit in US and Confederate history are my cousins.

I knew Bitcoin was going to dazzling heights when I could have bought whole coins for chump change.

This world is a school.
Nothing which happens here is really of any lasting importance.

Empires/kingdoms are born and die.
Then the class ends and a new class starts.

The USA empire is dying.
The people turned their backs on God and ran after personal physical perverted gratifications, personal power and earthly wealth.

School class is coming to an end.

This life I wanted to hide in the crowd.
After God got through bitch slapping me onto my ass again and again, I agreed to unconditionally do my duty to God.

I warn the sheep because in order to be held accountable for their evil on the other side, they had to be warned.
Thats what all the Biblical prophets were about.
Warning the people so they could be held accountable.

The USA murdered me my last two lives for standing up for God and Good.
Trying to warn the American sheep they were heading for the slaughterhouse doors.

When this body dies, I will return home.
I will get a rest, and a new set of orders.
I will be born again in human form and execute those orders to the best of my ability.
In the process I will learn lessons, grow spiritually.

Thats why this rock is about.
Don’t take this physical world so seriously.
It is only an illusion in order for you to attend this school.
From what I see, most souls are flunking the class.

The Ole Dog!


An innocent child is the closest thing to God on this rock.

Jesus the christ said any evil SOB who harms one hair on even one of God’s children, should be EXECUTED.

I personally know people who’s adult lives spiraled out of control because they could not bear to face the pain of being raped as a child by some evil son of a bitch, sometimes their own father’s with the mother standing by because she did not want to shake up her own world by divorcing or having jailed her husband.

Plus the evil sons of bitches you regularly vote and cheer for who murder the little children they rape so they are not found out.

When you stand before the history of your life on the otherside, do you REALLY think I did nothing to stop it because I did not know will be accepted as an excuse for your evil in supporting this evil?

Priest, preachers, judges, presidents, senators, generals, governors, doctors, police, Sunday school teachers, public school teachers and administrators, MSM administrators and talking heads, and more, are all where baby rapers hide.

And you damn sheep offer up your lambs as sexual party favors and cheer these evil ass holes on!

I will have no mercy of the evil sons of bitches, or the sheep who aided them.

God sure as hell won’t!

The Ole Dog!


The last Tsar: How Russia commemorates the brutal communist murder of Emperor Nikolai II’s family

In Addition:


Jews Holocaust 3,000 Americans in one day, plus millions in USA’s illegal immoral wars “on terror” (wars of terrorism) based on lies where Arabs were blamed for crimes of Jews


and Mad Dogs

Must be put down!

The Ole Dog!

Over 103 years ago, [red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian] Bolsheviks shattered a royal line that had lasted for over three centuries.

On the night of July 16-17, 1918, the Bolsheviks shot the family of the last Russian tsar, Nikolai II. Eleven people were killed in total: The emperor, the empress, five of their children, and four royal servants. The remains were secretly buried in an abandoned mine, the location of which was hidden until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The family of Nikolai II was subsequently canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, and for the last 30 years, in mid-July, Christians from all over the world participate in a church procession from the murder site in Ekaterinburg to a monastery in Ganina Yama. An RT correspondent learned the story of this extrajudicial massacre and talked to pilgrims about their attitude to the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers.

In March of 1917, before the October Revolution, Russia’s provisional government decided to arrest the royal family. At first, the Romanov’s lived at Tsarskoye Selo, but in August, they were forced to go to Tobolsk. In the spring of 1918, the group was moved to Ekaterinburg, where they stayed in the house of an engineer named Nikolay Ipatiev, which had been requisitioned by the Bolsheviks, and sometimes received food from the nuns of the Novo-Tikhvin convent.

On the night of July 16-17, 1918, Nikolai II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Grand Duchesses Anastasia, Tatiana, Olga, and Maria, Tsarevich Alexei, imperial doctor Evgeny Botkin, imperial cook Ivan Kharitonov, the empress’ housemaid Anna Demidova, and the tsar’s valet Aloysius Troup, were all shot by Bolsheviks under the command of Yakov Yurovsky.

Shortly afterwards, the murder of the royal family was investigated by Nikolay Alekseevich Sokolov, a judicial investigator for particularly important cases with the Omsk District Court. The civil war between the Communists and their opponents was still raging in Russia in 1918. On July 25, anti-Bolshevik forces from the Siberian army occupied Ekaterinburg.

At the beginning of February 1919, Sokolov was summoned by the Supreme Governor, Admiral Alexander Kolchak, and instructed to launch an investigation. After the execution of Kolchak by the Communists in the winter of 1920, the investigator left the country and continued to take testimony from witnesses in Western Europe. In Paris, he interviewed Prince Lvov, the former chairman of the provisional government’s Council of Ministers, as well as its former minister of justice, Kerensky, and minister of foreign affairs, Milyukov.

Kerensky cited two main reasons for the arrest of the tsar and his family. The first was the “agitated mood” of workers and soldiers who wanted to deal with the sovereign. The second was “high-ranking officers” who thought the emperor and empress intended to conclude a “separate peace” with Germany.


Criminal Division Of Children’s Mass Murder (CDC) Says After being Wrong About Everything & Intentionally Lying To Americans, The CDC will Fix Themselves.

Oh no-no you demonically possessed mass murdering lying BITCH!

You have intentionally mass murdered millions of children.

Jesus the Christ said any evil ass hole who harmed ONE hair on the head of one of God’s innocent little children MUST BE EXECUTED!!!

You and your fellow minions of evil MUST be dragged s#itting your unmentionables in front of Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals charged with mass murder and violating the 1947 Nuremberg code against illegal; experiments on humans.

I support hanging the run of the mill mass murderers via loaded syringes when found guilty, say like priest, preachers, nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, school board members, MSM talking heads, low level political whores, Sunday school teachers, Business administrators forcing killer jabs on folks.

But the top level evil sons of bitches and slimy cunts like you, I favor making ride the bull.

I am afraid “I mass murdered millions of humans for cash and bribes, but I promise not to do so again”, just ain’t gonna cut it!!!

The Ole Dog!

CDC Announces Overhaul After Botching Pandemic

After more than two years of missteps and backpedaling over Covid-19 guidance that had a profound effect on Americans’ lives, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Wednesday that the agency would undergo a complete overhaul – and will revamp everything from its operations to its culture after failing to meet expectations during the pandemic, Bloomberg reports.

Director Rochelle Walensky began telling CDC’s staff Wednesday that the changes are aimed at replacing the agency’s insular, academic culture with one that’s quicker to respond to emergencies. That will mean more rapidly turning research into health recommendations, working better with other parts of government and improving how the CDC communicates with the public. -Bloomberg

“For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for Covid-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations,” said Director Rochelle Walensky. “I want us all to do better and it starts with CDC leading the way.  My goal is a new, public health action-oriented culture at CDC that emphasizes accountability, collaboration, communication and timeliness.”


Robert IV de Sablé, Templar Grand Master 1191-1193

One of my Great-great grandfather types.
He became Grand Master of the Templars because thats who my great-great uncle type Richard the lionhearted wanted to be Grand Master.

It is with satisfaction I can truthfully state there is zero sheep blood and zero yankee blood runs in my veins.

The Zionist Zombie yankee virus started in England with Cromwell a criminally insane self righteous communistic minor noble.

He thought the voices in his head was God whispering in his ear.

He chopped the king’s head off, started civil wars, tried to genocide the Irish.

The demonically possessed evil fanatic was going to force his delusions on the Church of England and took bribes allowing the usury Khazarian Jews back into England which my great-great grandfather type Edward the First

had kicked out of Merry Ole in 1290 for Ritually gang raping little English boys and sacrificing them in their black magic heathen rituals, in order for Cromwell to finance his genocidal wars.

Three Carleton brothers died in one day in one battle trying to stop the “puritan evil.

When they lost the control freak communistic “puritans” got on the Mayflower and snuck out of England for America to keep from getting executed for crimes against the crown.

Once in America, they murdered peaceful Quakers for their lands and mass murdered their own women who refused to be totally controlled in every breathing moment from cartel to grave.

Gave them sham trials, called them witches and murdered them.

When Southerners saw the closet homosexual atheist communist Lincoln

was killing the Revolutionaries volunteer union,

the non demonically possessed like the gentuza yankee, Southerners legally seceded, went home and formed their own union.

The self righteous gang raping pregnant women and children till death USA military controlled by the puritans illegally invaded

and used terrorism against civilians


to make slaves of the conquered Southern countries.

Again my kin shot evil child gang raping God-less communistic terrorist puritans.

You can not blame my bloodlines for the shit hole America has become.

America is a shit hole of evil today because of the God-less yankee and their evil Usury child sacrificing in heathen rituals red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jews.

‘The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East’

‘New study sheds light on the origin of the European Jewish population’

Most Americans today are stupid, ball-less and evil with an undeserved superiority complex.

Historically when a people stayed on the path to God, they prospered.
When a people turns their backs on good, run after evil, they pay the price.

I hope you God-less USA worshiping sheep are ready to pay the price for cheering while the USA/DC slaughtered God’s innocent little children all over the world based on lies.

Galatians 6:7
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

The Ole Dog!

Robert IV de Sablé, Grand Master 1191-1193
Robert IV de Sablé (1150 − 23 September 1193) was Lord of Sablé, the 11th Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1192, and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. He was known as the Grand Master of the Knights Templar and the Grand Master of the Holy and Valiant Order of Knights Templar.

He was born to a respected military family in Anjou and was “a leading Angevin vassal of the King.” His lordship was based in a cluster of lands in the River Sarthe valley, which he inherited in the 1160’s. He married Clemence de Mayenne (died before 1209). He was succeeded in Anjou by his daughter Marguerite de Sablé, who by marriage passed the entire estate to William des Roches, also a knight of the Third Crusade. Robert died in the Holy Land on 23 September 1193. Although there are no exact records of his birth date, it is believed that he was relatively old at the time of his death compared to the average life expectancy of the 12th century.

In 1173, de Sablé supported Henry the Young King during the Revolt of 1173-1174. Henry was heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of England and Duchy of Normandy, and revolted against his father Henry II. The uprising was crushed but Robert must have remained in favor with the Angevin kings, as Richard would later be instrumental in his appointment as Grand Master. He contributed money to French monastic houses in 1190 as a way of making amends.

According to the Gesta Regis Ricardi, Robert was one of the chosen leaders of the Crusading Fleet of Richard I that departed from Dartmouth in the spring of 1190. The fleet scattered in the sea of Bisquay a result of a storm and arrived at different times in the Portuguese port of Lisbon. One of these groups was involved in helping the Portuguese monarch Sancho I repel an Almohad attack against the city of Santarem; another went on a rampage against the local Jews and Muslims in the Christian controlled city of Lisbon. Robert arrived as the Portuguese monarch captured the misbehaving crusaders and was forced to swear an oath to control his forces while in Portuguese territory.

Despite only having a short tenure, de Sablé’s reign was filled with successful campaigning. Before his election as Grand Master, he led King Richard I’s navy from England and Normandy to the Mediterranean, getting involved in the Reconquista during the passage. The combined might of Richard the Lionheart’s strategy, seasoned troops, and the elite Templar knights scored many victories. During the Third Crusade, they laid siege to the city of Acre, which soon fell. Throughout August 1191, they also recaptured many fortresses and cities along the Levantine coast in the Eastern Mediterranean, which had been previously lost.

The new coalition’s finest hour was the Battle of Arsuf, on 7 September 1191. Saladin’s Muslim forces appeared to have become far stronger than the Christians, and a decisive victory was desperately needed. Pooling all of the crusaders’ strength, the Knights Hospitaller joined the ranks, plus many knights from de Sablé’s native Anjou, Maine, and Brittany. They met Saladin’s troops on the dry plains and soon broke his ranks. Those who stayed to fight were killed, and the remaining Islamic troops were forced to retreat.
At the end of 1191, Richard the Lionheart agreed to sell Cyprus to the Templars for 25,000 pieces of silver. Richard had plundered the island from the Byzantine forces of the tyrant Isaac Comnenus of Cyprus some months earlier and had no real use for it. The Hospitallers would later establish solid bases on the islands of Rhodes and Malta, but Sablé failed to do the same with the island of Cyprus. He was lord for two years, until he gave (or sold) the island to Guy de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, as he was without a kingdom.
De Sablé did manage to establish a Chieftain House of the Order in Saint-Jean d’Acre, which remained for almost a century.

De Sablé was lucky to have been Grand Master at all, as at the time of Gerard de Ridefort’s death, he was not even a member of the Templar Order. However, the senior knights had become increasingly opposed to Masters fighting on the front line, and the capture and beheading of Grand Master Gerard de Ridefort became the final straw. They delayed elections for over a year so that the rules regarding active service of Grand Masters could be reviewed. During this hiatus, de Sablé did join the order, just in time to be considered for election. When he was made Grand Master, he had been a Templar knight for less than a year. He died in 1193.

Pop Idol’s Darius dies aged 41-cause of his death remains unknown

Pop Idol’s Darius dies aged 41: Scottish singer who shot to fame with cringeworthy rendition of Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time’, and was married to Species actress Natasha Henstridge, is found unresponsive in his US apartment
Singer found dead in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11 – although cause of his death remains unknown

Darius shot to fame in 2001 with his quirky rendition of Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time on Popstars
Didn’t make it into the band but following year he finished third on Pop Idol and a year later topped charts
Later moved into theatre roles, appearing in West End shows like Chicago, Guys and Dolls and Funny Girl
He was married to actress Natasha Henstridge from 2011-2018, whose films include sci-fi hit Species

Former Pop Idol contestant and theatre star Darius Campbell Danesh has died after he was found unresponsive in his bed at the age of 41, his family announced today.

The singer and actor was found dead in his apartment in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11 – although the cause of death remains unknown.

His family wrote in a tweet announcing the news today: ‘It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh. Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the local medical examiners’ office.’

Police have said there were ‘no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances’, his relatives also confirmed.

More, gee!!, we have no idea why millions of killer jabbed sheep are dropping dead:

Pfizer documents and real-world data both show that covid jabs are already causing mass depopulation

Tens or even hundreds of thousands more people all around the world are dying every week compared to pre-plandemic levels. And all available evidence points to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit.

Excess deaths, as they call them, continue to spike in nearly every industrialized country that pushed the shots on their populations. It is happening in the United Kingdom, Nordic Europe and North America – all places where Operation Warp Speed mass vaccination took place.

The numbers get a little hairy depending on which datasets you use as governments have been working overtime trying to conceal the truth. A deeper probe of the data, however, and it starts to show.

Unvaccinated people, meanwhile, are staying alive and, in most cases, are thriving while their “fully vaccinated” counterparts continue to develop VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS) or drop dead from “sudden adult death syndrome,” also known as SADS.

“In every single month since the beginning of 2022, partly vaccinated and double vaccinated 18-39-year-olds have been more likely to die than unvaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds,” reports Exposé News.

“Triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds however have had a mortality rate that has worsened by the month following the mass booster campaign that occurred in the UK in December 2021.”

Babies everywhere are dying due to fallout from covid injections

Another trend occurring all around the world in the most fully jabbed countries is an excess of newborn baby deaths. For the second time in seven months back in March, dead newborns hit critical levels, the data shows.

An astounding 4.6 neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births was recorded in March, a 119 percent increase beyond expected levels. Back in September 2021, an even larger peak of 5.1 neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births was seen.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) launched an investigation that flew mostly under the radar. Its conclusion? Babies are dying due to “factors beyond random variation” – the injections were not mentioned.

In Germany, Taiwan and elsewhere, birth rates have similarly been on a decline, either due to fully jabbed women not being able to get pregnant, or because babies die not long after being born.

The so-called Pfizer documents address this, it turns out, mentioned deep within the data that upwards of 90 percent of covid-jabbed pregnant women end up losing their babies. (Related: Pfizer was recently caught lying about jab-related adverse events.)


Definition of a Tin Foil Hatter Conspiracy Theorist Nutcase

Definition of a Tin Foil Hatter Conspiracy Theorist Nutcase:

A highly intelligent individual who can smell the “elites” and their government whore’s lies and coverup bullshit from miles away, who figures out the evil shit the ‘elites” and their 30 shekel government and MSM whores tell years before the GMO herbicide and pesticide saturated grass eating sheep are forced by facts to face the truth which scares the sheep shit out of them.

The Ole Dog!

Those peddling Bullshit Which Is A Danger To Humanity And Mother Nature Should Be Hanged

‘An Unjustified Fear Of Nuclear Energy Is Holding The Industry Back’

“While nuclear power does have problems associated with its cost and its environmental impact, the safety issues that are frequently pointed to by detractors are greatly exaggerated.”


Meanwhile the Chernobyl disaster which happened in 1986 is still a no live zone and a world wide problem which no human alive knows how to clean up.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 is a time bomb which no human alive knows how to clean up or neutralize.

The ground water is contaminated with cancer causing radiation, and the Japanese government has tons of radiation contaminated water used to fight the fires and cool the reactors down which no human in the world knows how to clean up the government wants to dump in the ocean to kill and mutate sea life and let it lap on shores around the world.

Read the bald faced lies put forth in the above sourced propaganda paid for by evil F##Ks trying to make more bucks building ticking time bombs.

“While nuclear power does have problems associated with its cost and its environmental impact, the safety issues that are frequently pointed to by detractors are greatly exaggerated.”

Then find the “author” and those who bribed em, give em fair common law trials and fair hangings for advocating making war on humanity with nuclear bullshit.

The Ole Dog!