In This Time Of Climate Change, Don’t Forget The Wildlife.

Depending who you are listening to at the moment, the sky is ether falling, has fallen, or the little green and gray men from outer space are coming, one aside to shoot the sky down, theater to put a force field over it so the other side can’t shoot it down!

Reminds me of a line from a 1980s song:
“Well the Yanks hate the Reds, and the Greeks hate the Turks,
I really hate to say it but they all a bunch of jerks,
Everybody’s shaking cause the big one is about to fall,
I just got to hold;d it steady while I piss on the wall!”

Just take a deep breath!

now, world is always changing.
Climate is always changing.
Been changing for millions of years.

It is just four score and ten is not all that long in the plan of things.
What weather patterns one grows up with, is thought of as “normal”.
Weather, climate, is always changing, just so slow compared to the short 70 year span off man, most times man does not notice a real change.

Then there are times like these, when things are changing fast.
Not the first time this happened, won’t be the last.

But in the meantime, no matter if you think it is man made, which I do not, or a natural cycle, a side effect of a growing earth, either way, lots of areas hit by dry years, little in way of natural blooms/seeds and seed crops in the fields.

Try to keep some flowering plants growing around your homes exterior, for the bees, butterflies.

Don’t forget the humming birds, getting some up at my house already.

Put some seed out for the wild birds.
They have to eat, they one of natures creatures also.

A note here, if you decide to feed larger wild animals, best not to feed them around your house, as although they may get used enough to you to come eat, they are still wild and if feel threatened, feel a baby is threatened, or in time of season for sex, some animals Are not in a good mood or thinking real straight.

Males have been kn own to attack humans because they walked by when say a buck, is all hopped up on testosterone, got one thing on his mind, and you wander in his way!

But give natures critters a helping hand in this time of change.

And don’t forget the two legged ones fell through the cracks, living on the streets, or under bridges.
If a person is hungry, and you can feed thenm without making your own family do without, feed them.

See the bum on the street, he or she ask for money, if you can spare five, ten, twenty, give it to them.

If they are scamming you, they will have to answer for their actions.

But I would rather get scammed by someone out of 10 dollars, than leave a hungry human out on the street, while I go home to my stocked kitchen and warm bed.

If you know the person is a scam artist, thats different.

See all that wildlife, birds, bees, butterflies?

Humanity needs them.

Nature has been getting things done on this rock for millions of years.
Best times on this rock for humanity has been when humanity learned to live with nature, not when humanity tried to rape and rule Nature.

So if it is a hungry stray dog, a cat, wild birds, bees, or a fellow human pilgrim down on their luck, give em a hand for the benefit of all of Nature, which includes humanity.

John C Carleton

Autopsy Of An Epsteined America-Brother Nathanael

I had noticed Brother Nathanael had gotten the ole heave ho from YouRube at the same time I did in the great YouRube purge of Truthtellers and non government worshippers of 2019.

Good to see he has found a new video server platform.
One I was not aware of and will check out.

My Spiritual beliefs can best be described as Deist of the line of belief of the Revolutionaries of the American Revolution, with a software update for modern times and lessons learned.

But I sometimes identify myself as a Pagan Priest, as the Church of Rome called my Viking ancestors Pagans, while the Church of Rome Priest raped little boys, led slaughters of Native peoples into many lands, for wealth/forced conversion to the “Church”, burned people alive, tortured folks in every way imaginable to mankind.

All because the Vikings fought against forced conversion of their young, and the theft of their lands.

I do not know what brand of “Orthodox Christian”, Bro Nathanael is, nor does it concern me, he has never tried to force upon me his beliefs, and he tells a lot of truth.

Worth watching.

John C Carleton

Before the colors fade;: A portrait of a soldier: George S. Patton, Jr., Hardcover – 1964 by Frederick Ayer (Author)

If there are any out there, who care to look behind the facade of the act which was General George S Patton, this is a s close as you will get.

Written by his nephew, who as an FBI agent, spent some time with Patton here and there during WW 2.

Talking to a probably early twenties guy works at a pet store where I buy some feed, in the conversation I used one of Georges quotes.

I asked did he know who that was?

Did not have a clue.

John C Carleton

Through a Glass Darkly
by Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

“Through the travail of the ages,
Midst the pomp and toil of war,
Have I fought and strove and perished
Countless times upon this star.

In the form of many people
In all panoplies of time
Have I seen the luring vision
Of the Victory Maid, sublime.

I have battled for fresh mammoth,
I have warred for pastures new,
I have listed to the whispers
When the race trek instinct grew.

I have known the call to battle
In each changeless changing shape
From the high souled voice of conscience
To the beastly lust for rape.

I have sinned and I have suffered,
Played the hero and the knave;
Fought for belly, shame, or country,
And for each have found a grave.

I cannot name my battles
For the visions are not clear,
Yet, I see the twisted faces
And I feel the rending spear.

Perhaps I stabbed our Saviour
In His sacred helpless side.
Yet, I’ve called His name in blessing
When after times I died.

In the dimness of the shadows
Where we hairy heathens warred,
I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
We used teeth before the sword.

While in later clearer vision
I can sense the coppery sweat,
Feel the pikes grow wet and slippery
When our Phalanx, Cyrus met.

Hear the rattle of the harness
Where the Persian darts bounced clear,
See their chariots wheel in panic
From the Hoplite’s leveled spear.

See the goal grow monthly longer,
Reaching for the walls of Tyre.
Hear the crash of tons of granite,
Smell the quenchless eastern fire.

Still more clearly as a Roman,
Can I see the Legion close,
As our third rank moved in forward
And the short sword found our foes.

Once again I feel the anguish
Of that blistering treeless plain
When the Parthian showered death bolts,
And our discipline was in vain.

I remember all the suffering
Of those arrows in my neck.
Yet, I stabbed a grinning savage
As I died upon my back.

Once again I smell the heat sparks
When my Flemish plate gave way
And the lance ripped through my entrails
As on Crecy’s field I lay.

In the windless, blinding stillness
Of the glittering tropic sea
I can see the bubbles rising
Where we set the captives free.

Midst the spume of half a tempest
I have heard the bulwarks go
When the crashing, point blank round shot
Sent destruction to our foe.

I have fought with gun and cutlass
On the red and slippery deck
With all Hell aflame within me
And a rope around my neck.

And still later as a General
Have I galloped with Murat
When we laughed at death and numbers
Trusting in the Emperor’s Star.

Till at last our star faded,
And we shouted to our doom
Where the sunken road of Ohein
Closed us in it’s quivering gloom.

So but now with Tanks a’clatter
Have I waddled on the foe
Belching death at twenty paces,
By the star shell’s ghastly glow.

So as through a glass, and darkly
The age long strife I see
Where I fought in many guises,
Many names, but always me.

And I see not in my blindness
What the objects were I wrought,
But as God rules o’er our bickerings
It was through His will I fought.

So forever in the future,
Shall I battle as of yore,
Dying to be born a fighter,
But to die again, once more.”

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

Since 2015, Saudi, with the help and support of Israhell and the USA, have been slaughtering, starving to death, the Yemen people.

For all you bible thumpers out there, DNA has proved, the closest thing to an ancient Hebrew left in this world, is the Yemen people, which Saudi, Israhell and the USA are slaughtering.

I sincerely hope, this will put an end to it.

John C Carleton

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

Today Saudi Arabia finally lost the war on Yemen. It has no defenses against new weapons the Houthis in Yemen acquired. These weapons threaten the Saudis economic lifelines. This today was the decisive attack:

Drones launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels attacked a massive oil and gas field deep inside Saudi Arabia’s sprawling desert on Saturday, causing what the kingdom described as a “limited fire” in the second such recent attack on its crucial energy industry.

The Saudi acknowledgement of the attack came hours after Yahia Sarie, a military spokesman for the Houthis, issued a video statement claiming the rebels launched 10 bomb-laden drones targeting the field in their “biggest-ever” operation. He threatened more attacks would be coming.
New drones and missiles displayed in July 2019 by Yemen’s Houthi-allied armed forces

Today’s attack is a check mate move against the Saudis. Shaybah is some 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) from Houthi-controlled territory. There are many more important economic targets within that range:

The field’s distance from rebel-held territory in Yemen demonstrates the range of the Houthis’ drones. U.N. investigators say the Houthis’ new UAV-X drone, found in recent months during the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen, likely has a range of up to 1,500 kilometers (930 miles). That puts Saudi oil fields, an under-construction Emirati nuclear power plant and Dubai’s busy international airport within their range.
Unlike sophisticated drones that use satellites to allow pilots to remotely fly them, analysts believe Houthi drones are likely programmed to strike a specific latitude and longitude and cannot be controlled once out of radio range. The Houthis have used drones, which can be difficult to track by radar, to attack Saudi Patriot missile batteries, as well as enemy troops.

The attack conclusively demonstrates that the most important assets of the Saudis are now under threat. This economic threat comes on top of a seven percent budget deficit the IMF predicts for Saudi Arabia. Further Saudi bombing against the Houthi will now have very significant additional cost that might even endanger the viability of the Saudi state. The Houthi have clown prince Mohammad bin Salman by the balls and can squeeze those at will.


False Flags, Horney Pedophile Politicians, and America’s Shame

Wife had left the tube on in the kitchen.
I made my way to the head, then to pray at the coffee machine, for the deliverance of the caffeine which would soon run through my veins and brain, banishing the remaining cobwebs of sleep from me.

Tube was on one of the “national” talking head, TV “news” shows.

Some older bimbo reporterett, was having a preplanned attack talk on the rights of Americans, based on the acts of the USA and Mossad, in American against the American people, with some talking head, I believe from the Terrorist organization, NACCP, saying as how “domestic terrorist”, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, need to be put on the same level legally, as ISIS and such.

Course, being the good ole boy Texican Hillbilly Rebel Preachers Son, from a long line of rebels, one of them Drawn and Quartered in England by the King, doing that unseeingly thing of thinking for myself, I noticed he did not include Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA in that list of domestic terrorist needs to be treated as foreign terrorist.

That thinking for myself, got me labeled the Black Sheep by my zionist siblings.

Let me splain to you Lucy, how the world works presently.
Let the “Black Sheep’s” view of how time ticks by in todays toleration tango tantalize you.

There is God, Nature, The Light, Odin, by whatever name.

“God is God no matter by what name you call him!”
General George S Patton

When a soul, energy, being, again, i am not a control freak, pick the name you are most comfortable with, that i which is the same i, life in, life out, using new and different human bodies, receives a set of God given, Natural rights.

Gods/Natures Law, is higher law than man made rules.

But there are un-enlightened individuals, who live spiritually on the physical plane, serve the lust of this mortal body and world, instead of living in the spiritual plane, understanding all seen around us, is but brief and fleeting, but what one does spiritually with the brief time here, will be marked on your soul for eternity.

They do not understand how wealth and fame, privilege, run amuck lust, evil done to obtain those things, turns to ashes in ones mouth as youth flys away, old age and answering for ones actions on the other side, draw daily , by the hour, the minuet, ever nearer.

Over thousands and hundreds of years, a ruling class appeared.
Kings daughters married kings sons.
Knights daughters married Knights sons, and a king now and then.
Knights married kings daughters.

Some of them were good, tried to help their people.
Some should have been left in the woods alone the day they were born.

Today, the prodigy of this class of people, are still around.
Today, corruption, evil has run amuck and the balance of nature between good and evil is out of kilter.

The side of darkness and evil, has control of most “government” in the world presently.

The Side of this group, who are trying to help humanity, have given up on the institutions of society and government, and have withdrawn to other pursuits, many fighting a rear guard action against the other part of the group, who would sell their own sick grandma to a street pimp, for one more shekel, dollar or pound sterling, which is not Stirling any longer.

Now, I am going to first try to make the average American understand something, which I do not know if the average American can.

You tell the average American the truth about the governing class, they think you are lying.
You tell them truthfully, some of the EVIL, despicable, scum bag, sinister, depraved things they are doing, planning, putting into motion, and why, they think the truth teller is lying.

The Average American, thinks, I would not do such an evil thing, so they will not.

The average American is a sheep, they are not.

These politicians, generals, heads of alphabet agencies, have sold their souls.
They are living on the physical level with no understanding of the truth illumination brings.
The ONLY thing which matters to them, is that they move from rear teat to front teat on the public teat.

The average American, would not rape little children, sacrifice them to a demonic “god”.
But many of the politicians, bankers, movie stars, the Average American votes for, gives their currency to, or spend their money on, don’t have a bit of a problem doing that.

The average American, would not knowingly commit treason against their people, their Land, but the above scum do so every damn day!
With a smile!
And a lie!
Without a twinge of discomfort.

I know this is hard to believe, but those evil child raping ass holes you vote for in DC, along with their masters, do not give a flying trapeze about you and yours!
Or your country.

Starving to death a half million children, using illegal sanctions, against a country which has not attacked America, don’t bother them at all.

In fact, when a former USA Secretary of State was questioned about starving to death half a million Iraqi children, (remember, Iraq did not attack America, or have weapons of mass destruction), using illegal sanctions, she did not bat an eye, said sure it was worth it if we forced the Iraqis to do what we wanted them to”.

You as an American?
You are cattle to them, nothing more, animals to be farmed for profit.
They do not consider you to have souls, so they feel they no pain, discomfort, shame, hesitation to murder a few thousand, a few million, or a few billion soul-less cattle creatures.

Many of these creatures rape their own children, the only damn thing in the world which means anything to them, is their own evil ass, and gaining the power, wealth and prestige of this world.

Ever wonder why The Dick Cheney’s daughter was so screwed up?

Most Americans find this hard to believe, but the politician who you vote for, would have no more problem stepping on you or your children, than he or she would a roach.

They put on and take off different religions like a suit of cloths to fit the crowd.

They have no problem forcing you to vaccinate your children with deadly, Autism causing, disability causing, vaccines, many like the flu vaccine, which can be shown not to work, and is harmful.

They do not have a problem one, forcing cancer causing, sterility causing, GMO Frankenfoods on you and your children.

They do not have one problem, sending 11 million dollars of American workers pay, to Israhell, every damn day, while US military veterans, who fought in US corporate wars for the benefit of Israhell, beg, live and die on the streets of America.

I have a suggestion for the average American.
When a truth teller tells you something, go ahead and think, would I do this thing?
Them realize, if you would not, these evil self serving DC teat hangers and their masters, more than likely would.

I do not know how to better convey to you, the total lack of emotion, unless it is sadistic glee, these creature feel when they know they are committing treason against you, poisoning your children, sending your kids to die for an illegal crime cabal, stepping on you with laws taking your god given rights, and with forced taxes stealing your last hard earned dollar.

So, False Flags.
Yes they have happened through history.
USA did not invent False flags, but they good at them.

Yes, a man you voted for, which you believed in, be that man president, or congressman, who very well may be a homosexual pedophile, can order a false flag, sacrificing anything from a handful of Americans, to hundreds of thousands, blamed on this “enemy” or that, to get the Americans to go to war, slaughter people who did not attack them, and die in the process, or come back screwed up, then screwed again by Uncle Sugar’s criminal VA., without one twinge of feeling for the pain, suffering, they are causing based on damn lies!

Horney pedophile politicians!
Been going on a long damn time in DC and the State houses.
Average American does not want to look, to see, to believe that evil is so prevalent in the “government” they have come to worship as a god.

And it is damn well to Americas shame, “men” who like to brag about how big their dicks and balls are, allow this kind of shit to go on in their land, their own children used as DC sexual party favors and cannon fodder for zionist Israhell

I hope them big dicks and balls don’t get bit by some rattlesnake as they are squatting to pee behind some bush or tree.

Damn shame!
America’s shame!

Oh, you American “men” who allow pedophiles to rape your children, then use them for cannon fodder in illegal wars, while the “elites” children go to Ivy League Universities, look out for rattlers and low laying cactus / prickly pear when choosing a site to squat.

And don’t forget to wipe with TP, after going wee wee.

Carry On!

John C Carleton

21st Century Politics

This process referred to by Nietzsche is the process of one class gaining power, money, and control over another. This is the goal of the political class and those who run for high office. For those few elected who do not aspire to this goal initially, they soon succumb to the irresistible lust for power and self-importance, either voluntarily, by threat, or by pressure from their true masters. Once this transition is complete, the single defining purpose of the ruling class is achieved through organized cooperation amongst the corrupt. This is the essence of politics.

The nature of the political class is like that of a partnership, where regardless of individual beliefs or desires, only one agenda is primary. The end result is a meeting of the minds of this union, so that collectively, they can achieve the single proper outcome. Individual needs are secondary, but not forgotten in this political circus, and are pursued through a type of publicly staged animosity that leaves the false impression that one side is against the other. This is the most deceptive characteristic of this deadly game, but it is a key component in keeping the common voters at each other’s throats so that they are distracted and not aware of the growth of power and control over them.

In other words, the political class bathes in the same dirty tub, and when bathing in feces, none are ever truly clean. They live by empty promises and lies, and compromise is their manner of survival. They have voluntarily chosen to be a part of the most corrupt venture and greatest failure of mankind, government. Because of this, most should never be admired or trusted.

But in this country they are admired and trusted, at least by those who run to the polls every election. They hope their guy or gal gets in so that all will be better this time around, as if that has ever happened. So while the politicians seeking to stay in power continue to bathe in feces, the public at large continues to bathe in ignorance. This is a match made in hell.

We now live in a backward world. We live in a world where political trimmers and murderers are lauded and adored while those who tell the truth and expose state corruption are vilified. While Trump and the conservatives are levying brutal sanctions on much of the planet, driving entire populations of men, women and children to starvation and disease, those heroes like Chelsea Manning are dying in prison for exposing the truth about power. At the same time, a cadre of liberal politicians are actively advocating total Marxism, while there is violence in the streets, and the common people are at each other’s throats.

It is difficult to define and fully understand the mass transformation that must occur in order for society as a whole to stop thinking. When this happens, the citizenry becomes confused, and extreme apathy gains favor among the general population. This is exactly what the political class seeks, as non-thinking individuals are very easy to manipulate and divide. Once this division is in place, general chaos is the result, and any moral foundation is shattered.

“There are no human gods here, just hoods who think they are.” 
~ Fakeer Ishavardas

In times like these, people grasp for any savior, as empty hope replaces intelligent thought and action as the only option. During prolonged periods of human turmoil, political saviors abound, and seem to come out of the woodwork. We are seeing this phenomenon now right before our eyes. The worse things become, the more corrupt the political class, as the most criminal and deplorable tend to rise to the top. But as George Orwell so honestly stated, “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.” The acceptance of this fact is necessary for any possibility for a future return to a free society.

In these circumstances, right or left is irrelevant, as the breakdown of our culture is due to both sides racing toward absurdity. This race can only lead to complete pandemonium. The consequences of recent societal behavior have led to the abandonment of caring, of mutual respect, of morals, and of human kindness. This can only lead to deception and despair.

We are getting ever closer to the finality of sanity as we have known it, and a continued collective fall from grace will necessarily be the death knell of our society. This truism is ignored by most, but truth is our only salvation. Truth can defeat deceit, but only if there is enough courage left to accept it.



Something On The Tip Of The Tongue, Something Just Out Of Reach, The Calm Before The Storm

It is out there, into the shadows just enough it can not be identified.

It is a feeling, a fore-warning sense, of something huge just over the horizon.

The Captain stands in the COC, debating sending the ALL HANDS BATTLE STATIONS call.

Nothing can be seen, radar gives off chirping of something out there, but like a flirts seeming promises of something more, fails to materialize.

Should he order the Magazines readied for action, slow down, speed up, change course?

What is out there in the fog, drawing ever nearer?

More of a gut feeling than any concrete proof I have, but the world speeds along towards a total nightmare of a Rat Run world, while the Rats switch gears.

Some tipping point has been reached, or the Rats plans have run into a roadblock.

The purveyors of zionist bullshit grow ever more desperate with their lies, even more vicious with their attacks on anyone and anything trying to tell the truth or stand up for Nature and Humanity.

Although the Rats control the vast bulk of the media, and sure as hell will not confirm my thoughts, it seems one by one, more and more people are waking up to the evil which is zionism, and the slave master which the State wants to be.

It feels like the Rats plan is meeting an opposition the Rats do not know how to deal with.

It feels like a pendulum which has swung all the way up on the side of evil, and is hanging there.

When it starts it’s downstroke, moving first to the center, then fully up on the side of good, the Light, the Rats will have lost.

All those centuries of scheming, murders, fake wars, theft, blackmail, perversions, are as nothing when the pendulum starts its next downstroke.

Every rat they got, is desperately holding on to the shaft, tying ropes of lies around the shaft, holding with all their might, against the swing to the light.

The Rats were never going to win, Mother Nature always wins in the end, and Mother Nature don’t like Rats!

John C Carleton