Political Dilemma: Why British Queen is Unlikely to ‘Give Up’ Prince Andrew Over Epstein Case

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s case has turned the spotlight on famous people associated with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. DOJ investigators want to hear from Prince Andrew who knew both Epstein and Maxwell for quite a while. Political commentator Alan Bailey has discussed how the inquiry may affect the British Royal Family and the post-Brexit UK’s prestige.
On Thursday, a batch of 2015 court documents from a settled civil defamation suit filed by Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) against Ghislaine Maxwell was unsealed by a judge.

In her depositions, Giuffre, who accused billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his long-time associate Maxwell of abusing her, alleged that the pair forced her into having sex with numerous men including Prince Andrew, something that the British royal vehemently denies.

The Duke of York’s ties with the convicted sex offender Epstein have created a lot of embarrassment for the Royal Family prompting the prince to retire from public life in November 2019. In February 2020, Prince Andrew’s name was removed from Pitch@Palace, the startup-mentoring platform founded by him in 2014.

US Prosecutors Want Prince Andrew to Provide ‘Some Evidence’

Meanwhile, US federal prosecutors are pushing ahead with the criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators and are seeking to interview the British royal.

“We would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us”, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss told reporters while announcing Maxwell’s arrest on 2 July 2020. “Our doors remain open”.


Manchester university divests from firms complicit in Israeli occupation

The University of Manchester has divested more than $5 million from Caterpillar and the parent company of travel site Booking.com.

Activists on Monday said it was “a colossal win for the Palestine solidarity movement in Britain” and a “watershed moment.”

The university has been a focus for campaigners since 2016 due to its investments in firms complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Last year students crashed a board meeting to demand divestment from Caterpillar.

Caterpillar supplies bulldozers to the Israeli army which are weaponized to destroy Palestinian homes and carry out extrajudicial killings.

Booking Holdings Inc. is in the United Nations database of companies involved in Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank which was published earlier this year.

The parent firm and Booking.com are both on the blacklist due to their listings of rental properties in Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land in violation of international law.


The Ole Dog! Has a Question For Folks who Love & Vote For Sodom & Gomorrah Baby Rapers

You LOVE DC/USA so damn much, why don’t you get your USA loving A$$ES to DC, pack up and GO THERE.

That way all us non zionist zombies can get rid of your asses from our occupied by yankee military force and kangaroo courts, Countries and Republics.

That way you don’t have to mail in those ballots, just walk to the big white Cat House on yankee avenue and drop off your “ballots”.

And the Pedophile Political Prostitutes don’t have to ship children into DC, you brought em yours!

The Ole Dog!

When yankees Liked Session Too- Gouverneur Morris in 1812

Northern secession was openly in the political brew again. Eleven (11) years before, Jefferson had cautioned New England’s desire to secede while accepting their sovereignty to choose as they wished. Since then extensive changes had come about. Jefferson was retired and Hamilton deceased. Our landmass more than doubled with the Louisiana territory. 2 more States, Ohio and Louisiana, were added to the Union and more than 2 million people. But the greatest difference was that in 1801 we were at peace. In June 1812 we went to war and in July invaded Canada. The country was in upheaval. In Baltimore near July’s end several Federalist editors, supporters of Morris’s party and opposed to the war, were taken into protective custody. A mob broke into the jail, took them away and beat them. One died of his wounds. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island refused the call for militia except to defend their own States. The fleets of New England and New York suffered great commercial losses. New York had become the preeminent commercial State in the Union. The war brought another showdown between the Hamiltonian (Federalist) and Jeffersonian (Democratic Republican) parties. Madison had hit a beehive and the bees were out to sting.


Gouverneur Morris was forthright, sturdy, even unflinching in his opinions, especially his “commitment to the sanctity of property as the basis of civilization.” Founding Fathers, 2d Ed. revised by M.E. Bradford, University Press of Kansas, 1984, p. 75. At once an honest and honorable man, he considered human nature near rancid. But he was eminently practical and compromise was not beneath him. He understood every particular interest in politics is a venture for governmental power. He was “devoted to the concept of liberty as achieved through law“, that is, only those concepts evolved and enunciated in the law. So far as the rights of humankind, he refused to accept natural rights. As he once said, “He who wishes to enjoy natural Rights must establish himself where natural Rights are admitted. He must live alone.” Ibid. 74 – 75 He was no Jeffersonian.

A formidable patriot of the 1776 American Secession from England, Morris came from an established, wealthy and aristocratic New York family. Both extremely outspoken and extremely literate, he advocated a strong central government, with life tenure for the president and the presidential appointment of senators. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the New York militia. In 1775 – 77 he was in the New York Provincial Congress where he participated in the writing of the New York Constitution of 1777. He served in the Continental Congress 1778-79 and was a signatory to the Articles of Confederation. In 1780 he lost part of his left leg due to misadventure within an amorous adventure when the lady’s husband returned unannounced. Fleeing, he ran into a coach flying by. He was peg-legged the remainder of his life.

From 1781 – 1785 he was Assistant to the Superintendent of Finance, Robert Morris (no relation), and with him first proposed a coinage system. In 1787, by happenstance a delegate from Pennsylvania rather than New York, he spoke more at the Convention than any other delegate and was the only one to threaten the smaller States with war if they did not agree to a new confederation. He was the prime draftsman of the 1787 Constitution, including the Preamble with its deliberate obfuscation of its original meaning. He was “audacious enough” to write by sleight of pen other changes, not all of which he got away with. (See discussion of General Welfare wording in Novus Ordo Seclorum, The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution, Forrest McDonald, University Press of Kansas, pp. 165 and 172-173. See also, “But Morris was admired more than he was trusted …”, in The Fathers of the Constitution, Max Farrand, Yale University Press, 1921, pp. 112-113, in private printing for The Library of American Freedoms, combining The Framing of the Constitution of the United States with The Fathers of the Constitution into one volume, pagination separate for each work. The Palladium Press, 2000, Birmingham)

From 1800 to 1803 he was a Senator from New York. Then he largely retired from public life. In 1810 he became Chair of the Erie Canal Commission, a position he held till 1815 before leaving this world in 1816.


In August 1812 his mind was focused on the continual and foreseeable depreciation of New York and New England’s commercial world due to the administrations of Jefferson and Madison culminating in war. He called into question the justness of the war.

On August 26, 1812 in the New-York Evening Post and August 29, 1812 in the New York Herald, Gouverneur Morris published “An Address to the People of the State of New York on the Present State of Affairs”. He signed it simply ‘An American‘, but the Evening Post declared, “… the reader will probably recognize the superior endowments of a writer who, some years since, more than once adorned our columns … Dull indeed must be the apprehension, and great the want of sagacity, of him who does not soon find that he is engaged with one of the master spirits of the nation.” In To Secure the Blessings of Liberty, Selected Writings of Gouverneur Morris, edited by J. Jackson Barlow, Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, 2012, pp.537-549

Gouverneur wrote to the heart of the matter: “… the general current of events, for some years past, drives us rapidly towards a condition in which no human power can prevent these States from separating into two, or more sections, independent of each other … there are diseases in the body politic which become mortal before they are evident to cursory observation … in a Republic, the people alone, can save themselves …” (p. 538)


Gouverneur Morris in 1812

The Sea Calls To My Soul From Lives Long Past

The sea calls to my soul from lives long past-
Echos reverberating from eons ago to the very last-

She calls to me and from time to time I must make the pilgrimage-
To rebuff her distant insistent call seems somehow sacrilege-

Flashes of half forgotten desperate moments bring the smell of the sea-
The burning flames leaping high above the screams of the dying come to me-

I feel the ship settling into the dark water swiftly under my feet-
Wondering if it is now my time, this time, my Creator to meet-

But then again it is a moon lite night with gentle waves lapping upon the sand-
The indescribable feeling which comes with a passionate woman’s moaning demand-

Glimpses of children playing in the emerald foaming surf as it comes crashing down-
They look at me as if to call to one they know, then disappear back into the mist without a sound-

And yes sometimes at night when I look at the ocean of stars shimmering in the purple sky-
They call to me of times in other universes, in far more distant lives gone by!

The Ole Dog!

Intelligence Minister: Proxy Terrorists Usable for US, Israel Terrorist till Expiry Date

Twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber

TEHRAN (FNA)- Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said the US and Israel throw terrorists away as soon as they cease to benefit them, noting that the Interpol has done little to help Iran in arresting terrorists.
Alavi said in a televised speech on Saturday that Washington and Tel Aviv in employ and use terrorists as long as they benefit them, adding that the ringleader of Tondar (Thunder) terrorist grouplet, Jamshid Sharmahd, was arrested by Iran’s intelligence Ministry forces and that the Interpol didn’t provide any help to arrest him in spite of being informed of his crimes in Shiraz and elsewhere.

“Interpol knew that this person was a terrorist, but they did not expose him. Like Mohammad Reza Kolahi-Samadi who lived in the Netherlands for 30 years under a fake name,” the minister stated, adding, he was the perpetrator of the terrorist operation in Iran on June 28, 1981, and lived in the Netherlands with a fake identity and eventually was killed mysteriously.

Despite the fact that the Interpol were in charge of arresting him, they did nothing in this respect, which is a proof of the dishonesty of the West in the fight against terrorism, he said.

Iran announced on Saturday that it has captured the ringleader of a US-based Tondar (Thunder) terrorist group, Jamshid Sharmahd.

Sharmahd, who guided the armed and sabotage acts against Iran from the US, was arrested in complicated operations by the Iranian security forces and is now in the hands of the country’s intelligence ministry, a statement by the ministry said.

Tondar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, also known as Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an armed terrorist royalist group seeking to overthrow the ruling government and restore the monarchy in Iran.

Tondar claimed responsiblity for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada in which 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured.

Mohammad-Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour, accused of being members of the terrorist group, were arrested and tried for the bombing. In January 2010, they were executed for waging war against God and attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

Tondar had also plotted for several other terrorist acts in Iran in recent years, including blowing up Sivand dam in Shiraz, detonating cyanide bombs at Tehran book exhibition and explosion of bombs during general ceremonies at late Imam Khomeini’s shrine. All these terrorist plots were foiled by the Iranian security forces.


Ode To Usury Inflation Practicing Pedophilic red Russian “bankers”

Ode To Usury Inflation Practicing Pedophilic red Russian “bankers”

The red Russian Pedophile Banker’s best friend is inflation-
Steals the sheep’s coins easily, sometimes paired with stagnation-
Spreading fake virus pandemics and Cold War trepidation-
Raping children up their tail pipes for many a Legion deviant dark side sensation-
Yea though they cry for the mountains to fall on them to end their justified persecution-
For such there is no possibility of mercy or salvation!

The Ole Dog!

THERE IS NO “state”.







Sodom & Gomorrah on The Potomac already tried to kill me once using me for a lab rat testing an experimental, untested, unapproved vaccine.
I am alive only because I am a warrior, I fight.
Have suffered sickness, pain, problems from that damned Voodoo Vaccine every damn day of my life.

Thousands dead, many more disabled from the experimental vaccine forced on Military Members.

When they shot me with the chemical concoction, in a whisper I was told not to tell anyone I got it, and it was not entered into my medical records.

Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac still lying about having done it.

As a living soul, I have God’s Natural Rights, From Natural Law, God’s Law.

One of those rights is the UNQUESTIONABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE right of self defense.

I figured if the ‘state” tries to shoot me with. more Killer Voodoo Vaccine, I have the right to shoot back in self defense!

The Ole Dog


Every so often something will remind me of an old conversation for no apparent reason. One of those conversations recently came to mind when I was out enjoying God’s great outdoors. Back in the 90s, I lived in North Carolina and had a friend from the Boston, Massachusetts area. The topic of radio shows came up, and she mentioned rather proudly that she listened to Howard Stern every morning. What she said next took me aback. She pointed out with typical Y**kee smugness that, “rednecks aren’t sophisticated enough to get it.”

I had listened to Stern’s show on multiple ocassions at the behest of coworkers before this conversation and found it repulsively purile and needlessly vulgar. I didn’t really have the understanding of things then that I have now, so it just seemed like kind of a rude thing to say and told her there was nothing sophisticated about bathroom humor which, of course, proved her point in her mind. So began the train of thought that brought me to this writing.

Howard Stern’s celebration of the crude and inappropriate is well known and it would be unnecessary to detail it here. He is a pioneer in the “shock jock” style of radio host. He is also just an example of what the twisted Northern sensibility holds up as “sophisticated.” Art is a window into a culture’s soul and works like Piss Christ and dung paintings of Mary are quintessential examples of what fills the Northern “art” museum.

HBO’s most lauded, praised and “sophisticated” show was Sex In The City. For those readers fortunate enough to be unfamiliar, it is a cavalcade of all things the Northerner holds up as sophisticated, worldly and educated. The show is about a group of highly promiscuous women in the Yankee capital (New York City) wearing expensive clothes, drinking a lot, and absolutely obsessed with talking about sex and everything related to it in the most intentionally disgusting and foul manner. It should come as a shock to none that the show was written by a homosexual male who wrote the show about homosexual men and just changed the main characters to women. Other shows on HBO and other such “premium” channels can be seen reveling in needless nudity and such prolific use of profanities that understanding what the characters are saying becomes difficult.

Northerners have an almost inexplicable fascination with vulgarity. They take pride in their overuse of foul language. You’ll never meet someone more proud of their limited vocabulary than a Northerner who uses the f-word so much it sounds like they have Tourette’s Syndrome. They tend to use other unseemly language with equal abandon but that most vulgar of words has a special place in their hearts. This is how unintelligent middle schoolers imagine grown-ups talk, and for some reason they seem to continue to think this is sophisticated. It is the opposite of common sense, which would dictate that sophistication entails the ability to get the same point across with out debasing oneself.

When we look at the books the Northerner reads by reviewing the New York Times Best Seller list we see trashy romance novels and formulaic spy thrillers filled with unbelieveable Mary Sue characters. In the much misnamed “non-fiction” section there are books on white fragility or “why whites object to being genocided,” why whites are bad, and Black Lives Matter drivel. Even their non-fiction teaches them nothing. It is convoluted lies written by people bent on making us hate ourselves and further our own destruction. This is not sophistication. It is garish, gaudy and with out substance.

It is pitiful, in a way, to see so many people so deeply misguided. They genuinely think that something that comes from that great Northern hellscape of New York is somehow more sophisticated than something from another place. These poor deluded souls see mean spiritedness, foul language and the prideful display of ignorant vulgarity to be things worth praise and admiration.


The Lie of Northern Sophistication