UNITED STATES CORPORATION’s Congresscritters declares Semitic Palestinian’s slogan ‘anti-Semitic’

Mossad Jeffery’s customers in the UNITED STATES CORPORATION’s House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to condemn the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as “hate speech”. The slogan calls for a Palestinian state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Israel has argued that this implicitly denies its right […]

My Pledge-Hell F##King NO!!!

I DO NOT pledge allegiance to the Flag of the ‘UNITED STATES’ CORPORATION, owned and operated by the Rothschilds, or to the closet homosexual atheist Marxist rabidly racist against blacks yankee war criminal Lincoln who had US troops line up to gang rape little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black & white, often to death […]

Charlatan Blood Lusting Anti-American IsraHell Firster John Hagee Wants More Children Holocausted

Pastor John Hagee came to Washington, DC to lobby for unconditional military support to Israel. Hagee, a frequent visitor to the Trump White House, preaches that Christ will soon return to rule over earth from Jerusalem. Hagee according to rumor from years back which was widely circulated through a PTA organization at the time, had […]

Send the Blackmailed With Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos Political Prostitutes To Die For IsraHELL

Mossad Jeffry’s clients are screaming American children must put on uniforms and die for IsraHELL which did 9-11. Most real Americans figure they will just sit this one out. Keep their kids and grandkids at home while the politicians fight the war they seem so determined to get started. But the pedophile politicians can take […]

The Ole Dog! making a List of Treasonous Blackmailed With Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos Rothschild’s Bit#hes, Checking It Twice, Finding Out Who’s Naughty or Nice

The Shit is going to hit the fan. World wide but the American countries (states) illegally occupied by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is where it will probably be the roughest. Many Killer Jabbed sheep will not have to worry too much about the collapse as they are dropping like flys attracted to a bug zapper. […]