Khazarian Jew Israhell Citizen Ukraine Terrorism Plot To Overthrow Duly Elected Ukranian Government plotter Victoria Nuland practically admits U.S. sabotaged Russia’s Nordstream pipelines in revealing Senate testimony

In September, the news broke that a pair of undersea natural gas pipelines, Nordstream 1 and 2, owned by Russia, had been sabotaged. Photographs posted by NATO allies showed a wide swath of natural gas bubbling up to the surface of the sea, adding environmental disaster to the then-worsening war in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. […]

Cop Gets Wrist Slap After Pleading Guilty to Torturing Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Tasering His Testicles-WE BACK THE BLUE GROUPIES MASTURBATE TO VIDEO

I am a person who believes people should pay for their crimes. Under Common Law, (this is the type law American Law was founded on, but not the law used in America today) if a soul does not harm another without just cause such as self defence, defence of family and home, or damage another’s […]

The National Prayer Breakfast, one of the most visible and long-standing events that brings religion and politics together in Washington Taken Over By Congress

lawmakers decided to take over organizing for the prayer breakfast itself. What the hell are they praying for? More children to rape? More opportunities to do treason against America? And what Demon “god” are they praying to? The Ole Dog!

‘Belief in Freedom’ Is Bad for You So is “distrust of government,” according to a study in the American Journal of Medicine.

Worth passing along but I have to inject one thing. In the piece it says this: “The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, for example, do not prevent acquisition or transmission of COVID-19.” NO ONE, ANYWHERE ON THIS ROCK, NO “government”, NO SCIENTIST, NO “HEALTH” AGENCY CAN OR WILL PRODUCE A SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFIED IDENTIFIED ISOLATED PURIFIED STAND […]