When the USA/DC Empire Dies, What Then?

In the American Revolution War from 1776 to 1782 or 1783, depending on where one puts the end, a handful of Americans led by George Washington fought a desperate war against the British while the American congress stole the funds which should have armed/fed/clothed the troops. This was done under the Atricals of Confederation. After […]

Vermont Girls Basketball Team Forfeits State Tournament Game Due To Trans Player On Opposing Team

A Christian girl’s basketball team in Vermont recently withdrew from Vermont’s division IV basketball tournament due to a transgender (biological male) being on the opposing team. Mid Vermont Christian School forfeited their upcoming Division IV state tournament game due to the opposing team having a biological male on the girl’s team. MVCS head of school […]

Lies Ratschild’s Bitch “media” Told you-Elon Musk Regains “World’s Richest Man” Spot

The Ratschild’s are multi-TRILLIONAIRES. Their Bitch Elon Musk is a Billionaire. I know the current “public schools” are too busy teaching little kids how to get f##Ked up the ass by old pervert pedophiles to worry about teaching the kids how to do math, but trust me. Ones. Tens. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions. Billions. Trillions. In […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene says “real Americans” feel disconnected from Washington

NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Abraham Lincoln, a closet homosexual atheist marxist (communist in todays English), killed the Americans Revolutionary’s Volunteer Union of Sovereign countries or states, Replacing it with a Soviet Styled MANDATORY MARXIST (COMMUNIST) MILITARY DICTATORSHIP thinly disguised as a volunteer republic. If a country called a state can not leave a union, it is […]

Tulsie Gabby compares Biden to Hitler

Meanwhile in America! POLITICAL WHORES ARE MASSIVE HYPOCRITE LIARS Political whores are such massive hypocrite liars- God Cop/Bad Cop is a game they love to play for the voter lie buyers- They draw straws to see which one plays which part for the Devil’s Mass- Which bends over and takes the turn of getting “Hitler’s” […]