Of Cognitive Dissonance And SCV yankee “confederates”

“Cognitive dissonance is a theory in social psychology. It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person’s behaviors and beliefs do not align.

It may also happen when a person holds two beliefs that contradict one another.

Cognitive dissonance causes feelings of unease and tension, and people attempt to relieve this discomfort in different ways. Examples include “explaining things away” or rejecting new information that conflicts with their existing beliefs.”

I used to be a SCV member.
I came to understand the type well.

There are a few who object to pledging allegiance to an occupiers flag which flew over gang rapes, mass murder, burning alive of tens of thousands of Southerners, stealing everything.

But they are outcaste because the top treasonous to the Southern Souls scallywags who run the SCV & MOSB, are all Pacified, Reconstructed Slaves to the USA occupiers, or red Russian Gate Keepers inserted in critical positions to keep the ignorant Southerners chasing their tail while Uncle sugar finishes off whats left of Southern Morals and culture.

Most of those people who “Liked” this, are USA Deciples of the Sodom and Gomorrah Church of Baby Raping and War Crimes.

They Vote Trump!

They show Memes with Jesus the Christ Standing behind the pedoist New York yankee Bi-Sexual idiot, and embarrassment to Americans Internationally, holding the Trumpster to his breast!

Not pimping for Biden, he is a pedoist pervert also.

They SALUTE the Banner of Oppression & Occupation of their Southern Countries, (States or Republics).

You have people march in parades, wearing Confederate uniforms, waving Confederate Battle Flags, who are telling Occupied Southerners if they don’t want to stand for the occupiers flag or anthem, to leave your occupied by the USA Country, in my case the Occupied for 155 years and counting by the UNITED STATES FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, MILITARILY BY FORCE & yankee KANGAROO COURTS, Republic of Texas.

How about the occupying pedophilic Anti-American red Russians and their bitch useful idiots the “puritan” gang baby raping, “witch” burning, mass murdering thieving degenerate lying yankee war criminals get the hell out of the Occupied Republic of Texas.

And take along with them EVERY TREASONOUS A$$ HOLE in the OCCUPIED Republic of Texas who STANDS for the OCCUPIERS FLAG OR ANTHEM!

Roads going North, Roads going South, and your ass can rent or steal a U-Haul Damn Near Anywhere!
See Ya!!

I don’t want to leave my country because it is OCCUPIED, I want to KICK the OCCUPIERS OUT!

But then, being one who not only understands reincarnation, but can track myself a good way down my back trail, I can tell you truthfully.

I am not a Pacified or reconstructed Texican.
I did not Surrender.
I died with my boots on.
The damned yankee waving that flag, murdered me as I was trying to protect small Southern children & their mothers, and grandmothers, from being gang raped till death by the “brave” invading war criminals, who then stole the possessions of those they raped/murdered.

I am supposed to love the evil f#ckers who DID THOSE IN-Human Crimes Against My People?
I am supposed to Love the INVADING OCCUPING yankee gentuza who WILL NOT LEAVE my country?!

“But as for me and my house”

Not No!
But HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am however fast coming to agree with the red Russian & child gang raping thieving mass murdering lying self righteous yankee on ONE POINT.

Maybe Southerners ARE too STUPID to have their own Countries, Flag, Courts and Governments!

The Ole Dog!

Katy Bar The American Door, America is Under Rat Attack, & The Rats Are Carriers of the Dreaded Terminal zionist Zombie Virus

God is on OUR SIDE he barked-
ANY ONE against us is MARKED-
God said we could kill them anytime we please-
Killing them is nothing more than a sneeze-
No sense leaving that dead man’s gold just lying around-
It is SO GREAT to make God your War Bitc# Hound!


Rats were the carriers of the Black Death of the the Medical World.

Best just to control the Rats!

The Ole Dog!

Here Are The Two Ratschild Approved “presidential” “candidates” For USA Sheep Monkeys To “vote” For in 2020

North Korea’s Head of State, (Who’s name translates roughly into Texican as Fat Boy With Big Pie HolE), had this to say about the state of that ongoing crime against truth, decency, morals, sanity, Amderica/Americans and general good taste, the USA presidential campaign

Ya’ll sheep monkeys may want to lock your kids up and hide your wallets!

Or maybe just practice dropping them unmentanables, dropping to your hands and knees while opening both orifices.

The Ole Dog!

Tens Of Thousands March In Russia During Second Week Of Anti- red Russian Mongrel Khazarian Treasonous Putin Protests

Tens of thousands of Russians marched in the city of Khabarovsk over the arrest of a regional governor on charges of murder, in what is now the second week of protests against the Kremlin.

Governor Sergei Furgal was arrested July 9 and swiftly replaced after Russian President Vladimir Putin named an acting successor, according to TIME.

Protesters claim the charges against Furgal are unsubstantiated, and he should be allowed to stand trial at home. He stands accused of involvement in the murders of several businessmen in 2004 and 2005 when he was a businessman in the timber and metals industries – charges which he has denied.

“People are offended,” said protester Dmitry Kachalin. “I think people take to the streets because their vote in the 2018 election was taken away.”

Unlike Moscow, where police usually move quickly to disperse unsanctioned opposition protests, authorities haven’t interfered with unauthorized demonstrations in Khabarovsk, apparently expecting them to fizzle out over time.

But daily protests, peaking at weekends, have gone on for two weeks, reflecting anger against what local residents see as Moscow’s disrespect of their choice and simmering discontent with Putin’s rule. Local officials’ attempts to discourage people from joining the demonstrations by warning about the risk of coronavirus infection have been unsuccessful. -TIME


How False Does Ring The Politician’s Lying Honor less Words

How false does ring the politician’s Lying Honor less words of convenience-
Voiding any shame, ownership, truth or considered future repentance-

Caring little for the demons which will come at night in dream-

No thought of the wailing of the orphaned little suffering doomed child-
As long as they advance their place on the public teat, their life is mild-

No sweat, no hardship, no toil, no battle pain-
Just more and more hoarded hidden from sight ill gotten gain-

The soldier sees heartbreak, the horror in small children’s eyes as he kills, he dies-
All based on and because of the political whores self serving damed lies!

The Ole Dog


Postmodernism is an intellectual movement with roots dating back to the 1950s in America. It’s a mixture of philosophy and history that underpins much of the modern culture, and especially the political (statist) Left. While postmodernism’s intellectual leaders may not be household names, many postmodern ideas are unfortunately commonplace. These include the beliefs that the U.S. is fundamentally racist, sexist, and shallowly materialistic;  that one’s ethnicity or race define one’s politics, and; that humans are a scourge destroying the planet.

My introduction to postmodernism came via Stephen Hicks. Hicks is a philosophy professor and author. His book Explaining Postmodernism masterfully does just that. It both outlines postmodernism’s core tenets and maps its historical lineage from the end of the Enlightenment up to the present day.

According to Hicks:

Postmodernism’s essentials are the opposite of modernism’s.

  • Instead of natural reality—anti-realism.
  • Instead of experience and reason—linguistic social subjectivism.
  • Instead of individual identity and autonomy—various race, sex, and class group-isms.
  • Instead of human interests as fundamentally harmonious and tending toward mutually-beneficial interaction—conflict and oppression.
  • Instead of valuing individualism in values, markets, and politics—calls for communalism, solidarity, and egalitarian restraints.
  • Instead of prizing the achievement of science and technology—suspicion tending toward outright hostility.

Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism

The following chart compares postmodernism’s perspectives with preceding philosophies’. Note that Hicks uses “modernism” synonymously with Enlightenment ideas and ascribes “pre-modernism” to the dominant intellectual framework from 400 to 1300 CE.


Metaphysics sits at the base of all philosophic systems. It describes the nature of existence (the “meta” moniker is not ironic). For example, are things simply as they appear (A is A in Aristotelian parlance), or can supernatural forces alter the natural world that we perceive? Hicks describes the postmodern view as:

“… anti-realist, holding that it is impossible to speak meaningfully about an independently existing reality. Postmodernism substitutes instead a social-linguistic, constructionist account of reality.”

Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism


Epistemology is another philosophy concept that I needed to look up two or three hundred times before I grasped its meaning. It’s the science of knowledge formation. In other words, epistemology examines how we uncover truths about the world. Do we learn by using the scientific method or do we receive wisdom from revelations; and is there even such a thing as truth to begin with?!

“To say that we should drop the idea of truth as out there waiting to be discovered is not to say that we have discovered that, out there, there is no truth. It is to say that our purpose would be served best by ceasing to see truth as a deep matter, as a topic of philosophic interest, or ‘true’ as a term which repays ‘analysis.’ ‘The nature of truth’ is an unprofitable topic, resembling in this respect ‘the nature of man’ and ‘the nature of God’ …”

Richard Rorty, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity

According to postmodernism, there is no such thing as “truth.” Knowledge comes from consensus. Thus, reality can be whatever we want it to be, so long as enough people believe it.

Human Nature

We can even see hints of Postmodernism in how we view markets themselves. According to Hicks, postmodernism sees humans as pertaining to different groups that are in constant conflict. There are no individuals acting according to their own mind or for mutual benefit. Life is merely a zero-sum, social construction made up of competing teams.

“Postmodern accounts of human nature are consistently collectivist, holding that individuals’ identities are constructed largely by the social-linguistic groups that they are part of, those groups varying radically across the dimensions of sex, race, ethnicity, and wealth. Postmodern accounts of human nature also consistently emphasize relations of conflict between those groups; and given the de-emphasized or eliminated role of reason, postmodern accounts hold that those conflicts are resolved primarily by the use of force, whether masked or naked; the use of force in turn leads to relations of dominance, submission, and oppression.”

Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism


Ethics is the science that studies how we should act. Our defined purpose for living frames the context for these decisions. Thus, you will come to a different moral code by making your own happiness paramount than by putting all others’ first (and your’s last).

Hicks describes the postmodern take on ethics as egalitarianism. Here, the belief in equality does not mean political equality, but rather a metaphysical equality. In other words, it’s not that we’re unique individuals who should be treated equally under the law; it’s that we’re literally all the same: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We differ only by our various group identities (but are interchangeable within our belonged tribes). Individual values are a myth.

Politics and Economics

Politics describes the appropriate rules for governing human social systems. Thus, it follows from one’s deeper philosophic principles; politics do not stand on their own. Capitalism is the application of individualism in ethics to a group setting. Collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism, etc.) results from viewing people as parts of various factions. In other words, what we think of the goose dictates our prescriptions for the gander.

According to Hicks, postmodernists are rationalizing socialists. Their world views logically lead them to collectivism. However, the postmodernists have a problem. Socialism’s historical record is disastrous. Whenever (and to the extent) it’s been implemented, misery, poverty, death, and destruction have followed. Furthermore, not only have dire predictions for capitalism failed to materialize as postmodernists expect, but it created unimaginable prosperity.

What’s a postmodernist to do when his/her beliefs are in such stark conflict with reality? Simple, just ignore facts and invent a good narrative. After all, there is no truth, so go spin a good story and exercise some power.

“Postmodernism, Frank Lentricchia explains, ‘seeks not to find the foundation and the conditions of truth but to exercise power for the purpose of social change.”

Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism

When and Where

Just as postmodernism got its start in the late 20th century, so too did the current market’s philosophy. While Alan Greenspan’s reign as Fed governor may seem like its origin—after all, he’s the father of the “Fed put” due to his attempts to prop up investment markets—I believe Richard Nixon’s presidency is a better starting point.

It was Nixon who ushered in the modern era of fiat currency. By removing the dollar’s objective standard of value, its worth became completely subjective. We now must rely upon official releases riddled with vague adjustments to gauge its purchasing power. We can’t ascertain it ourselves. The dollar became a social construct! This lack of objectivity, self-reliance, and autonomy has postmodernism’s fingerprints all over it.

Gold Versus The Financial System’s “Hubristic Swindle”

I may not agree with every point or sub point he has arrived at, but I agree with most of his points enough to say this is a good read.

When he goes to talking about storing your wealth outside the crumbling USA Empire’s reach, he is talking to very rich people.

Common folks like you and me, best have some metals, gold, silver, steel, lead and copper.

The Gold & Silver to keep pedophilic politicians & Usury “bankers” from stealing your labor via fake currency depreciation.

Best kept in a high end very large so it can not be easily moved, or broken into, fireproof safe where you live and sleep, your home.

If you don’t have that option, a mason jar buried under that special tree or rock, underneath the dark of a moonless night is still safer than a bank.

The steel is your firearms.
The lead and copper are your ammo.

If you want to KEEP your LIFE, and that Gold & Silver, you will need all three in sufficient quantities.

Now for you pilgrims out there, some folks don’t frighten when you point a weapon at them.
They read you, see you don’t have the balls to pull the trigger, your ass is grass!
For you pilgrims, be best to offer you services to an ole curly wolf in exchange for protection.

Marriage, shacking up, gardening, cooking, washing, digging ditches, that sort of thing.

This is not a gender thing, there are “men” with no balls, and damned good looking women with BIG BALLS, mentally speaking of course.

But the how and who of the reason for America’s Shit Hole Third World Banana Republic Status remains the same for rich and poor alike.

The Ole Dog!

Gold Versus The Financial System’s “Hubristic Swindle”

Zeus punished the hubristic King Sisyphus to roll a huge boulder up a very steep hill in Hades. Before Sisyphus reached the top, the stone rolled down and he had to start all over again.

Hubris is a serious sin that seldom goes unpunished. The arrogance and uber-confidence which TPTB (the powers that be) have displayed in leading the world to ruin will clearly be severely punished. But sadly the punishment will affect the whole world and not just the Elite that caused it.

It could be argued that blaming one group for the coming global collapse might be unfair. The world economy has always oscillated between boom and bust and is thus a natural phenomenon like the seasons. But the main difference this time is the incredible damage that governments, central bankers and bankers have inflicted on the world.

In 2006 when the Great Financial Crisis started, US Federal debt was $8.5 trillion and today it is $26.5t. In 14 years debt has more than trebled. GDP in 2006 was $14t and is now $21.5t. So debt to GDP has gone from 60% to 123%.

This is what is called running on empty. US debt creation has nothing to do with investing in productive assets. With the debt to GDP ratio doubling in 14 years it is clear evidence that all the printed money is not going into the real economy but is supporting a bankrupt financial system which has kept the money to prop up their own insolvent balance sheets and to remunerate the top executives with fantasy money.

The printed money has also gone to inefficient mega-corporations which have leveraged their balance sheets with total borrowings going from $3t in 2006 to $7t today. During the same period, US companies have spent in excess of $6t in share buybacks. So instead of investing in the business, companies have borrowed money in order to buy back their own shares with the purpose of inflating the share price and executive remuneration in options and stocks.




The Ole Dog!