Saluting & Pledging Allegiance to the ‘UNITED STATES’ Flag While Wearing A Confederate Uniform

Some folks understand reincarnation.
Some of us can trace our former lives.

I never surrendered to the yankee or said that pledge to be a good reconstructed pacified rebel.
Course I was dead by the surrender but I would have been like Jeff Davis when they wanted him to kiss their ass and ask for a “pardon” and told em to go have sex with themselves.

Not that I liked Davis much.
He put too much starch in his shorts for my tastes, but I admire his stand.

I am a former member of both the Sons of Confederate Veterans and The Military Order of the Stars and Bars.
I say former because I disassociated myself from both for several reasons.

Being an Unreconstructed, Non pacified, Unrepentant Confederate and Damned Proud of it, associating with cowed pussies who pledge allegiance to the flag which waved over the gang rapes of little Southern children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, often til death is just not my style.

A side note here, the yankee’s ‘BATTLE HYME OF THE REPUBLIC’ was written by a Cromwellinan Marxist atheist bitch who was damn proud of being an atheist, so what “god” was doing all that gleeful slaughtering in that song?

The US Pledge of Allegiance was written by a defrocked Baptist minister and his brother who’s own words prove it was construed to make Americans give up Individual freedoms and be eggar to die in the Empire’s wars.

The then National Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans told a friend of mine who was a Camp Commander to ban me from the meetings because I reminded the national Commander what them yankees did to our people.
I was so impressed with him I don’t remember his name or which national commander he was.

I had already disassociated from the organization when my friend asked me to come back and help fight Mayor Pedojoberg from stealing a Confederate memorial in San Antonio.

The Park minus that “Offensive” Memorial is now a shit hole filled with mayor pendejoberg’s homeless illegal 3ed world criminals who hate Texas/Texicans and late night homosexual hook ups.

‘A Pendejo mayor of a South Texican City’

A Pendejo mayor of a South Texican city-
Powders and rouges the cheeks of his behind, so it will look very pretty-

To the gay knight, in purple tights and pink hair-
Who the pendejo, his behind can not wait to bare-

It has a date set up in shadows of the Stolen Park-
Without that offending Confederate Statue distracting his knight from hitting the mark-

The Meeting will come to order he says, as he sinks to his knees-
As he begs his chosen purple tighted knight, Please, Oh Hurry Please!

The Ole Dog!

I found most members of both organizations to be using the organizations as a social function without true convictions about the cause the way many who attend Christian Churches do.

Also found both organizations to be run mainly by Gate Keeper Jews who make sure the Southern Folks keep going in circles

getting nothing done while America is finished off and turned into the New Palestine.

The late US Terrorist Invasion War of Illegal Conquest

is not going to be fought again.

Time has moved on.
The world nor America are the same dynamics or place it was when that war was fought.

Hopefully when the yankee empire

which is now controlled by the Rothschilds

hits the wall soon

There are enough Americans with a set of balls who understands reality and the total bullshit of accepted US “history”

to take America back for the benefit of true Americans and the common man.

The Ole Dog!

Senate Passes $95.3B Aid Package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan With Nothing for U.S. Border Security

The Senate worked through the dead of night on Monday to pass a $95 billion aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan with nothing for securing the US border.

The previous version of the bill went down in flames due to the border provisions enacting de facto open borders. Rather than grant the American people any concessions, the Senate decided to rework the bill to give us absolutely nothing as a giant “F you.”

“22 Republicans voted with nearly all Democrats to pass the package 70-29,” the AP reports:
Two Democrats, Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Peter Welch of Vermont, as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent, voted against it. The progressive lawmakers have objected to sending offensive weaponry to Israel.

“I cannot in good conscience support sending billions of additional taxpayer dollars for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s military campaign in Gaza,” Welch said. “It’s a campaign that has killed and wounded a shocking number of civilians. It’s created a massive humanitarian crisis.”


Mountain Hotel in Davos Has Denied the Rental of Skiing Equipment to Jewish Guests, Citing Persistent Obnoxious Behavior, Property Damage & Theft

The Pischa mountain restaurant hotel in Davos, Switzerland, has announced it will no longer rent out skiing and other snow-sports equipment to Jewish guests, due to an alleged long history of unruly behavior, property damage and theft. The establishment faced accusations of anti-Semitism,

causing a major scandal and a police investigation.

The offensive notice appeared over the weekend at the door of the room used to store skiing equipment at the resort. The message in Hebrew [Yiddish is not true Hebrew] explicitly denied [Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel] Jewish guests access to the service.

“Due to various unfortunate incidents, including the theft of a sled, we no longer rent sports equipment to our Jewish brothers. This applies to all equipment such as sledges, airboards, ski jacks and snowshoes. Thank you for your understanding,” the notice read.

On Monday, local police confirmed to daily 20 Minuten that they had launched an official probe into the affair and are now investigating the hotel over alleged “discrimination and incitement to hatred.”


Talmud Inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

The act of trying to stop, or pointing out any evil sick perverted anti-humanity criminal act done by any Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel

Self Identifying Member of the Babylonian Talmud Inspired Pedophile’s

slavery approving

Usury practicing

End of Times death Cult called a Jew

who is in no way descended from either the Biblical Israelites or Judians.

The Ole Dog!

Linkedin Announces They Support Raping And Holocausting Children & The Truth Is Against Their “community standards”

Linkedin has locked my account for telling the truth and warning people of evil being done against humanity.

The headline of the article which made Linkedin empty the contents of their colons into their fruit of the looms was this:

‘The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews’

Now as I figure Linkedin knows kissing rabid skunks is not a real smart idea, and skunks don’t have Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Blackmail videos to threaten operators of “social network platforms” with although they did not break down what made them get their panties bunched, it was not the warnings of the perils of kissing rabid skunks.

Perhaps it was the reference to the perils of trusting Jews?

Perhaps what made Linkedin poop their unmentionables were the wise words of Napoleon.

The article of truth in question which caused Linkedin’s bowels to loosen uncontrollably was this.

The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews

Which caused Linkedin to lock my account and post this.

Perhaps it was posting this meme which exposes the Jew Cults approval and fondness for raping and murdering babies?

Every synagogue has a copy of the Babylonian Talmud.
It is the “law” a jew cult member is supposed to live by.

Christians have a false idea the Old Testament is law to the Jew cult.
It is not.
The rabbis say Jews don’t have to pay any attention to their “god” as their “god” gave Moses the law, now the rabbis are in charge, not their “god”.

The Babylonian Talmud specifically says raping little boys until they are nine years old is not a sin, and raping little girls until they are three years and one day old is not a sin.

So if it was exposing Jew Cult members raping children which caused Linkedin to lock my account, this would mean Linkedin wants the Jew cults approval of and habit of raping little children to remain a secret.

Linkedin said I violated their Community standards against “Hate Speech”, but everything I said was true, so it appears the truth is hate speech to Linkedin.

“Actions you can take
If you’d like a second chance, you can ask for one after 48 hours by agreeing to comply with our Professional Community Policies. However, continued violation of our policies may result in the permanent restriction of your account. Learn more here.”

As it appears to meet Linkedin’s “community standards”guidelines, to unlock my account I must agree to stop telling the truth and warning humanity of an evil running wild in the world today.

It is an evil Jesus the Christ was fighting in the Jew Cult before they helped the Romans murder him for telling the truth.

“Additionally, if you believe your post complies with our Professional Community Policies, you can appeal our decision.”

No, it appears my post did violate Linkedin’s “Community Standards” of supporting pedophiles, enabling the rape and murder of children, and not telling the truth.

“you can appeal our decision.”

Be a cold day in hell when I stop speaking out against pedophile mass murdering political whores

controlled through bribes, blackmail or because they are a member of the Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult and start telling lies just so I can post on Linkedin.

The Ole Dog!

The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews

I pass this Twitter Litter post along without researching any of it personally.

I do know the Newley “elected” “president” of Argentina is in illegally occupied Palestine having a love fest with the enemies of humanity.
That’s enough for me to believe he is a 1st class piece of hammered pig shit whether he and the mass murdering demonically possessed child raping Nitwityahoo is his brother or kin or not.

The Ole Dog!

US Militaries Mission, Send American Kids to Die For Israel

Secret Drone Ops Run From US Base In Jordan Where 3 Soldiers Killed, more than 40 Wounded.

The US base in Jordan where troopers were killed and a bunch wounded in a recent attack runs drones which identifies freedom fighter’s against zionist war crimes against their people who are then targeted for murder by US for Israel according to a service member who was recently stationed there.

“To call Tower 22 a logistics support base is complete bullshit. The main purpose of Tower 22 is to operate drones to spy on insurgents in Iraq and Syria, for targeting purposes. The main objective I witnessed was taking out targets.”

When the attack happened the US’s Rothschild’s minions who run US/DC

for the benefit of Israel

lied their asses off trying to fool the American sheeple the base was only an insignificant “logistics support base.”

Well, it is a support base, it supports terrorism against the Syrian and Iraqi people for the benefit of Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally, criminally and militarily occupied Palestine.

The lying soul-less demonically possessed war criminals from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac further lied.

CENTCOM lied saying the base is used to give “support to the coalition for the lasting defeat of ISIS.”

The claimed ISIS mission is used for “legal” justification for the continued US military illegal occupation of Syria, which relies on an interpretation of Congress’s 2001 authorization to use military force (AUMF) against terrorists

and others who facilitated the 9/11 attacks.

DC politicians,

which includes US generals in uniform who suck Nitwityahoo’s dick are treasonous bastards and bitches who send American kids to die for Rothschild’s IsraHELL while doing Internatinal War Crimes.

Then lie about everything.

The Ole Dog!

Headline: White House says military troops are dying for “this administration,” not the U.S.

“American troops in the Middle East who think they are fighting on behalf of the American people are mistaken, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who recently said U.S. troops are actually “fighting on behalf of this administration,” meaning that of Joe “the big guy” Biden.”

American troops are doing war crimes all over the world against counties which have never attacked America.

When they are killed in foreign lands,

many times when they have illegally invaded and are illegally occupying these lands in war crimes, they are not dying for America, the ‘UNITED STATES’,

or for Hands all over little girls Biden,

who is so senile he is not real sure who he is, where he is, or which little girls in a crowd he has already felt up two minuets later.

They are dying for the Rothschilds.


The Veteran lay dying on the filthy Washington DC street-
As the Veterans Administration Administrator walked around his feet-

The VA bureaucrat looked at at the “bum” with self-righteous distaste-
Wishing these Street people would learn their place-

Why they had to be here to clutter up the exhilarating sight-
Of the war memorials to Veterans past, a reminder of the might-

Of the military whip which keeps the world in line-
With whatever WASHINGTON DC/USA happens to have has on it’s mind-

The Veteran called please, oh please help me mister-
Could you please place a call to my baby sister-

I am so ill, sick, weak and alone-
I wish she could come and take me home-

To die in peace in the Land i thought i fought to to save-
Just so i would be not homeless before the cold of the grave-

I tried to get help from here and there from the VA-
But they always said no proof, and turned me away-

It is so sad and hard to die here, cold and all alone-
I wonder if anyone will miss me, or even know i am gone-

They cheered me loudly, as i marched off to that war-
Now they look at me with disgust, and try to stay far-

From the vessel made with their own collaborating, willing hand-
A homeless outcast on the streets, of my own Home Land-

The VA minion pretended not to hear-
The veterans words going in one, and out the other ear-

As the sold out treasonous political trash hurried past-
The tortured warrior, a Son of America, breathed his last-

To each will come from the Light their lives bill due to pay-
I would not want to be a WASHINGTON DC political whore on that day!

The Ole Dog!


White House says military troops are dying for “this administration,” not the U.S.

Why I Don’t Care Who “won” the 2020 “election” or Who “wins” the 2024 “election”

Rothschild’s arm is shoved so far up the ass of every hand puppet in every “government” in every country or nation that when you see a “head of State’s” tongue moving, that’s actually Ratschild’s middle finger flipping you off.



and his Crowmwellian “witch” burning,

little children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters gang raping, often til death terrorist killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861.

There has been no president of the United States of America republic since then.

One man tried to be a president of the American people and buck the Rothschild’s occupation.

Americans could “elect” a one eyed three legged flea ridden mangy street mutt with heart worms and chronic diarrhea and the same Anti-American bull shit would continue on without abatement.

It would be more productive pissing into the wind on a freezing day than voting.
Pissing into the wind would at least give one a nice warm feeling which would probably last longer than it will take the next “president to start breaking all their promises to the American people.

The Ole Dog!

NYT’s Jeffrey Gettleman Says F##k OFF, He Don’t Have To Provide Proof He Was Not Lying His A$$ OFF Claiming Hamas Did Gang Rapes Like The IDF Did

Jeffrey Gettleman, the main author of the New York Times’ debunked propaganda piece claiming Hamas committed mass rape on October 7, now says he doesn’t want to describe the “evidence” he gathered as “evidence” because it’s not his “role” to actually prove any such rapes took place.

Instead, Gettleman claims his “role” is simply to “present information” and “give people a voice” (even if those people are proven liars with an agenda).

“I worked with two other colleagues and we interviewed almost 200 people over the course of two months,” Gettleman said, “and what we found — I don’t want to even use the word evidence because evidence is almost like a legal term that suggests you’re trying to prove an allegation or prove a case in court.”

“That’s not my role,” he continued. “We all have our roles and my role is to document, is to present information, is to give people a voice.”

“Jeffrey Gettleman, the NYT correspondent who claimed with absolute confidence to have proven that Hamas employed ‘systematic sexual violence’ on October 7, now says, ‘it’s not my role’ to provide evidence for the claims he published,” The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal commented on X.