Homeless in Gaza

American zionist “christians”, go to church on Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy, cheer Israhells Holocausting of the Semitic Palestinian people, and don’t give a shit about lost souls like these. John C Carleton ——————————————————————————- When Gaza’s people sleep at night, Salah al-Juju wakes up from his makeshift bed in Palestine Square, in the center of Gaza City, […]

The Last Veterans Died For Our Freedom, Were Wearing Butternut & Gray, And Marching Bearfoot

It is the truth. The Revolutionary War for freedom, short lived as that freedom was, and the Confederate defense against evil criminal invaders who were raping, (including children), robbing, stealing, Holocausting, burning whole cities full of defenseless civilians. Thats it. No more just wars for America. Wait you say! The War of 1812! Well, the […]

South Texas zionist Virus Infected Fire Ants

Probably about the same bunch as every other zionist fire ant colony. Mean sons of bitches. Attack everything around them, with vastly superior numbers, kill every other creature they can, other breeds of ants, everything except their own cult members. Step on one of their nest where they are intruders on your Land, they come […]