The Last Veterans Died For Our Freedom, Were Wearing Butternut & Gray, And Marching Bearfoot

It is the truth.

The Revolutionary War for freedom, short lived as that freedom was, and the Confederate defense against evil criminal invaders who were raping, (including children), robbing, stealing, Holocausting, burning whole cities full of defenseless civilians.

Thats it.

No more just wars for America.

Wait you say!
The War of 1812!

Well, the war of 1812, was an attempt by the empire builders to take Canada from Britain as well.

But No you say!
It was about Britain kidnapping American Merchant sailors from American ships, saying they looked like Englishment to them, and forcing them to serve on British Naval Mean of War ships.

There is a little bit of fact mixed in with a lot of bull shit, in all of Official USA History.

Yes British Naval ships were hell holes no one wanted to serve on as a sailor.
So they had to kidnap drunks off of barstools, drug unsuspecting drinkers, haul theirs on the ship where they became in fact a slave.
There was always a man power shortage on British Men of War ships.
They did kidnap some yankee’s off of their merchant ships.

During the war, the rich merchants and ship owners of Mass., were trading with the enemy, during war time, threatening to secede from the union, during time of war, and when the British tried to burn the Capitol of the Union, the yankees would not allow their militia to leave their crime cable State, and assist the other States armies in repelling the invasion.

No one really gave a shit about the poor yankee folks got pressed into service aboard one of “His Majesties” floating hell holes.

The kidnapping of these poor yankees, no one really cared about was the excuse used to try to take Canada.

BUt-But-But, you say, the Spanish American war, Spain Attacked America!!!!!!!

Well, no they did not.
Washington DC, wanted overseas colonies, but they came to the colony game late.
Most of the best Real Estate was already taken by other colonial seekers.

No problem, a war with Spain would solve that, take Spains possessions.

But how to fool; the American people into a war to build an empire, for rich folks?

The USS Maine, a US Naval war ship, which most truthful historians will admit, probably blew up from a bad design on It’s coal bunkers, but not ruling out the USA arranged for it to blow up, in a harbor in Sanish controlled Cuba.

This was instantly blamed on Spain, used to start a war, kick Spains butt, take from her her colonies.

Other than the USS Maine, the reason used was to free all these people living under the Spanish yolk.
Course the reality was, once the Spanish were kicked out, the USA replaced the Spanish as the slave masters of the native peoples in the New American overseas colonies.

But wait you scream in desperation, WW 1.
The USA saved Americans from the “Hun”!

Well,. no.
More USA/WASHIONGTON DC, unadulterated bull shit, lies and false flags.

The reason Americans were Americans, was to leave the poverty, the endless wars and bloodshed, of Europe behind.
Americans as a people, were not in favor of going to Europe, getting their ass shot off in Europe, in one more of an endless European wars.

So they had to be made so damn mad, they would not think clearly.
The USA, arranged the murders of some Americans in order to piss Americans off enough to go to the preplanned Usury arranged Bankers war.

USA claimed neutrality in the war, but in fact was arming Britain to the teeth.

There was this British passenger ship, the Lusitania.
It docked in New York.
USA loaded it down with war munitions, which was both a violation of their claimed neutrality, and safety of, and rules governing passenger liners.

Germany took out full page ads in US newspapers, saying the ship was carrying war munitions, thus a legal target of Germany, and to not sail on her.

Washington DC. assured the Americans it was safe, go ahead and sail on her, so many did.

Off the coast of Ireland, the British Admiralty pulled her naval escorts off, left her like a sitting duck in waters known to be crawling with German U boats.

Germans found her, sunk her, to keep all those shells being shipped illegally from slaughtering their army.
There were secondary explosions on the ship, still debated if from coal bunkers or illegal munitions on board, which sent her to the bottom very fast, so fast, many drowned.

Some Americans died.

Washington DC, used the intentional murder by England, of Americans, as an excuse to drag America into WW 1, which had not a damn thing to do with America.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you scream,. WW 2!
If America had not gone to war we would be speaking Japanese or German!!!!!!!

Well, no, thats all bull shit!
USA, grade A, USDA approved, unadulterated bull shit.

The American people were very pissed off in the aftermath of the war.
Many still realized, it had been none of Americas business.
Many American young boy had marched off to war in France and were buried there.Many a husband, son, bother, came home with body and soul shattered.

A WW 1 Vet told my father when he was a boy, “That damn war was a rich man heaven, and a poor man’s hell!

So twenty years later, the American souls, were not at all ready to go back to Europe for another pedohilic Usury bankers preplanned war.

FDR, descended from Khazarian Russian Expats spawn, firmly in the Khazarian mafia bankers pockets, was determined to drag AMERICA INTO WW 2 whether they wanted to go or not.

Russia did not want a two front war, and as they were fighting Germany, they did not want to take on Japan also.
One of Russia’a agents in FDR’s cabinet, steered FDR to starting war with Japan so America could fight Russias Japanese war for the evil Red Bolshevik communist bastards.

This suited the treasonous communist FDR, as war with Japan, also meant war with Germany in Europe, where FDR wanted to drag America anyway.
So the Red Bolshevik Russian Communist loving and collaborating communist Anti-American FDR, set about economically backing Japan into a corner, to force them to attack the USA military.

FDR at first had a plan to sink an American destroyer, with crew on board, blame it on the Japanese, but the Navy Admirila in charge, would not go along with sacrificing Americans for a war, in a false flag.

FDR got him a new Admiral, who would do as he was told, and Pearl Harbor was the result.
FDR backed the Japanese into a corner, gave them two choices, kissing FDR’s diseased ass, or attack.

They attacked.

As a matter of fact, during the 1930s, when stationed there, the later WW 2 General George S Patton, wrote a paper stating he believed in view of current policies, and his military understanding, the Japanese would attack at Pearl Harbor, laid out how he believed they would go about it, almost exactly how they did the attack a few years later.

He was laughed at behind his back by “sane” people and called crazy.
His warning was locked away and forgotten.

DCV/FDR knew it was coming, the Japanese DID NOT maintain radio silence, both the Russians and Brits who had been listening in on Japanese military message traffic, warned DC it was coming.

Thats why the Air Craft Carriers, were out to sea, so they would not be sunk.

USA Allowed the Japanese to sink several older ships, slaughter over two thousand USA military personal, so Americans would get pissed and go to war.

Of course the American people did not know or understand the Japanese had been FORCED by FDC to attack. the US military at Pearl Harbor, a Polynesian Kingdom, the USA military was occupying by force.

Then, FDR declared war on Japan, and Germany, agreed with Churchill, to put Japan on the back burner, while attacking Germany, a country which not only had NOT attacked America, did not want war with America.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you scream, Korea attacked America you scream!

Well, no they did not.
Would not have been a Korean War if after WW 2 the USA had not kept the two Koreas from joining and Korea running their own business.

And North Korea did not attack America.
They attacked South Korea, and the USA military stuck their nose in a civl war the USA forced on the Korean people.

BUT my brother was in Viet Nam you scream.

So was mine, the VA is screwing him like he was a cat house girl in Bangkok.

Again, if the USA had not stuck their nose in matters, ten years after the French were kicked out, a Viet Nam wide election would have been carried out, the country united, and no civil war in which 58,00 Americans and four million Far Easterners would die.

The North Viet Nan Gun Boats attacked an American ship you scream desperately!

No they didn’t.
America had no business in the area, and no North Viet Nam gun Boat attacked the US ship.

That was all Washington DC lies.

And what the hell was a USA military ship doing in North Viet Nam Waters anyway?

OHHHHHHHHHHHH but those eeevvviiilllll Iraqis were throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait!!!!!!!!!

Kuwait is not America.
And no, they were not throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait.
That was a lie made up buy the serial pedophile George HW Bush’s bunch, and told on TV by the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador to DC, who had not been in Kuwait in months.

And Saddam was the CIAs boy.
He asked permission from the USA State Department bimbo in that area, and thought he got permission to attack Kuwait.

He told em what he wanted to to do, and the State Department Bimbo, told him, “What Gulf States do between themselves is no concern of Washington”.

USA wanted that war badly.

Had new war toys to try out in real combat.

Needed to use up a lot of ordnance, so the American Worker, would have more of the sweat of their brow, fruits of their labor, stolen and sent into the pockets of pedophile Usury practicing enemies of Americans and America bankers.

The Middle East had been the stomping ground s of the Russians, and USA wanted to get their Khazarian Nose under th e edge of the middle Eastern Tent.
Military bases, prestige in the Middle East.

Other reasons as well.
None which benefited America or Americans.

And, Iraq did not attack America.

Ohhhhhhhh mmmmyyyyyy gggggooooodddddd!!!!!! you scream, 9-11!!!!!!
What about 9-11 and the glorious War on Terror.

Israhell and Washington DC did the cowardly false flag attackk on New York 11 September 2001.

Israhell’s proxy USA fought war, is a WAR OF TERROR, on innocent peoples and countries, based on known lies.

By the way, USA has repeatably attacked Iran, Iran has never attacked America.

Iran has no nukes.
Israhell has about 300 illegal ones which the plans and material was “stolen” from the USA “government”.


God bless the soul of every Confederate soldier.

And God Bless, Robert E Lee!

John C Carleton

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