South Texas zionist Virus Infected Fire Ants

Probably about the same bunch as every other zionist fire ant colony.

Mean sons of bitches.

Attack everything around them, with vastly superior numbers, kill every other creature they can, other breeds of ants, everything except their own cult members.

Step on one of their nest where they are intruders on your Land, they come swarming out, mass attack, stinging, screaming about you being Anti-zionist fire ant, frothing at the mouth.

Now you poor folks unlucky enough to be born yankee, you do not understand what I am saying when I say they are mean as hell, vicious, cowardly, making only mass attacks.

The reason they call them zionist virus infected fire ants, fire ants, is because after a few hundred or thousand stings you, that part of you feels like it is on fire.
Next day, few hours later, all the stings will form blisters with puss.

The body rejecting the zionist virus injected with the other toxins.

There was an AM Radio talk show on Saturdays back in the day, which had a guy do a nature/garden show.
Had a bunch of degrees in the agriculture field.

There is a breed of wood ant here, at a casual glance, to the untrained eye, look like zionist virus infected fire ants.

One Saturday, a caller asked him how one told the difference between these zionist virus infected fire ants, and the wood ants.

He replied In his Texas hillbilly accent, much like mine:
“Stick your index finger knuckle deep in the nest for a few seconds.
When you pull it out, if the meat is still on the bone, it is wood ants”.

They came up way back in a load of dirt from Brazil I think it was, to a port in Florida, invaded the Souther part of North America from there.

Kind of the same senecio of them zionist virus infected baby raping USA war criminals invading the Souther part of North America in the early to mid 1860s.

Same kind of attitude too.

Zionist Virus is an evil thing!

Anyway, I never heard why someone was importing dirt from Brazil, or how the native ants in Brazil became infected with the zionist virus.

Could be when the Baby Raping zionist virus infected Non-Semitic Khazarian gentuza got kicked out of the Steppes of Russia, when they spread out over the known world, to suck the blood of host peoples, rape their young, steal their wealth, with out being in danger of having even one drop of labor induced sweat on their Turkmen/slavic Non Semitic brows, thats how it happened.

Zionist virus is very contagious if one is not immune to it.

Any you snowbird yankees like to try the horticulturist test between zionist virus infected fire ants, and the look alike wood ant, before you cross over the border to Mexico, for whatever you going there for, look around, find you what looks like an ant nest, stick your finger in there and let it remain a few seconds.

Now cross over.
You going to need that Cervesa frio, and probably a good bit of tequila as well.

John C Carleton

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