Consent of the Governed?

What gives some people the right to rule others? At least since John Locke’s time, the most common and seemingly compelling answer has been “the consent of the governed.” When the North American revolutionaries set out to justify their secession from the British Empire, they declared, among other things: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving […]

Marxism Comes To America

The Republican party was America’s first political party that had as it’s goal the creation of an activist federal government dedicated to social reform. (Social Justice) In mid-1861, with the War for Southern Independence just beginning, US Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase asked for and received from Congress the first income tax instituted in America. It […]

America Better Pray There’s No Such Thing As Karma

….because this is how the citizen-sheep spend their hard-earned tax dollars. And it’s taking them straight to Hell…. THE Biden administration has approved the sale of $725 million worth of precision-guided weapons to Israel as warplanes pound Gaza with airstrikes. The ongoing crisis in the region is the worst since the 2014 Hamas-Israeli war that […]

War Crimes In Gaza

Just imagine the Western levels of hysteria if Russia or China were bombing and killing children in residential areas. No wonder the Empire of Chaos and Lies – posing as a “liberal democracy” while enabling the murderous Zionist project – is firmly flirting with the dustbin of History.

71% Of Eligible Gen-Zers Don’t Qualify For Military Due To Obesity, Criminal Records And Other Reasons

Bloomberg is out with a Monday report chronicling the sad state of affairs the US military has found itself in – notably trying to lure eligible recruits from Generation Z with a cartoon series dubbed “The Calling,” which will run on YouTube during May and June. As Bloomberg notes, “The Army—the U.S. military’s largest service—faces […]