Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Trump groupies ignore all evidence of his pedophilia. They ignore Trump’s Warp Speed pushing the killer jabs while cussing Fuck-I who did the Trumpster’s bidding pushing the killer jabs, as evil. They will not allow themselves to see Trumps treason against America for IsraHELL’s benefit. They ignore and will not allow their brains to see […]

Jesus On A White Horse

The Little Boy Raping Roman priest who cobbled the Roman Slave Religion bible together promised in their instruction on how to be good little slaves to the rich and powerful state, how if you would just not fight back against “authority”, the bad guys, evil, oppression, taxes and all that goes with being a slave, […]

FBI Which Groomed the Loner Looser Kid To Do The Deed, “stumped over Trump “”shooter’s”” motive”

The FBI has been caught with their pants down many times grooming mentally slow or loner looser young people to do False Flag “terror” “attacks, providing the explosives, weapons, funds to make it look good. Some like the slaughter of 19 children and 3 teachers in Uvalde Texas school they allow to happen, others they […]