The USA Yankee solder, had a funny way of Freeing African American Girls and Women, GANG RAPING them!

A bit of an example of the evil, the criminality, the soulless ness, of the evil Child Gang Raping Till Death,. church, home, convent, seminary, hospital, courthouse, out house and pig pin burning and looting Mass Murdering Yankee scum. Exert from ‘AMERICAN TERRORIST, LINCOLN’S ARMIES IN THE SOUTH’. Chapter 2, Alabama. “When Turchin rode into […]

The Father Of The Country, Wants To Know Why USA/WASHINGTON DC, Murdered His Great Grand Nephew, In Virginia, 13th of September, 1861 And His First Cousin In Germany, 21 Dec. 1945?

Confederate States Army Officer. Great grandnephew of George Washington and the last Washington to own “Mount Vernon”. In 1840 he graduated from the University of Virginia. Three years later he married Eleanor Love Seldon. He purchased a farm in Fauquier County, Virginia called “Waveland” where he made his home. His wife died in 1860 from […]

The “Witch” Burning puritan yankee Is Evil, Always Has Been, Always Will Be

The evil war mongering War Criminal, Child gang raping, “witch” burning, thieving, lying, degenerate, false history writing, grave robbing, minister’s daughters gang raping, church burning, courthouse burning, hospital burning, seminary burning, convent burning, farm house burning, city full off innocent civilian shelling and burning, pig pin burning, out house burning, crops burning, old folks murdering, […]

Bet You George Washington Wishes He Had Turned Things Over To General Gates And Gone South, To South America!

During the dark days of the American Revolution, General Gates tried to get Washington fired so he could be top dog. I bet you if George could see the evil child raping bunch of war criminals, thieves, cowards, treasonous to America, sons of bitches the American people have become, he would have turned things over […]

American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies In The South-Book

“There is a class of people, men, WOMEN and CHILDREN, who MUST BE KILLED or banished, before you can hope for peace and honor.” Willian Sherman, United States Army Officer, Pedophile, hypocrite, war criminal, thief, arsonist, Mass murdering puritan son for a bitch. This criminally insane mass murderer, was talking about slaughtering the Southern Scotts-Irish, […]

Why God Allowed The Baby Gang Raping, Thieving, Murdering, Lying War Criminal Degenerate Evil yankee To Win That yankee War Crime The yankee Lies And Calls A “Civil” War

I assure you, where this world is headed, is mapped and planned. God don’t need no yankee advice on how to run the world. Which brings up a question men have, who were real Confederate Soldiers. Why did god allow the godless yankee to win and subjugate the Southern people, teaching their evil to our […]

GOP Reps return from AIPAC trip attacking BDS and implying that annexation might be the answer

I see Mossad was successful in getting those honey trap pedophile blackmail videos. John C Carleton ———————— In a September 10th speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would annex a third of the West Bank if reelected. Netanyahu’s declaration comes just a month after dozens of congress members (Republicans and Democrats) traveled […]