Trump & Biden are both Pedos, EVERYONE in DC is a Treasonous A$$ holes, Putin is a Jew, the Ukrainian “War” is a farce, United States is a Corporation, Jews are NOT Semitic, Millions have died from the Killer Jab for a Non Existent “Virus”, and it is Sunday

A brother and I in our old age admitted to each other in our youth when we tried to explain things to folks and they got that deer in the headlights look on their face, we thought they were just playing stupid for some reason. We both admitted as the years went by we discovered […]

Dumbing Down American Children With Fluoride In the Water Supply-US Government Releases Censored Documents Detailing Fluoride’s Impact On Childhood IQ

The U.S. government has been forced to release a controversial draft review that confirms previous studies which found exposure to fluoride at high levels can reduce IQ in children. The U.S. National Toxicology Program has released a long-delayed controversial review of the science behind claims that fluoride reduces IQ in children. The NTP review from […]

The CIA was ready to sabotage the pipelines as early as last January, intelligence sources told the veteran reporter Hersh

Blaming anything on Biden other than him molesting little girls is misdirection as he is so senile at this point he can not even remember two minuets later which little girls in a crowd he has already felt up. Who do you think the bribe taking little children raping Political whores from Sodom and Gomorrah […]