The Ways of the Jewish Slave Traders

Do we really know the truth about anything anymore….. “As Mr. Yakub continued to preach for converts, he told his people that he would make the others work for them. (This promise came to pass.) Naturally, there are always some people around who would like to have others do their work. Those are the ones […]

Paise the Lord, Send Ammo To Israel to Holocaust Palestinians & Vote for a Pedophile-The Southern Zionist Christian View of Life

At the end of the illegal invasion of the Confederacy by the God-less yankee puritans, they not only indoctrinated southern children with their evil and lies in our schools, but in our churches. Southern Christianity was about a personal daily walk with the Creator God in which the individual tried to become a better husband, […]

yankees Have Been Lying About Their History So Long They Believe Their Own Lies & Get Mad If You Don’t Too

The godless yankees wrote themselves a “history” where bad people were persecuting them for their religious believes so they came to America so they could “worship” freely where they had a love fest with the Indians and everyone lived happily ever after. What actually happened was Oliver Cromwell was a minor Nobel who was mentally […]

Reconstructed Confederates Loving yankee Occupation, Slavery & Trump

Twitter Litter is filled with “confederates” arguing” with little children raping yankees about what led to the South being subjugated to the yankee US. But when you get into their “politics”, most all are pimping for Trump, a Rothschild’s owned and operated fat pedophile who spent four years betraying America for the benefit of Rothschild’s […]

What the F##K!! Sheeple

This world is a school for souls. Most souls on this rock are primitive like they are still in Head Start or 1st grade, peeing /pooping their pants while they eat the paper on the crayons they color way outside the lines with. Everyone has to start somewhere but these with pigs fornicating sheep monkey […]