Americans, Do Not Try To Blame God nor the Devil For the Evil Shit Hole America is, or the Lack of Morals, Honor, Integrity, Truth, of the American Sheep

It was a personal choice by the American sheep. The American sheep chose to be ball-less evil cowardly no truth ass holes. The American sheep personally chose the path which led to the Evil Shit Hole America has become. The Light sends messengers, helpers who try to show the sheep the way to self salvation […]

Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin, Only 19% of Democratic Voters Want To Bomb A Disney Cartoon

This article is from a few years back, but it illustrates how un-informed and ignorant the sheep who vote for the treasonous to America pedophiles in DC are. Now, if ole Winston was still alive, and on fire, I would not allow my dog to piss on him. Dog might catch the zionist virus infection, […]

And Jesssssuuuuussss Paid It All, or Did He?

If one questions the pre-prepared illusion and State Religion, one will be attacked as an Atheist!!!!!!!!!!! There were many different forms or cults of Christianity, and there remain many different sects believing totally different things, all calling themselves “Christians”. In todays America, what Christianity means, is puritan zionist End of Timer Warvangelical Israhell Firster. Now […]

The Cowardly, No Honor, Ball-less, Ignorant, Me First American Sheep do NOT Want to Hear the Truth, So Why Continue To Take Shit from Americans For Telling the Truth?

So why does some ole fart like me keep telling the truth when the best a truth teller in America can hope for at the present time is to be called crazy, stupid, ignorant, dumb, tin foil hatter, conspiracy nut case, get shit thrown at them, be ostracized from polite society and the herd activities? […]

My answer to a red Russian Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Israhell Internet Hazbara and witches brew Voodoo Vaccine whore when IT had one of those zionist Zombie Virus attacks today.

Perhaps if you held your breath until you turned blue in the face, the magical Steppes of Russia fairy will turn your Non Semitic red Russian. Mongolian mongrel type Khazarian outcaste invader self into a real Hebrew! Wait, there is a flaw with that. Several in fact. One, not all Hebrews belonged to the End […]

Former housekeeper sues the Sow Nitwityahoo Tries Not to Sleep With over abusive behaviour

My mistake, the other Sow. The Ole Dog! ——————————————— Sara Netanyahu is being sued by a former housekeeper who claims to have been the victim of mistreatment while working at the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence. The accusations made by the 56-year-old immigrant from France include work-related harassment and abusive employment, Channel 12 has reported. After […]

IsraHell With The Help of the USA/DC Did The Cowardly Attack on the. American Home Land, 11 September, 2001, The Year of the Snake in the Grass

2001 was the year of the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazrian. Snake in the Grass! It was also the year of the TREASONOUS, Pedophilic, Cowardly, un-illuminated, blackmailed by Jeffery Epstein Mossad Pedophile Honey Trap Videos, bribe taking, no honor “puritan King’s head chopping off, “Witch” burning, little Southern Children Gang Raping Till Death/burning […]

IsraHell Admits to Sterilizing Black Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants Without Their Knowledge

The red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarians occupying Palestine are some of the most evil, racist bastards and cunt whore bitches to ever walk the face of the earth on two legs! The Ole Dog! ———————————————————– After many years denying it, Israel finally admitted in 2013 that it had been secretly injecting undesirable immigrant […]

It’s a HOLOHOAX (Don’t Be Fooled)

Note- “IT’S A HOLOHOAX (don’t be fooled)” are series of blog posts that thoroughly expose the Jewish Holocaust lie. There were no “Nazi Death Camps” and no “Nazi Gas Chambers”. You have been fooled! This is your opportunity to break free of the mind control you have been taught in school and in the media. […]