And Jesssssuuuuussss Paid It All, or Did He?

If one questions the pre-prepared illusion and State Religion, one will be attacked as an Atheist!!!!!!!!!!!

There were many different forms or cults of Christianity, and there remain many different sects believing totally different things, all calling themselves “Christians”.

In todays America, what Christianity means, is puritan zionist End of Timer Warvangelical Israhell Firster.

Now if you are going to sell some one your brand of snake oil, you have to make it attractive, more attractive to the sucker, than the other charlatans sales pitches.

In so called Evangelical Christian churches, under many different denomination names, some independent, are selling a get out of hell jail free card.

On Sunday morning, some shyster who is afraid on manual labor, puts on a suit, spends a couple of hours absolving all comers of their sins for cash.

Jesus Paid its all and don’t forget to drop a big bill in the forgiveness for sale plate.

Wait, if Jesssuuuuss paid it all, why does it cost to be forgiven?

Anyway, that don’t matter as these churches are peddling bull shit to sheep like being lied to.

The theology of the modern American “christian church is, Jesus who was divine, came to be a blood sacrifice so from his death on, everyone can party hardy, just drag your ass to church Sunday morning, drop some bills in the plate, and pray for a crop failure of the wild seeds you sowed on Saturday night.

Don’t matter, you can sneak in the back door of your best friend while he is away so you can consort with his wife, several times a week, you both go to church on Sunday morning, not with each other, pray for forgiveness, and all is forgiven!

Until next Sunday when you have to pray for forgiveness again for all those sins, whichh Jesus paid for, so it is not like it cost you anything anyway, and the way she throws you down on that bed, well, it is a good thing Jesus paid it all, cause you have no intentions of stopping sneaking in that back door.

So just drop some bills in the plate and go home cleansed of all sins!!!!

My father who was an ole time Baptistt minister, and I who studied theology all my life, had several discussions on this subject and agreed, Jesus did not pay it all.

If a person, is sincerely sorry, and repents of the sin they did, and does their best to never make that same mistake again, then the act can be forgiven, but not the consequences.

Know a couple in their 80s now.
She had I think three affairs while they were married and had young children.
They patched things up, stayed together.
She prayed for forgiveness.
How sincerely I do not know.

But now, he wants to leave their fine home, go live in an assisted living place with his brother, as he never forgot or forgave her for her having those affairs.

If she sincerely asked forgiveness, and did it no more, she could find the forgiveness she asked for, between her and her God.

But the damage done by the action, her actions, must be payed for by her and no one else.

Jesus never came to save everyone from their sins.
Jesus came to give each individual the knowledge, understanding, wisdom they needed, to save themselves.

Each transgression one does against another, goes into the Books of Balance, and the price for the evil done another, or ones self, must be paid by the one did the deed, not Jesus.

Reminds me of the old song my father told me about he remembered from the 1920s, where a farmer sold his cotton, got to drinking, got to buying drinks for the rest of the crowd, woke up hungover and broke in the ditch the next morning, went down to the Salvation Army Camp to get something to eat.

Said here was the same old gang from the night before all singing ‘Jesus Paid It All’.

The farmer said no he didn’t, I did!

Look Inward to your own soul, you are the third temple.

The Ole Dog!

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