What The Hell Went Wrong With The Two Legged human Animal Odin Asked?

Odin called a meeting of anyone who was someone in Asgard.

When everyone was assembled He began.

There is a huge problem with the two legged animals the human candidates use!
They are not developing according to plans.
They after many countless lives, are still lagging way behind where they should be in spiritual growth.

By now they should be advanced spiritual beings.

They are still screwing their own young up the ass!

The ignorant sons of bitches are running after every slick tongued political whore and charlatan religious cult ass hole comes along!

They waste valuable lives running after false “gods”.

Gods of earthly pleasures, perverted lust, love of wealth, idolatry of vain idiots, lovers of fleeting earthly fame.

With no concept of, no desire for spiritual growth!

What the Hell went wrong?

When we created “man”, we each poured from our beings into the pot what we though Humanity would need.
So what the hell went wrong?

Gabriel, what the hell did you pour into the pot?

I poured some of my determination to persevere to the end into the pot.

Michael what did you pour into the pot?

I put some of my Love of all beings around me into the pot.

Thor, what did you pour into the pot?

I poured some of my truth, Honor, some of the reflection of the Light.

I poured some of my hunger for wisdom, knowledge and Understanding.

Damn, this should have worked, but look at those pig fornicators!

What the hell went wrong???????!!!!!!!!!

As I recall, you allowed Loki to be involved, I warned you not to let that frost outlander take a hand, but you insisted!
Have begged you to allow me to kill his ass repeatably!

So what the hell did that POS slip into the mix?

Where is that weasel?

Find Loki’s ass and get him in here!

After a brief delay Loki is escorted under his protest into the chambers.

Odin, we have been having a meeting of what the hell went wrong with the human race!

Thor reminded me I believing once again, your had truly repented for your evil, again, to have a hand in the creation of man.

What did you pour into the mix, because what we poured should have made a successful being who had got thsir shit together by now, but just LOOK at THEM!

Looking down and rubbing at a spot on the floor with his foot said:
Well ya see, there was this little Imp of Hell had been promising me a hot time, but she wanted thirty silver shekels.


Well, the Head Ratschild promised me thirty silver shekels to pour some zionist Virus into the mix!

You sorry Khazarian son of a frost outlander bitch!
No damn wonder humanity is such a Charlie Foxtrot!

I damn well hope you enjoyed your little roll with that Imp of Hell for selling out Humanity!

Well, I never got it!
The Rats lied, gave me Fiat shekels.
The Imp from Hell was too smart to take them.

So you sold humanities ass out to the Rothsrats for thirty Fiat shekels a whore Imp of Hell would not trade a hot time for!

Damn You Loki!

Alright Thor, his ass is yours!

Now we have to put humanity down and start all over!


All that wasted time and effort for jack shit!

The Ole Dog

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