Americans, Do Not Try To Blame God nor the Devil For the Evil Shit Hole America is, or the Lack of Morals, Honor, Integrity, Truth, of the American Sheep

The head up Assus American Breed of Sheep, worshiping at the alter of their GOD!

It was a personal choice by the American sheep.

The American sheep chose to be ball-less evil cowardly no truth ass holes.
The American sheep personally chose the path which led to the Evil Shit Hole America has become.

The Light sends messengers, helpers who try to show the sheep the way to self salvation through spiritual growth.

The Dark sends minions to fight for evil in this world.

The Dark Side sends minions to promise the sheep whatever the sheep lust for, if they serve the Dark side.

The Light promises nothing but a hard life of pain struggling down the path to full illumination.

The American sheep latched onto the teat of easy “free” milk from the Dark side and never looked back.

America is a shit hole because the American sheep chose shit
They chose the Dark side.

Americans are vile lusting for and cheering at the shedding of innocent blood by their God, USA/DC.

The Devil did not make them do it.
Neither did the Light.
The Dark and the Light can offer their wares, as different vegetables or fruits are displayed in a grocery store.

The customer choses the product they desire.

Americans chose and desire evil shit.

The Americans trying to blame God or the Devil for their and the countries evil shit hole status, are hypocritical self-righteous dishonest mother hunchers.

YOU AMERICANS, CHOSE to BE EVIL SONs of Bitches and the prostituted to evil whore Bitches themselves.

Don’t dare try to point your sanctimonious finger at ANY other thing, unless you are looking in a mirror.

The Ole Dog!

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