Is “mayor” pendejoberg And RICO Violating Crime Cabal Down At San Antonio city hall Purposely Trying To Kill The City’s Tourist Industry?

I mean, if I were a tourist, I do not think I would bring my family to San Antonio. Perverts grabbing kids off the streets, side walks, malls. Child molestaion in the news all the time, all the time pedophile arrest. And thats just the few get caught. pendejoberg’s illegal Mexico Criminals he pleads with […]

The DC/USA Empire Is Dying

America. was a dream of a Land where European wars and evil could be left behind. A land where the common man did not have to kiss some king’s minion’s or pope’s minion’s ass. As you can see, things went terribly wrong! Let me show you a picture of most Americans. Or this. Sad! I […]

“mayor” pendejoberb and the RICO crime Cabal Down At San Antonio city hall Strikes again! Or, What the Hell Is One Of city hall’s Uninsured, No Drivers License Criminals Doing Wrecked in my Front Yard On a Friday Night?

“mayor” pendejoberg and the RICO violating Crime Cabal down at SAN ANTONIO city hall STRIKES AGAIN. The pendejoberg assaults King John de Carleton’s  Kingdom Once More. You will recall he stole a Memorial off of private non city ground, and told bald faced lies, slandering the memory of my g-g grandfather Was “mayor” Pendejoberg Seeking […]

Been Busy Cleaning Up Behind “mayor” pendejoberg And The Texican Hating, Confederate Statue, Cannons, Time Capsule, Park Stealing, RICO Criminals, Crime Cabal Down At SAN ANTONIO city hall

Been busy. Couple of pendejoberg’s uninsured motorist got into a macho-macho man fight using cars, in a residential area, so one ended up taking out my wife’s mailbox, a beautiful twenty foot tree I dug up and replanted when it was about three inches high, took a big limb and lots of bark, off of […]


In a recently published article entitled, We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe, Scientific American (SciAm) magazine issued a stern warning about the known and potential dangers of 5G technology. Of particular significance is the fact that SciAm is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, founded by inventor and […]

Viking Axe & Shield Combat

There was never a Viking helmet found which had horns. This was the invention of pedophile priest of the church of Rome telling lies on their betters. One wants to look at violence, cruelty, theft on a massive scale, study the history of the Church of Rome, along with her Protestant sisters, or the other […]