“US” Congress reveals where American Tax Slaves Currency Sent To Ukraine Ends up

Most of the fiat Usury currency stolen from the American Tax Slave Workers the US Congress has designated for aiding the US’s puppet government in Kiev set up after US hired Terrorist to murder Ukrainians so US could overthrow the duly elected Ukranian government, has actually gone to the military-industrial complex owned by the Ratschilds. […]

Oh How The French Have Fallen-French Woman Arrested for Calling the Trashy Gay Ratschild’s Bitch Macaroni Trash

In the old days the French knew what to do with evil corrupt “government” goons. This Frenchman knew what to do about the Ratschild’s Trashy Bitch. These French men and women knew what to do about the Ratschild’s little gay boy toy married to an older tranny. But now the French Communist have arrested a […]

The Cops Work for ZioCorp – Not You

I recall listening to a man who explained he contracted to screen candidates applying for police forces. He weeded out those not below average intelligence as police forces don’t want intelligent people working as cops. The want people just smart enough to be able to bust heads and give out revenue collecting citations, but not […]

Doctors Report Startling Rise In Testicular Injuries Among Woman Athletes

NEW YORK, NY — A new study indicates a disturbing trend as testicular injuries in women’s sports are increasing at an astounding rate. Researchers are baffled as these statistics have skyrocketed from literally zero reported testicular injuries among female athletes just a few years ago. “This new wave of testicular injuries to female athletes has […]

F##K Trump, F##K Biden, F##k the Elephonkey They Both Rode Into Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac on!!!

Both the Trickster Trumpster and Hands all over little girls Biden are War Criminals and Pedophiles. The Good Cop/Bad Cop Republiphile/Demophile three ring circus is getting very old. Both of these treasonous to America Israhell First political whores are Bad Clowns. Here’s a little secret dumbed down Americans still have not been able to grasp. […]