Sweden Hits COVID-19 “Triple Whammy”: No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage

Gee! No “government” ruining peoples business with BS, violating their God Given Rights, no Hysteria, wailing, gnashing of teeth, no hand wringing, AND EVERYONE DID NOT DIE!!!!!!! THINK America COULD DO A POLITICAN EXCHANGE? America sends them some real fools! Sweden sends America some politicians with real BALLS! The Amazed at the Gullibility of the […]

The Rose~Bette Midler With Lyrics

A Loving God Does not send evil creatures to punish evil people. A loving God is Pure Love, there can be no vindictiveness, only Love. Sometimes when humanities evil gets so overwhelming, God can no longer stand to keep his hand of blessing on such evil, so removes his hand of blessing. Humanity then destroy […]

You ARE The Devil

The Devil? There has been a debate for hundreds of years if the devil is a real or just a made up character. The Devil is VERY real, but the devil is not a being, at least not a single being. He/she, lives in the souls of all mankind. Let me start further back. In […]

DO YOU WANT YOUR KIN DYING FOR THE Ratschilds, Monsatan & Golden Sacks following West Point Rope Chewing Idiots?-JCC

West Point: Where those who do not understand Warriors, try to teach jackals to be wolves. Not working! All the USA seems to teach at the Point, is how to lie, murder the innocent, invade foreign sovereign countries which have not attacked America first. If the USA wanted real Generals they would not have helped […]

Senior Mufti: Most Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis Ready to Fight for Expelling War Criminal Invading & Illegally Occupying US

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iraqi Sunni Mufti said an overwhelming majority in his country’s both Shiite and Sunni populations are prepared for jihad (religious war of defense) to force the US pull out its military forces from the Muslim state. “8 out of 10 Shiites are ready for resistance and prepared for expelling the American […]