US Should Be Held Accountable for Supporting, Sheltering Israhell’s Terrorist Groups

USA & Russia pretend to fight Israhell’s ISIS while kissing Israhell’s a$$. Iran kills the hell out of Israhell’s Terrorist. Thats one reason Israhell wants American Blood & Treasure to fight a war with Iran for the Evil of Israhell’s Sake! The Ole Dog! ——————————- TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal […]

US Pirates Attack, Steal Ship Involved in International Commerce, Carrying Zeolite for Production of Oxygen Concentrator for Coronavirus Patients

US Pirate Ships near the Chinese port of Qingdao have seized a ship which carried zeolite needed for manufacturing oxygen concentrators for coronavirus patients. “Few days ago, we received a letter saying that our ship has been seized by a US warship at the port of Qingdao, making delivery of the cargo to us under […]