That Rhythm You Hear, Just Hoof Beats of The Approaching Horsemen of Pestilence, Starvation, Economic Pain-

That Rhythm You Hear, Just Hoof Beats of The Approaching Horsemen of pestilence, starvation, economic pain- America has lain with the great Whore dressed all in Purple, fornicated with her in the purple falling rain- As they taught you in grade school, each action has a direct and opposite action- Which means evil given, must […]

Checkpoint Asia, is not only a Bitc# for the Red Shield, They Do the Three Point Bow to the Rats, and Spread the Cheeks of Their Own Cavernous Bought and Paid for minion Situpons

When the Red Shield Dragon Blow Job Giving, Checkpoint Asia controlled asset site, could not find a Hazbara could rebuttal my truth, they contacted “technical difficulties” for a couple of days to keep me off the site, then just out right banned me for telling the Gods Honest Truth. Been meaning to point out the […]

Real Americans Huh?

Real Americans huh? Cousin Burr, Vice President who shot and killed the treasonous Usury Empire builder, Father of the “Elastic clause” in the interpretation of the constitution, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel, doing America a HUGE favor. Cousin George Washington should have done it himself. That would be my cousins : Frank and Jessie James, […]

Which America-Lew Rockwell

If all humans, on the American land, were Nobel, honest, honorable, the “constitution” might have stood a snow balls chance in hell of not leading America where it is now. The Constitution, opposite of what is taught in government indoctrination centers called “public schools”, made the heavy handed, blood soaked banner and hands Empire you […]