Elon Musk Threw Me Into Twitter Litter Jail For A Week For Demanding Justice for All The Raped Children And Mass Murdered With Killer Jabs

I called for Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts be convened with baby rapers and mass murderers via loaded syringes being given fair trials before they recieved fair hangings. Elon Musk seems to have taken the call to bring baby rapers and mass murderers to justice personally for some reason. The Ole Dog!

The Time has Come To Embrace Reality

The time has come to embrace reality- Or else continue being a sheep and become a fatality- In the Rothschild’s culling of the Sheeple herd- Don’t be a clueless worshiper of “government” and authority nerd- Pull your head out of your indoctrinated ass- Don’t be a sheep, be a freedom loving man or lass- This […]

Headus Uppus Assus Sheepus Disease

What the sheep think of as the United States of America has been dead for 163 years. Love it or hate it, the 1787 constitution has been dead for 163 years. The closet homosexual atheist Marxist (communist in today’s English) rabidly racist against blacks yankee “puritan” war criminal Lincoln killed both in 1861. In 1871 […]

A Short (sort of) History of the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, The Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship Lincoln replaced the Volunteer Union With, and the UNITED STATES FOR PROFIT CORPORATION Lincoln’s Communist Dictatorship has Become

I read less and less “news” as time goes by. The stupidity of the American sheep makes it easy to peddle unadulterated USAD grade #1 PIG SHIT to them and have them gobble it down and demand more. Washington DC has worked hard to make Americans stupid. I recall looking at an eighth grade graduation […]

Agent Provocateurs Exposed: Zionists That Sparked UCLA Violence Still Haven’t Been Arrested

(The Grayzone) On April 30, thirty people were injured when a mob of Zionist hooligans savagely assaulted the pro-Palestine UCLA encampment shortly before midnight. For over three hours, local and campus police stood down as the masked thugs assaulted students, journalists, and even officers of the law with fireworks volleys, pepper spray, and metal pipes. […]