The Cowardly, No Honor, Ball-less, Ignorant, Me First American Sheep do NOT Want to Hear the Truth, So Why Continue To Take Shit from Americans For Telling the Truth?

USA burns children to death in their homes and church in Waco, Occupied Republic off Texas

So why does some ole fart like me keep telling the truth when the best a truth teller in America can hope for at the present time is to be called crazy, stupid, ignorant, dumb, tin foil hatter, conspiracy nut case, get shit thrown at them, be ostracized from polite society and the herd activities?

Cause I believe about 99.99999999999 percent of Americans could give a flying trapeze less about the truth.

The truth makes them feel queasy, revolted, threatened, exposed.

They would kill the truth tellers if they thought they could get away with it, and in America many truth tellers have been murdered by the USA/DC sheep herders and baby rapers association.

So why tell the truth?

Any half assed phycologist, cult deprogrammer, charlatan religious parasite, can tell you what you pour in a Childs head in their early formative years, the vast majority will never question those believes, and may become violent if the truth of the lie of their indoctrination by mom and dad, ministers, priest, school teachers, Sunday school teachers, is forced before their eyes.

Because they DAMN WELL do not want to see the truth which destroys their carefully crafted false reality.

So why take shit from ignorant jackal and charlatan ass kissing sheep?

Any half assed phycologist, repentant Statesman, minister, therapist, will tell you the vast majority will NEVER accept the truth which shatters their indoctrinated view of the world.

So the trick is, the reason to keep taking shit from crap throwing sheep, is because when you were young, there was no one there to tell you the truth, so you came to believe the lie.

When the Truth was thrust in your face, and you were one of the few with the balls to face it, own all those wasted years of living a lie, you wished someone had told you this shit when you were young.

Well, today there is an internet out there, and the world is full of youngsters.

Those who are exposed to the truth, so they grow up thinking for themselves, many of them will never fully come to believe the lie, will when they have learned enough, tell the truth to others.

This taking shit for telling the truth is not for those people you grew up with who figure you are nuts, the guys you worked with who think you are well meaning but nuts, they are lost souls.
No saving them.
They don’t want to be saved.

But you can save the Children from infection with the lie of the zionist zombie Virus.

You MUST keep telling the truth so as to save as many souls of the children as possible from the misery of a life as the host animal of the evil of the zionist virus.

The indoctrinated sheep are the past.

The Children are the future.

The Ole Dog!

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