War is not the Answer.

Ok, world is a shit hole presently. Most the two legged animals out there are a sorry cowardly, me first bunch of backstabbing, adultery committing degenerates. Many of these self righteous and massively hypocritical. Let me narrow the scope a bit. Looking at most Americans today, I figure if my ancestors/cousins, fought the British, could […]

Rediscovering Heritage-The Abbeville Institute

Wonder how come everyone in the worlds culture and heritage is acceptable in the occupied South, but Southerners? John C Carleton ———————– Lack of attachment to culture, heritage, and tradition is the death of a nation. As a child, I had very little in-depth knowledge of my family’s history. Most of my extended family had […]

There is a Dire Need, For a Real Southern Heritage Organization, Not Controlled By Israhell Firster zionist.

The South Land has been occupied, militarily, by “legal” slight of hand, Southerner’s children indoctrinated with outright lies. USA history, and Americans history, are two different drinks. USA “History” is mandatory for Southern children, in USA yankee zionist indoctrination centers falsely called public schools, for 154 years and counting. Thats the damn truth. Like my […]

The United States is Not a Nation-The Abbeville Institute

Earlier this month, prominent names in the conservative movement gathered in Washington, DC, for a conference on “National Conservatism.” Speakers included such luminaries as Tucker Carlson, Peter Thiel, J.D. Vance, John Bolton, Michael Anton, Rich Lowry, Yuval Levin, and Josh Hawley. Representing the academy were F.H. Buckley, Charles Kesler, Amy Wax, and Patrick Deneen. Other […]

Was mayor Pendejoberg Seeking Forgiveness At San Antonio First Baptist Church Today, For Stealing The Confederate Memorial Out Of Travis Park In San Antonio, Occupied Republic Of Texas

Ramsar, my Head of Intelligence Service here at Kingdom Carleton informs me one of his double agent fly on the wall, reported the Occupation of San Antonio “mayor” Pendejoberg was attending Sunday Morning Services at First Baptist Church Of San Antonio this morning. This fly on the wall reported he was alone, and seemed troubled. […]

Appalachiastan: Culture Of Resistance By John Meyers

“Publisher’s Note: The usual suspects among the communist chattering classes are now pivoting to a new mass advertisement campaign to attract apparatchiks to their serial killer ideology by painting every white human a white supremacist. While I think that government supremacists have done far more damage to earthlings, I look forward to seeing the unintended […]