War is not the Answer.

Ok, world is a shit hole presently.
Most the two legged animals out there are a sorry cowardly, me first bunch of backstabbing, adultery committing degenerates.
Many of these self righteous and massively hypocritical.

Let me narrow the scope a bit.
Looking at most Americans today, I figure if my ancestors/cousins, fought the British, could see the sorry evil self serving, lying, stealing, I need, give me, whiney excuses for humanity, I feel they instead of fighting a hard, long, desperate revolution, would instead just have BBQed a goat or two, drank some good Southern Sipping corn squeezings, gone home and paid that fat fake king the damn tax on his tea!

Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, is a cess pool of selling out America, pedophiles, bribe takers, blackmailed bimbos and pot gutted perverts.

The American people, as poop-less as they have become, no honor, no empathy, no sense of right and wrong, everything has happened to them, always someone else fault, are slaves to a degenerate bunch of evil ass hole Rats.

There is no freedom in America today, no honoring Natural, or God Given rights.

Then should these clueless hordes of sheep be forced to fight for a freedom they do not even understand the meaning of?

Or should the few who faced reality, took responsibility for themselves, their own actions, say to hell with it and walk away, leave them to their ignorance and slavery.

There is a third choice.

You educate them.
They have to want the education.
“Do not cast your pearls before pigs.”
For every generation, there has been a European descendant America, there have been a few folks trying to warn the rest to stay the course with the Light, turn from their evil ways, find some honor, learn, grow spiritually.
They were usually ostracized or murdered.

And each generation, nothing any of them could say, in any words or way they could say it, woke the folks up.
It is when God, Nature, Universe, by whatever name, says, now is the time for humanity to pull their heads out of their backsides, then it will happen.

But in the meantime, you keep trying, here and there one starts to get it.
The mass herd awakening, will be triggered when That Which is says it is time.

While The Americans, who are awake and aware, to different degrees, try to keep hammering away with the truth, I see no sense in inflicting the hell of war on a people who would not truly understand why they were fighting, dying, to bring them something, they do not really want, and will not want, until they too accept self ownership.

The only path to. freedom for Americans, goodness/greatness for America as a land, lies with each American, looking inward, working on their spiritual growth, get rid of those things which are keeping them from growing spiritually, be it ignorance, fear, apathy, cowardliness, laziness, lust.

America can only be great, when the people are good.
The people can only be good, once they own their own selves, actions, destinies, and start growing spiritually.

In the mean time, the few keep trying to place mirrors in front of the partying hordes of ass shaking clueless sheep, who blame God, America, their parents, their dog, their school, their husband, their wife, their children for their problems, instead of looking inward, where the great mystery of life and death, good and evil, will be answered.

Look Inward!

John C Carleton

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