There is a Dire Need, For a Real Southern Heritage Organization, Not Controlled By Israhell Firster zionist.

The South Land has been occupied, militarily, by “legal” slight of hand, Southerner’s children indoctrinated with outright lies.
USA history, and Americans history, are two different drinks.

USA “History” is mandatory for Southern children, in USA yankee zionist indoctrination centers falsely called public schools, for 154 years and counting.

Thats the damn truth.

Like my cousin before me, George S Patton, I will tell you the truth you don’t want to hear, all the damn time, no mater who gets the red ass from the truth, who’s religion is lampooned, who’s “God” government, is shown to be a corrupt nest of sub human vipers!

Telling the truth, not selling America out, got him murdered by USA/WASHINGTON DC, with some help from the Red Russian Bolshevik Communist FDR and a hell of a lot of WASHINGTON DC, which was infested with either outright Russian spies, or treasonous communist loving “Americans”.
Hell, even a Lee descended from General Lee became a spy for the communist against America.

Telling the truth, not shutting up, not selling out America and the Occupied Republic of Texas, might get me murdered by Washington DC also.

If so, that will be the third Washington descendant, I know of, and kin of George Washington, “Father of The Country”, murdered by USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Get all three of us up in Valhalla at once, there will be a Hel of a party, and not a serving girl will be safe!

Vikings will be Vikings!

The first one was Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon.

Great grand nephew of George, recognized leader of the Washington Family, cousin, friend, tent mate, and Aid de Camp to General Robert E Lee, General Commanding, CSA Army.

WASHINGTON DC, assassinated him from concealment, when a battle was not ongoing, in what is now West Virginia, 11 September, 1861, leaving his daughters, not only motherless, but fatherless.

The USA assassians, stole his possessions off his body, which was then returned to General Lee.
Nice of them don’t you think, after murdering the head of the Washington Family while he was carrying one of Georges Swords in defense of his country, Virginia, against invading war criminals.

You see, John was just too much of a danger to USA/Washington DC, as they were attacking his home country.

The prestige, world wide, let alone his fighting ability, of the head Washington, to be a Confederate, probably the next president after Jefferson Davis, of the Confederacy, means the Confederacy would not have lost, had he not been murdered.

His presence, in the Military and the Government of the Confederacy, would have forced England/France to have recognized the Confederacy officially, (they wanted to anyway), long before Russia could bring their navy over to threaten war against Britian and France if they recognized the Confederacy.

Bet most of you did not know Russia helped the USA rape, Rob, murder, burn, steal, make slaves of the American souls?

Ya mean they left that out of your official USA “history” book too?

Official USA history texts, should be filed in the library under F for Fiction!

Everything they indoctrinated you with in USA history, was bull shit.

Real History is out there, but one must dig, deep, then face the truth one searched for.
Most Americans do not want to look at the truth right now, truth scares the sheep shit out of them.

It is changing slowly.
Much too slowly by my standards, but timing of enlightenments of the sheep is above my pay grade.

In this endless assault on Southern Culture, there is a need for an organization, which teaches true Souther culture, history, without worrying about how the truth is going to cause discomfort for members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who stand, salute, say a pledge to the flag of the occupier, which flew over the slaughter of their people.

When the SCV, says their watered down pledge to the Confederate flag, they neither salute, or place their hand over their hearts as they do for the flag of the occupier.
They hold out their hand, palm up in submission, as a conquered people, to a flag they betray with their actions.

Hell, they not going to fight this shit being forced on Texicans, Southerners.
They do not know how to fight like what is needed to win.

I believe in reincarnation.
Am one of the few, Blessed/Cursed to know many of my former lives.

Robert E lee, was/is, my friend, cousin, and clan member.
I love him, for his devotion to duty, his kind heart, his strict adherence to the strictest standards of chivalry, even when the other side was raping children to death.
He would not lower himself, nor allow any Confederate soldier to lower themselves, to the level of despised evil of the yankee war criminal.

But the South does not need Robert E Lee right now, God bless him.
The South, needs fellow, patriots, like my cousins Frank and Jessie James.
Jessie said the war never ended.

It did not, it has not, against our people.

And no, I was neither of these two either.

What the South needs, is a reoccurrence, a new pride in their Viking, Celtic Galic roots, traditions, way of life, way of honor.

The Church of Rome, which fed people to wild animals, burned em at the stake, tortured innocent folks in every evil way they7 could think of, murdered, nay slaughtered millions and millions, stole like the thieves they are, called the Vikings, Celts, savages, “Pagans”.

I am Southern.
I am Texican.
I am Viking!
I am a Heathen!
I am “Pagan”!
Lets Dance!

Kiss my ass if you don’t like the truth.
If it upsets your tummy.

There is no time for coddling the weak of spirit and mind.

There needs to ne a Southern Organization formed, which excludes zionist of all stripes.
“Christian” warvangelica Israhell firsters, as well as Khazarians claiming to be American, while being loyal first and foremost to the illegal occupation of the Semitic Palestinian people, the calculated Holocaust of the indigenous Semitic Palestinian souls by the Russian Expat and Spawns there of, reject outcaste from the steppes of Russia, a Turkish bunch who converted to the End of Times Death cult Religion in 0740 AD.
There is history, acknowledged, proven history from the time of the conversion, to back that up.
As Modern DNA also backs up these people are not Hebrew.

It is all a scam!

The “Southern Organizations”, have long since had sleepers, zionist, of both stripes, put into positions of power in the organizations, to throw monkey wrenches into the gears, keep everyone walking in circles, getting nothing done, while their zionist brothers finish off the South, and the Southern culture.

I was involved with both the SCV and Military Order of the Stars and bars, as an officer.
Know that of which I speak.

Need to start writing a Bill of Grievances Article calling for the Return of the Occupied Republic of Texas sovereignty, which reconstitutes a Under Occupation Republic of Texas Government Based on the Republic of Texas Constitution of 1836.

Might as well start writing some by laws for a Southern Truth/Heritage Organization.
Pen sometimes is mightier than the sword.
And the Occupation of the Republic of Texas “government”, will find it hard to justify sending goons to murder Texicans who are simply addressing the civilized world beyond the artificial lines of the USA, with the truth and ask for support from the world at large.

But who knows, the USA murdered about 100 people for defending their home from an illegal BATF raid, when the USA goons came out shooting at the house so it would look good for the TV news camera, which the BATF had invited along on this caper which was meant to get them out of Hot water for sexual harassment, sexual discrimination against female agents.

6o Minuets had done a hatchet piece on them on the subject, it was close to aproperations time in congress.

BATF got their asses handed to them.

So the FBI burned the children to death in their church in Waco, occupied Republic of Texas, for daring to defy the criminal acts of Uncle Sugar!

But it must be done!
The truth must be told!

If WASHINGTON DC, wants to murder another Washington descendant, here I am you low life cock sucking baby raping mother fuckers!

If I end up in Valhalla with John and George, we going to drink mead, chase girls, and cuss USA/Washington DC, which murdered us.

Then we will start training for Ragnarök!

John C Carleton

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