McDonald’s franchise sues Israel boycott movement – The campaign has been accused of harming the brand in Malaysia by means of defamatory social media posts-IN OTHER WORDS, BY TELLING THE TRUTH

If an individual or a company is in bed with a criminally insane demonically possessed mass murderer, be it another individual or a crime cabal masquerading as a country One is guilty of accessory to mass murder. That’s a hanging offense. It has always amazed me the child rapers, the child murderers, the land stealers, […]

Do You Want To Live? Stay The Hell Away From Doctors & Hospitals

Current Voodoo Witch’s brew “Health Experts” boogiman- “Doctors fear new Covid strain could trigger ‘heart failure pandemic’ across the globe”. Using a SCAMDEMIC based on a Non Existent “virus” Which the evil sons of bitches used to force Killer Jabs on humans in violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, which is a hanging offense […]

Lavrov Of Russia says Russia is Genociding Ukrainians To Steal Their Land-Israel pursuing similar goals to Russia – Lavrov

I told my Viet Nam vet buddy Russia could have rolled up Ukraine inside of a week. He said one day should have done it. We both are very knowledgeable in history and military matters. Ukranians are being genocided for the benefit of the Jew Cult just as the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian descendants of the […]