Double FAKE “prince” Big Pie Hole Harry and Gold Digging Bimbo Bitch Meghan Markle ‘lose ANOTHER key aide-The FAKE “royals” No One Likes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘lose ANOTHER key aide’: Couple’s global press secretary at Archewell Foundation steps down – the latest of at least 12 of their top staff to leave since 2018 Toya Holness has stepped down as couple’s top PR aide on both sides of Atlantic She was previously described as ‘Meghan’s shadow’ […]

The Old Man and the Child

One day a child asked a very old man he met upon a walk- If he would explain to him a mystery, they sat as the old man began to talk- The child asked if America had always been a dung heap of evil pain death and starvation- What the old man had to say […]

A Woman, Once Married to A Man, Is The Chattel Slave, of Her Husband, And May Never Leave, Nor Fight Back, No Matter What He Does To Her! (The yankee USA War Criminal Anti Secessionist View)

Anyone, anyone at all, which states secession was not, is not legal, by the same principle argues, a women, once married to a man, is his chattel slave, with which he can do anything he wants, including rape her against her will, pimp her out, murder her, and she has no right to object or […]