Some People? Are Only Alive Because It Is Illegal To Kill Them!

Years back, in a war young folks don’t know happened, what I thought of as America, my country, USA and all that, was more a danger to me than the enemy.
USA hung our butts out to dry, using USA GI’s and as Henry Pissinger so truthful said of how Washington DC views GI’s”
“Military personnel are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
I could go on for hours about the hanging out to dry of Americans who were being used as pawns in foreign policy.

Purple Hearts, a folded flag, a chump change life insurance policy, cheap price for getting Americans killed so USA/Washington DC can play political foreign policy games which do not benefit America, Americans.

Then they used several hundred thousand of us GIs as Lab rats in an medical experiment with an untested Anthrax vaccine.

Then every US military doctor, congressmen, VA rep, I came in contact with, pissed on me, and walked off.

Anyway, because of the trauma of taking it up the butt, repeatably by Uncle Sugar, (he is not even faithful, he goes up the road and does the same to my Viet Nam vet brother also), I can legally take one of my dogs with me wherever I damn well want to go.

Have one, he never met a stranger, knows how to work a crowd.

This morning he and I went on a spring water run to the local Wally World, (family grocers long ran out of business).
Because, sitting on top of one of the cleanest underground aquifers in the world, the local water district, pumps it to the surface, pours hazardous waste into it, Fluoride, cancer, brittle bone causing Hazardous waste by product of making aluminum or chemicals fertilizer.

This Wal Mart is horrible for having only a handful of checking stands open.
At this time in the morning, there were two.
Went to the one for over twenty although I had only 15 gal of water and two gallons of milk.

Dog is standing by me as I wait in line.

Some ass hole with one leg, instead of driving the motorized cart the wrong way through one of the probably twenty something unused lanes, drives the wrong way up the isle in use and mouths off at me to get my dog out of the way.

Before the had let the last word fly, I called him a son of a bitch and told him why did he not get the hell out of my dogs way?

Leaving, I stopped to allow the Door women to say hello to this dog, they are friends, I was telling her what happened when the son of a bitch came rolling by.
I told her, there is the son of a bitch there.

He tried to mouth off.
I just waved him out the door and told him to run along, then finished my conversation with the dog’s lady friend.

What am I going to do, kick a one legged mans ass?
But let a one legged man purposely hit my dog with his motorized cart, and I will pick him up by the collar of his shirt and bitch slap the shit out of him!

Just because he lost a leg to diabetes because he did not take care of his ass, does not give him an excuse to be rude to my dog!
My dog can not bitch slap him, and is too well mannered to bite except in last ditch self defense, so its is my place.

Son of bitch like that would not have made it that old without laws protecting his ass from being killed for being a rude ass hole going out of his way to try to bully dogs and cats!

Don’t worry about the little dog, it is the ole big dog will take a hunk out of their ass!

Don’t mess with my dog, my cat, my family, my home.
The Viking genes are still very strong in my line.

John C Carleton
American Viking.

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