Let the Ages Roll!

Let the endless ages roll, As once more, the fires of life, temper my soul From the slime of time i arose triumphant, To stand, dance the jig of life, un-repentant, Reaching for the Light of the brightest star, Falling short of that pursuit, each life, again a bar, Yet moving in baby steps, closer […]

Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton Press Release! Illegal Immigrant, Public Assistance Scamming, Commoner, Pedophile/Human Baby Eating lizards, Found Squatting in the English People’s Buckingham Palace!

NEWS FLASH! Ramsar, the Head of the Kings’s own Intelligence Service, FTZMF, (Fuck The Zionist Mother Fuckers), has turned a Buckingham Palace fly on the wall into a double agent for said Kingdom of Carleton’s, English Field Office. The King must first digest the shocking things he has learned about the Slavic/Turkmen outcast, rejects, Via […]

Big Lizard Rules of Claw.

This will be a continuing work. When one comes to me, i will add. For now, first rule! # 1. Being a big Lizard can be a real pain in the ass, but it beats being a sheep all to hell! All day long! Every Damn Day! # 2. Big Lizards should never marry sheep. […]

Skulls for the Shull Throne- The Unz Review

Watched a history type show on the same subject the other night. Very interesting. “Historians, had maintained the fore runners of the Aztecs, were a peaceful, love and happiness, back to nature civilization! Whoooooooooppppppppppppssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One, has to judge, a people, from a period in history, by their worlds standards, not yours a thousand or two […]

Popular Uprising by the Civilian Citizens, of Deir Ezzur, Against The USA Sent Terrorist-Fars News

Seems, the Syrian people, who WASHINGTON DC/USA, claimed to be “saving”, by sending terrorist to rape, rob, kidnap, and murder the Syrians, are killing the USA SENT Terrorist, in self defense! USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! The Land of the Pedophile, And the Home of the American Debt and sex slave! USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! John C Carleton http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13970407000457

Washington’s Syria Chess Game Leave Iraqi Forces Battling ISIS, Dead, (Murdered)-The Last American Vagabond

Yesterday, Washington DC/USA, pedophiles, raped babies and ordered war crimes. Today, Washington DC/USA, pedophiles, Raped babies and ordered war crimes. Tomorrow, Washington DC/USA, pedophiles, will rape babies, and order war crimes. USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!, The land of the pedophile, and the home of the American Slave! John C Carleton