The Invasion of Syria, by zionist, and Their Paid Terrorist, could have been wrapped up By Russia, in a Very Few Months at the Most.

Syria, is not all that large. Lot of it is desert. Only place to hide, mountains, underground, or in towns and cities. Not tooting my own horn, but buttressing what i have to say militarily, by a couple of facts. When i graduated high school, the local congressman called my father, to see if i […]

Hasaka: US Conducts Another Heliborne Operations to Rescue ISIL Terrorists-Fars News

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US military forces continue illegal heliborne operations and rescued three ISIL terrorists from the Eastern province of Hasaka near the border with Iraq on Saturday. The sources said that an American military helicopter, accompanied by several military vehicles of the Washington-backed Kurdish militias, conducted a heliborne operation between the villages of Tal […]

Alamo Defenders! Cenotaph under attack by Washington DC via the carpetbagger BadBush, alleged Land Commissioner of the yankee occupation “Texas State government” in the occupied Republic of Texas, and from Mexico, Via Mayor PendejoBerg, and pack of hairless chihuahua’s masquerading as a city council.-YouTube

The CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, already stole a Confederate monument, refuse to give it back, or give back the park it was in, which does not belong to the city. i was at the Federal hearing, when the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, in response to the Law Suit by Southerners, to keep the Statue where […]