Alamo Defenders! Cenotaph under attack by Washington DC via the carpetbagger BadBush, alleged Land Commissioner of the yankee occupation “Texas State government” in the occupied Republic of Texas, and from Mexico, Via Mayor PendejoBerg, and pack of hairless chihuahua’s masquerading as a city council.-YouTube

The CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, already stole a Confederate monument, refuse to give it back, or give back the park it was in, which does not belong to the city.

i was at the Federal hearing, when the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, in response to the Law Suit by Southerners, to keep the Statue where it was, so it was not damaged being taken down, until all legal channels had been gone through.

The Occupation Federal Judge, who wanted it down, being a former 9th Federal circuit judge, spoon fed the inapt CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, attorneys, that they were not going to damage it taking it down.

And when i say inapt!
Thats what the hell i mean!

Southerners had FKed up very badly, had their ass flapping in the wind on one point.

If i had been council for the criminals from SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL, one of them councilmen could have put the thing in their garden, cause they would have owned it, and the legal standing balls of the Southerners involved!

i was there as i supported of the Southern Cause, and i sat there cringing, waiting for the CITIES legal hired guns, to chop our heads off.

They missed it all together, of the panel of lawyers sitting there, none of them saw it!

i was VERY happy, but very AMAZED, at the quality of legal minds a crime cabal the size of the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, had on retainer.

The Lying CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, assured the biased federal minion, they surly would never allow harm or damage to happen to said state when they stole it!

They damaged it, will not return it, or even allow Southerners to look at it, or know where it it is being hid.

When questioned about the time capsule, everyone and their dog knew was buried there in 1899, THE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, said they knew nothing of it, did not have it, did not find it.

When the Southerners got a lawyer involved, the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, admitted they had been lying their asses off, and did have the capsule.

My personal belief is, Mayor PendejoBerg, and his band of LULAC/La Raza hairless chihuahua’s on CITY COUNCIL, save one, had planned to auction it off on the Black Market, Possibly to drug Lords in Mexico, and split the stolen loot.

The Criminal Felons, of the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO “government”, also stole two cannons at the same time, of which there seems to be no trace of!

Anyway, neither the alleged judge, any of the hairless chihuahua’s, or mayor PendejoBerg, are in jail.

In Fact, the same ole gang, former 9th circuit minion, and the same CITY HALL criminals, are trying to rape Texicans, as raped the descendants of Confederates.

And STILL, none of the GUILTY, have been ARRESTED.

Must be nice, when your crime cabal, controls the courts, police, purse strings, and vote counting!

Now the Criminal CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, and the yankee carpet bagger spawn of the foreign to Texas, BadBush family, want to move the Cenotaph to the defenders away from the Alamo to a back street somewhere.

Just 500 feet they say.

That memorial, has been there since the 1930s, standing, a place Texicans, can come, direct descendants, cousins, or transplanted people who embrace Texas as their new home, and honor these men, who have no individual grave.

Amazes me, Yankees, Mexico firsters don’t like Texican ways, there are roads going North, and Roads going South!

For some unknown reason, up to this point, these discontented foreigners, have not yet availed themselves of the services of a U-Haul!

Puzzling to say the least!

Want to act like a godless puritan self righteous yankee white trash?

Get thy sorry ass back to yankee land!
Soon as possible!

Want to act like your whinny ass is in Mexico, get thee back to the land of your fathers!

Roads going North, and roads going south!

John C Carleton

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