The Invasion of Syria, by zionist, and Their Paid Terrorist, could have been wrapped up By Russia, in a Very Few Months at the Most.

Syria, is not all that large.

Lot of it is desert.

Only place to hide, mountains, underground, or in towns and cities.

Not tooting my own horn, but buttressing what i have to say militarily, by a couple of facts.

When i graduated high school, the local congressman called my father, to see if i wanted a “free” education at West point.

Most people got to kiss ass and chew rope, to get in there, it was offered me on a silver platter.

Not the direction my life was to go, so i did not go to their school.

i went to the school of hard knocks, then did mine enlisted.

i am authorized to wear the Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist insignia.

Now, The zionist, Usury pedophile bankers, who own Israhell, the crime cabal, occupying Palestine, which is Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people, in the Palestinians own Ancestral Home Land, who control most Western “governments”, including the crime cabal, USA, started this war by sending invading mercenary terrorist, including Saudi’s, who were in prison under death penalties.
These scum of the earth criminals, were pardoned, on condition, they would go murder/rape, Syrian’s.

Along comes Putin on his white charger, to save Syria!

But he don’t!

He drags a small conflict, out for years.

He allows Israhell, and their bitch, USA, personally, and through their paid terrorist, to invade, murder Syrians by the tens of thousands, to include murdering Iranians, and Russians, in Syria.

Does putin take out the invading USA troops, bomb the hell out of Tel Aviv, put a stop to this mickey mouse shit?


He welcomes Nitwityahoo, the head pedophile from occupied Palestine, to Moscow, has “warm productive meetings”, with him, black outs on most of what was discussed or decided.

There are pictures of Putin at the wall, with the cap on his head, making a fool out of himself, and kissing the zionist asses, as any politician wishes to hang on to the public teat, or get a more forward teat, seems to have to do.

He drags a piss ant war out for years.

During this time, Russia gets to test her new military hardware, show the world it is better than the USA overpriced junk, and make a killing selling tools to murder humanity, to other countries.

Putin has stood, as a barrier, between any meaningful retaliation on Israhell, for it’s crimes, and those who Israhell are attacking.

When recently, Israhell, flew American Worker funded F-16s, with ever new fangled Anti-aircraft weapon jammer Washington has, paid for also by the American worker, who is struggling financially already, murdered a bunch of Iranians in Syria,

Russia, (Putin is not Russia government alone), imediantally said they were going to provide Syria with S-300 Anti Aircraft systems, (S-400’s are in Syria, but under Russian control, and WILL NOT fire at anything Israhell, seeming to have a Putin Chip, which will not allow firing at anything Israhell).

Nitwityahoo runs to Putin, Russia goes back on their word, and tries to peddle a bull shit story of how they are going to upgrade Syrias Anti-aircraft weapons, which are of an ancient design, and Russia don’t need to give or sell S-300’s to Syria.

Now, you can take a modern night vision scope, mount it on a 18th century Brown Bess, Smooth Bore Musket, give it to your military snipers, on the front lines.

But why would you?

And any soldier, you tried to do that to, didn’t shove that musket right up your ass in disgust, is not worth a shit anyway!

Syria needs Russia, but they are all aware, they have Russia’s support, up to a point only.

And if you think, Putin, as the head military power, in Syria, does not dictate whats going to go on in Syria, to Assad at least at some level, you do not understand reality on the world political and military stage.

Putin, is one of three things.

Ideologically, he agrees with Israhell.
(the Occupiers of Palestine are Turkmen/slavic half breeds from the steppes of Russian and Ukraine, outcaste!
Run out of their own homeland, and their descendants)


He is just another political prostitute.
(He is worth billions)


He squats when he pees, and then wipes the front with toilet paper.
(i can find no record of Putin personally having had his ass in the grass or sand, when it mattered)

John C Carleton

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