Israhell, ISIL Cooperate to Launch New Attacks against Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra-Fars News

And the evil which is Israhell, just keeps on doing evil, for evil’s sake! John C Carleton TEHRAN (FNA)- Israel launched a new attack against the Syrian army positions in Quneitra, media sources said, adding that Tel Aviv is cooperating with the ISIL terrorists to stop the army’s operations in Hawz al-Yarmouk region in Southwestern […]

Masters of the Universe Strike! Cartoonist Fired for Mocking “NuttyYahoo”

An Israeli cartoonist for the Jerusalem Post was fired Tuesday by the news agency over his cartoon portraying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Likud lawmakers as pigs from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” Cartoonist Avi Katz, who worked for the Jerusalem Post for nearly three decades, recently drew a cartoon of Netanyahu and members […]

White Helmets Pulled Back from Syria to Avoid Intelligence Leak-Fars News

Israhell/US, have been murdering their mid level terrorist “leader” talent, and withdrawing valued foreign Israhell terrorist leaders, for months now, as they retreat and give up territory back to the Syrian Government. This is a good read. John C Carleton White Helmets Pulled Back from Syria to Avoid Intelligence Leak TEHRAN (FNA)- The western countries […]

Breaking!!!!!- Kingdom of Carleton’s fly on the wall, in the Kremlin, has furnished an “alleged” transcript, of Putin’s and Nitwityahoo’s latest behind closed doors meetings!

Ramsar, the reformed zionist, reincarnated as a billy goat, who runs Kingdom of Carleton’s Intelligence Service, FTzMF, (Fk The zionist Mother Fker’s), announces a transcript obtained in a sneaky underhanded way, which is alleged by the double agent Fly On The Wall, inside the Kremlin, to be a truthful transcript of ever word which passed […]