WAYLON JENNINGS – Let’s All Help The Cowboys / Willy The Wanderin’ Gypsy And Me (Live In TX 1975)-YouTube

A two for one!

Thats different than a dofor.

When i was a petty officer in the Seabees, they made us take females.
Made it a hell of a lot harder to take a constitutional!

Anyway, had this female in my rifle square once, told me her husband said she was a dofor!

i asked, whats that mean.

She said, i will do for now.

I said, and you let him live?

Enjoy one of Country Musics best!

And one of my heroes.

He, Hank, Johnny, probably got a band, doing eternal tour up there!

They got slots ready for Kriss and Willy, but they said there ain’t no rush.

John C Carleton

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