The Grand Illusion of Imperial Power-Information Clearinghouse

i trace the evil much further back than he does, but the evil is there regardless of when it arrived on America’s shores.

The old Dutch East India Company, rebranded as the British Empire, is only part of an Empire.

The Square Mile, or the CITY OF LONDON, not the city of London, seems to be headquarters.

The Vatican, is crowd control through superstitions, or religion if you will.

IMF, World Bank, are both financial tools of the Empire, as is the ICC, and the UN.

Israhell, is the military outpost, in the Middle East, a tool to keep wars going in the M. E., and the pedophile, Usury “bankers”, lure to the armies of the world, to bring about, the zionist wet dream nightmare, of their delusional end of times bull shit.

You have to understand, those pulling the strings, do not believe any of what the true believers do.

The String Pullers, serve an evil, bloodthirsty, demon war god, who they sacrifice humans too, both ritually one at a time, and in mass sacrifices such as wars.

The UNITED STATES/USA/WASHINGTON DC, is a sub corporation, of the CITY OF LONDON based, British Anglo zionist Empire, making it a foreign POS, to America, and Americans.

The USA, is the military arm, and current Usury world currency, although, the Not Federal, and No Reserves Dollar, is dying.

That said, lot of good info in this article.

John C Carleton

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