Why Does Evil Exist

Ever ask yourself that? Think how great it would be if evil could be banished from this world? Not going to happen. Evil is necessary for this world to function properly. That does not mean one does not fight evil, one must unless one is working for the Dark side. But evil is necessary because, […]

Liberty Has Lost Its Protection-Paul Craig Roberts

Personally not a fan of the replacement “constitution”, which replaced the Articles of Confederation, the Rebels against Britain fought under, and for. The Articles gave the Americans freedom at the end of a long hard, bloody war. The replacement constitution, forced on Revolution War veterans, by Empire Builders, lawyers, political Prostitutes, Elites, stole that freedom […]


Illegal drugs including cocaine, ecstasy and opiates can potentially be less harmful than tobacco or alcohol yet are seen as dangerous narcotics due to cultural biases and politics rather than actual science, according to a report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Calling for a comprehensive review of the international system that classifies drugs, […]

The Civil War Now in America-Covert Geopolitics

America is controlled only by its wealthiest, and they are solidly in control of both political Parties. However, now that they are in control, they are fighting bitterly amongst one-another. They are on two sides. by Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog Concerning foreign policies, and domestic policies, Republican Party billionaires hate especially Iran, and […]

The Self-righteous “puritan” Oliver Cromwell and the “Jews”, (Non Semitic Khazarians, Russian Expats)

Semitic Palestinians being Holocausted by Russian Expat and Spawn thereof Non Semitic Khazarian 0740 AD converts, in the Steppes of Russia, to the Evil End of Times Death Cult religion. My Great-great Grandfather type Edward the first kicked the Non Semitic Russian Expat and Spawn thereof Khazarians, who converted to the zionist End of Times […]

Every 12 Minutes, The United States Drops A Bomb Somewhere.

Warvangelical puritan zionist “christianity” missionary work! Glory-Glory Hallelujah! Nothing quite like slaughtering Humanity for JESUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John C Carleton ————————————– The United States, which is not legally at war with a single foreign country, is dropping bombs on foreigners at the astounding rate of 121 bombs per day — one bomb every 12 minutes. Worse still, […]

Occupied Republic of Texas yankee Occupation “government” “School Board” Considers Introducing Sex Education For Kindergartners

GROOMING FOR PEDOPHILLIA PERHAPS? John C Carleton ————————————— The Texas State Board of Education is considering new policies that would begin sex education during kindergarten. Texas Education Board Commissioner Mike Morath made recommendations in his health care review that include lessons about healthy relationships and reproduction. Brae’Lee Stewart is six years old and just finished […]

5 signs you’re actually a Puritan psychopath

From the article: “Hanging women thought to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693 was probably the pinnacle of religious Puritanism.” Nope, the pinnacle of religious puritanism happened 1861-1865, with the gang raping of Southern Children, their mothers, and African American women they now try to claim their fought the war to free, […]

Some Good Books For Americans Who’s Heads Are Not Up Their Asses, or Americans Wanting To Pull Their Heads Out of That Dark Dank Place!

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War https://www.amazon.com/Red-Republicans-Lincolns-Marxists-Marxism/dp/0595446981/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Red+republicans-Lincolns+Marxist&qid=1561667340&s=gateway&sr=8-1 David Irving’s facsimile record and commentary on the infamous American policy for Germany […]