Ramaswamy Bitch To Khazarian Globalist says Today’s Politicians Are “Hollowed Out Husks Serving As Puppets” To The Globalist Machine

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy spoke in length recently about his opinions on the deep state and how he would go about opposing it, calling U.S. politicians “puppets” and “hollowed out husks” serving a ‘globalist machine‘, just like him. He said the other day US/DC will never stop stealing American workers currency and sending it […]


In the early 20th century US “government injected black soldiers with Syphilis, let them take it home to their wives, have children born to them so they could be used as lab rats to study the STD. During the Atomic test, US stood American GIs out to be hit with the radiation to see what […]

Thousands of U.S. doctors pedaled Covid JABS for CASH BONUSES making thousands of dollars daily while infecting millions of people with clotting spike proteins

Big Pharma shelled out billions of dollars extra to U.S. doctors who bombarded their patients with experimental, dangerous, vascular-clogging clot shots also known as “Covid vaccinations.” It was a no-holds-barred mass human experiment with gene-mutating injections never even proven safe or effective on animals. The FDA never approved them, and they did NOT qualify for […]

Surgical/Dust Mask Worn To Stop The Spread of a Non Existent Virus Causes Cancer

There is no such “virus” as the mythical “SARS-COV-02″ Virus”. If there were, dust and surgical mask would not stop the transmission of the non existent virus. The weave of those type mask are much larger than a Virus organism which means a virus can pass freely through any of these type mask. https://www.dossier.today/p/how-the-flu-disappeared-during-the Not […]


“Trump is the man to save the world and probably the human beings in the world as well…call back Trump, that’s the only way out…” https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/very-dangerous-moment-hungarys-orban-warns-tucker-3rd-world-war-knocking-door Trump has been the Khazarian Mafia’s bitch his whole life. And still is. There is an answer to Americans problems, to MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And it sure as […]


“Just when we thought we could forget about COVID-19, the virus appears to be surging again.” https://www.zerohedge.com/sponsored-post/there-no-doubt-we-are-starting-another-outbreak-covid-19-dr-peter-mccullough-how-be Any ass hole still trying to pimp the Scamdemic was real bullshit is either too stupid to be allowed to pass their genes on, or has taken the 30 shekels to help holocaust humanity. https://www.dossier.today/p/how-the-flu-disappeared-during-the If they are […]

University Of Alabama Dean: Identity Politics Is ‘The Whole Purpose Of The University’-KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME-THEY CAN HAVE PROMISCUOUS SEX CHEAPER AT HOME

A recent report provides chapter and verse on just how badly DEI has colonized Alabama’s system of public higher education. Want to know how diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology has begun to take over public higher education in Alabama? Read Scott Yenor’s recent report, “Going Woke in Dixie?: The progress of DEI at the University […]

NATO-“Liberated” Libya: Foreign Minister Fired For Meeting With Israel

THE KHAZARIAN JEW HILLARY KLINTON OVERJOYED ISRAEL CONTROLLED US/DC MURDERED THE LIBYAN HEAD OF STATE Muammar Gaddafi AND BOMBED LIBYA BACK TO THE STONE AGE Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush met with her Israeli counterpart FM Eli Cohen last week in Rome. Upon reports of the “controversial” meeting, mass protests have erupted across the country, […]