Where i Come From

A father and mother who gave a damn, fed me, clothed me until i could get some after school yard jobs in Jr high, whipped my ass when it needed it, loved me. Grew up split between swimming in the Rio Grande, (used to swim over to the Mexican side), and swimming in the headwaters […]

The Tyranny Of Victimless Crime

The United States is indeed an exceptional nation. It has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, but almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. It has over 2 million people behind bars, more than any other nation. And it has the highest per capita prison rate. A great many of the Americans who […]

9-11/Israel did it-Wikispooks

If you love Israel, move the fuck there and get the hell out of my country! Stop using my people for cannon fodder and sex slaves. Fuck Israel! I am an American! John C Carleton “9-11/Israel did it” Evidence for the proposition that the Israeli deep state was involved in the 9-11 event. This article […]

10 Secrets About America That Will Make you Wonder Where All the Freedom went-The Last American Vagabond

Good Read. However, there were 9, Nine, years of freedom in America, after the War for Freedom Against Britain was over. Nine years of freedom, thats what all that fighting, dying, sorrow and devastation, bought the American people, Nine years. Then the “elites”, Usury bankers like Hamilton, Political whores like George Washington, yankee Puritan zionist […]

Fighting Israel’s Wars,-The Unz Review

Must just make American parents all fuzzy feeling to know their sons and daughters, got blown to bits for profit, of the little crime cabal, occupying Palestine/Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people. The are also occupying Washington DC/USA, which occupies America. I wish Americans could think for themselves, and had a set of balls! John C […]

Forget Russia-Here’s How Much Israel is Spending to Influence American Politics- Information Clearing House

Israhell, blackmails US political whores to give 8 Million Dollars A Day, to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people. The homicidal psychopaths, then use money stolen from the American worker, to bribe political whores, to fuck America, Americans, for the benefit of the war criminals which make up the fanatical […]