Bare with Me

Got sick and under the weather, always nice being used as a lab rat by WASHINGTON DC/USA, while serving in the military, so that they fried your immune system experimenting with a vaccine which had never been tested on humans, and was against the law to test on us, but the WASHINGTON DC whores said, […]

yankees Suck!

I have spent forty years, wandering in the wilderness of yankee self righteousness and lies! The official, USA history, and the Holly Whore version of USA history, is unadulterated, USDA, #1 grade, pure de ole bull shit! When you get to the war of 1861-1865, they REALLY start lying. It was not a civil war. […]

My reply to a zionist internet troll, who tried to justify the USA’s rape of the South, and objecting to my calling all but three of USA’s wars unjustified.

First! Any person, trying to claim, the Sovereign Southern States, did not have a right to secede from an abusive federation, must also maintain, once a woman marries a man, he owned her, she can never leave, no matter how he abuses her or her children, steals from her, makes a slave and prisoner of […]

US-Backed Militants Arrest Over 1,000 Civilians under Forced Recruitment Plan in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

The whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, claim the reason they are illegally in Syria, (a war crime), and bombing the hell out of the Syrian Civilians, and Syrian Military, is to save the Syrian Civilians, from the Syrian Government, which the Syrian Civilians, overwhelmingly support! So why does WASHINGTON DC/USA, have their […]