Jeffery Epstein Stands Before The Light!

Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophile, Mossad agent, runner of Mossad pedophile honeytraps, scum sucking piece of shit, big Buddys with the likes of President Trump and Bill the walking Rape sex attack tool Clinton, becomes aware he is standing before a brilliant Light Creature, in a world or place he has never seen the likes of in […]

Israel’s Barak, US sex trafficking suspect Epstein ties exposed

Former Israeli Prime Minister and election candidate Ehud Barak held a multi-million-dollar business partnership with Jeffrey Epstein, the US billionaire who was this week arrested for sex trafficking underage girls. According to an exposé yesterday by Israeli daily Haaretz, Barak – who served as Israel’s Prime Minister between 1999 and 2001 and recently announced his […]