Amazing What Watering The Soul Can Do For One’s Life

The wife has a tree in the front yard, which is about sixteen foot high, has beautiful pink flowers on it when it blooms.

She told me what kind of tree she wanted, where she wanted it.
I went got one, planted it, been watering and caring for it for years now, but it is my wife’s tree.
Just ask her!

South Texas is in a dry spell right now, starting to get bad.
Few weeks back, when things were wet, these type trees were blooming all over our area.
Was driving, going somewhere, we were pointing out the different color blooms.
But now it is dry.

Across the street is another house with three or four of these trees, taller than the wife’s.
You can see they want to bloom, but the tree knows better, through nature, than to expend valuable resources blooming, when it might need those resources to stay alive through a dry spell.

The wife’s tree is full of beautiful pink blooms.
Just finished watering it.
As I have been every day.
Across the way, they are not watering theirs.

Same with ones soul, soul has to be fed to grow.
The soul can survive dry times when the soul does not eat, is not watered with truth, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, but it can not grow during those times.

If you want your soul looking like the trees across the street, barren, just hanging on to life, then do not feed your soul with.truth, knowledge, understanding, wisdom.

One can feed their soul on evil crap, and it does not grow, it actually digresses.

But if you want your life to have a bit of sweetness and some flowers in it, some real growth and productivity, you will need to feed your soul with truth, knowledge, understanding, wisdom.

I really wish all you Americans out there would stop feeding your souls evil crap, start feeding it some real food, get some spiritual growth.

The small percentage of Americans trying to hold on till the American sheep herd does so, so they can grow out of being sheep, could really, really use the help!

John C Carleton