Former housekeeper sues the Sow Nitwityahoo Tries Not to Sleep With over abusive behaviour

My mistake, the other Sow.

The Ole Dog!

Sara Netanyahu is being sued by a former housekeeper who claims to have been the victim of mistreatment while working at the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence. The accusations made by the 56-year-old immigrant from France include work-related harassment and abusive employment, Channel 12 has reported.

After working at the residence for only five months up to November 2019, lawyer Opheer Shimson says his client, who wishes to keep her identity secret, is demanding $190,000 in damages for the abuse from the Prime Minister’s wife.

“She adores the Prime Minister and saw her work at his home as a form of national service,” Shimson told Associated Press. “But she’s been traumatised by her experience. Everyone knew what was going on there, and no one can say otherwise.”

In diary entries submitted to the court, the ex-employee describes how Sara Netanyahu abused her, humiliated her and lashed out at her. “Enough, save me, I want to die, the problem is that I don’t have any choice and everyone knows that,” reads one passage. “It’s impossible to live every day with a psychopath. I’m dying to leave before it’s too late. I pray that everything will pass and a miracle will happen. God, make a miracle for me! I can’t live another day with this psychopath. I’m dying to get out of here before it’s too late.”


Former housekeeper sues Sara Netanyahu over abusive behaviour

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