The Cowardly, No Honor, Ball-less, Ignorant, Me First American Sheep do NOT Want to Hear the Truth, So Why Continue To Take Shit from Americans For Telling the Truth?

So why does some ole fart like me keep telling the truth when the best a truth teller in America can hope for at the present time is to be called crazy, stupid, ignorant, dumb, tin foil hatter, conspiracy nut case, get shit thrown at them, be ostracized from polite society and the herd activities? […]

My answer to a red Russian Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Israhell Internet Hazbara and witches brew Voodoo Vaccine whore when IT had one of those zionist Zombie Virus attacks today.

Perhaps if you held your breath until you turned blue in the face, the magical Steppes of Russia fairy will turn your Non Semitic red Russian. Mongolian mongrel type Khazarian outcaste invader self into a real Hebrew! Wait, there is a flaw with that. Several in fact. One, not all Hebrews belonged to the End […]