Homeless in Gaza

American zionist “christians”, go to church on Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy, cheer Israhells Holocausting of the Semitic Palestinian people, and don’t give a shit about lost souls like these.

John C Carleton

Salah al-Juju, who has been homeless for 21 years, spends his nights searching for books in Gaza’s trash. Abed Zagout

When Gaza’s people sleep at night, Salah al-Juju wakes up from his makeshift bed in Palestine Square, in the center of Gaza City, and begins his customary tour.

Al-Juju, 56, has lived on Gaza’s streets for some 21 years. Every night until sunrise he searches through Gaza’s garbage containers looking for books.

This routine, or “personal initiative,” as he puts it, started seven years ago.

“Books are my only friend on this planet,” he told The Electronic Intifada. “This undertaking is a message to our youth not to undermine their future by throwing away books.”

Sarcastically, he added: “It seems that the best library in Gaza is garbage. I don’t know how to handle formal library conditions that involve dealing with regulations and library membership.”

Al-Juju’s bed is an old wood and metal cart that he has slept in for two decades. He prefers to talk about Gaza’s educational challenges such as declining standards and young people’s lack of interest in books and reading, rather than his own personal life.

“I was always different from my friends. I didn’t like playing when I was a child like my peers, but I always enjoyed reading and going to the cinema that existed in the 1960s in Gaza. I have read more than 1,000 books in my life.”

Al-Juju, who tends to repeat himself, believes that reading is his only medicine. “I don’t go to any doctor. Sometimes I forget the meaning of things, but reading guides me to the track again.”

Homelessness, separate from the displacement caused by Israel’s blowing up of houses in the occupied coastal territory, has become increasingly visible in the last two years.


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