Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks-Information Clearing House

New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine did it. Saudies appear to have financed it. USA/WASHINGTON DC, collaborated. White house, alphabet agencies, pentagon, courts, MSM, all the way down to the pastors in pulpits who screamed USA was justified slaughtering Moslems and arabs, because of the attack. John C Carleton

How Many Germans Died Under RAF Bombs at Dresden in 1945?-Unz Review

Folks, official USA “history”, should be filed under fiction in the library. Same for Russian, French, UK, EU, and occupied Germany’s “history” books. The USA, Russia, Britain, hanged for war crimes, Japanese and German Prisoners of War, and German civilian officials, for less numeral and brutal war crimes than those victorious countries which set in […]

US Legal System

US Legal System, is a misnomer. Nothing Legal about the USA court system. USA court systems, are Corporate court systems, under the “authority” of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea. Cut through the fancy names, what you have is Roman Law. There was NEVER,EVER, anything kind or just about Roman Law. Roman Law was […]