Israel wants the Trump administration to attack Iran, but U.S. mainstream media ignores Netanyahu’s instigating- Mondoweiss

There is nothing but grief and economic devastation in war with Iran by USA/WASHINGTON DC for Americans. Iran has never attacked America. USA has, and is trying to again, overthrow the Iranian Government. Why is this? Well, the little crime cabal called Israhell, made up of Non Semitic Russian Expat & spawn Turkmen/slavic half breed […]

The lure of Religion-Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Good short read. John C Carleton _________________________________________________________________________________ This is a brief collection of notes I made on one of the central realities of planet Earth: Religion. Down through history, organized religion has tried to take over the Paranormal as its own property. Allowing this and going along with it, humanity, even in all its goodness, […]