Israel’s War Criminals In Their Own Words -Shooting unarmed Palestinian demonstrators “preserves Israeli values”

The Non-Semitic Khazarians, a Turkish people who interbred with the Slavs, Russian Expats, who’s ancestors were NEVER in Palestine, who’s ancestors converted for political reasons, to the so called Judaic cult in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD, are Holocausting/Genociding, the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s in the Semitic Palestinians own Ancestral Home Land. […]

A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind

The Vichy occupation yankee “government” occupying the Republic of Texas, just refused to allow a bill to come up for vote, protecting Texas’s monuments from yankee carpetbaggers and late comer Mexico Firsters, but broke their necks passing a bill, with the Khazarian descended “governor” signing, a bill to try to make criminals of Texicans who […]