Edward the First Directing the Piker Battalion Band

In the decisive year of twelve nighty-
A Viking King who’s balls were huge and mighty-

Arrose to the evil thrust upon his Land-
By a scurvy bucktoothed inbred pedophilic band-

Russian expats & spawn from the land of the Frost outlander-
No more would his mercy at the evil of the filth could pander-

Gang raping English boys of tender age in their rituals of horrible acts=
No more would he allow the gang raping and murdering parasites to ride the backs-

Of the English souls as host to the blood sucking Hun-
The time had arrived to put the Khazaian scum on the run-

Edward directed to his men to scour the flop houses and pubs for deviant losers throughout the Land-
So Edward could form the Piker Battalion Band-

Who were the ones given the job-
Of chastising this bucktoothed mob-

Of evil Khazarian Black Magic Rituals, sacrificing the English young-
After gang raping the same, the Khazarian evil which had come undone-

So throughout the Land of Merry Ole-
The Piker Battalion Band preformed their act with bold-

The Pikers sang a gang bang bass-
The Khazarian Peophiles screamed a fearful, painful tenor-
As all the low born degenerate Pikers joined right in there-
As in the sky the valkyries cheered!

Such was the year 1290 when from England’s neck The Khazarians Edward did rip-
And put each and everyone of their evil pedophilic asses on an out bound ship!

The Ole Dog!

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