How Many Germans Died Under RAF Bombs at Dresden in 1945?-Unz Review

Folks, official USA “history”, should be filed under fiction in the library. Same for Russian, French, UK, EU, and occupied Germany’s “history” books. The USA, Russia, Britain, hanged for war crimes, Japanese and German Prisoners of War, and German civilian officials, for less numeral and brutal war crimes than those victorious countries which set in […]

US Legal System

US Legal System, is a misnomer. Nothing Legal about the USA court system. USA court systems, are Corporate court systems, under the “authority” of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea. Cut through the fancy names, what you have is Roman Law. There was NEVER,EVER, anything kind or just about Roman Law. Roman Law was […]

Al Gore Forecast There Would Be No Ice At The North Pole By 2013

AL Snake Oil Gore, said, (paraphrased) send me your currency, and I shall single-handed stave off the extinction of humanity and the polar bears both! Otherwise you will deep fry like a french fry at Micky Dee’s! Now my only question is, did he send the folks their money back? John C Carleton

Satire -Bleeding John Bolton Stumbles Into Capitol Building Claiming That Iran Shot Him

WASHINGTON—Bursting through the Congressional chamber doors while moaning and clutching his shoulder, John Bolton reportedly stumbled into the Capitol building Friday claiming that he’d been shot by Iran. “Help, help, I’ve just been attacked by a large Middle Eastern country around 636,000 square miles in size,” said the national security advisor, telling those assembled that […]

John Hancock’s Big Toe and the Constitution

This is the story of Shays’ Rebellion, which I contend is the most important falsified event in American history. It is a story of speculation in government bonds, political intrigue, propaganda, and systematic deception. But it is ultimately the story of John Hancock’s big toe. As recently as 2001, only one historian knew that the […]

The Tariff Issue-Paul Craig Roberts

The Tariff Issue Paul Craig Roberts Wherever I look at US policy, foreign or domestic, I see only insanity, ignorance, and incompetence. Take the issue of tariffs, which is Trump’s mistaken approach to bringing the jobs back home. The tariff “solution” overlooks that offshored US production counts as imports when US firms bring their goods […]

The Pompeo Bolton Tag Team from Hell-Information Clearing House

The War of terrorism ON America. Both of these War Criminal, put New Khazaria before America. Bout time for Fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hangings, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac. America First! John C Carleton _______________________________________________________________________________ The Pompeo Bolton Tag Team from Hell By Renee Parsons May 17, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – There […]