FBI agents rifled thru Melania’s “private” wardrobe

FBI agents scoured Melania Trump’s wardrobe.

No worries.
When you are an over the hill failed porn actress and rumored to be one of Mossad Jeffery’s pedophile bait girls who got too old so he gave her to his good friend Trump

there is nothing private on her left.

As for Trump, he has been a Khazarian Mafia Usury Banker’s Bitch since he was a kid.

Young Trump dressed in queer drag as the date of a known homosexual pedophile Khazarian mafia member

If you are not able to be blackmailed, you don’t get to be president.

The last president who tried to stand up for America against the Khazarian Mafia

Was JFK.

JFK was going to get America out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam war the No Combat Coward War Criminal Eisenhower had involved America in, stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

They blew his brains out in front of a standing room only crowd in Dallas Occupied Republic of Texas in 1963, and EVERY “president” since has toed the line, betrayed America/Americans and served the Rats well.

All this FBI


“RAID” bullshit is just bad soap opera for the sheep.

After JFK, a “president” is like on them old time soap operas bored housewives used to watch on TV.
When an actor playing a part got too old, got fired or died, before that day’s segment a voice would come on saying, “THE PART OF (FILL IN THE BLANK) IS BEING PLAYED BY (FILL IN THE BLANK)” and the show would go on like nothing had changed.

Nothing does change when presidents are changed in the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, except that Big Red White & Blue dick gets shoved farther up the American sheep’s ass.

I figure if cousin George Washington and my several great grandfather types who were his winter Soldiers, who sacrificed so much, went through such hardships to give the American sheep a chance for a better way of life could see the shit hole the sheep have allowed the jackals to make of America, instead of fighting that war they would have just drank some good Southern sipping whiskey, told some off color jokes, BBQed a damn goat, pissed on the fire, gone home to their families and just paid that fat king his tax on his tea.

The Ole Dog!

Seems Like Such a Waste, But Yet

1 Corinthians 15:55
O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

I understand reincarnation.
I understand the soul is energy, and energy can never be destroyed.
I know the physical death of this earthly body is never the end.
But yet the death of some at an early age always brings some sadness.

From time to time I find myself attending a burial in the National Cemetery in the military oriented city where I live.

My mother in law and father in law are buried there although my wife had to bury her father alone, pregnant and with a three year old because by the time they found me in the war I was involved in at the time, he had already been buried.

Today the the wife and I had one to attend there.
We got there early to locate the tabernacle to be used, found a good shade tree to park under close and sat for a bit.

I got out with my dog buddy and started walking the rows of headstones, reading their names, dates, wars involved in.
The area we were in today was mostly World War One and Two to early Korea.
There were two or three Spanish American war veterans there who had lived till they were old men, but most were WW 1 vets who died after the war, 1944 and 1945 war deaths.
Some of the WW 2 vets who made it through who were still in the military or called back for Korea had died in the early years of the Korean War.

Walking a bit farther I reached the area of WW 2 vets who had died short years after WW 2 was over and they returned to America.
But the war never ended for them.
Many died young men.
Drink, drugs and suicides.

I was not in the Viet Nam section today, but I have walked that section as well.
It was then I first noticed how many vets died so shortly after coming back to America.

Because you never leave the war behind, it comes home with you.
Some men just can not get on with life with the memories and demons of war marching through their sleepless nights.
Some turn to drink or drugs to try to dull the memories and pain.
Some stick a pistol in their mouth and eat it.

I recall the night I walked into my own home after returning to America.
I was a stranger in my own house.
My wife and child were strangers to me.
And I to them.

The young man who went to war died over there.
I was what came home.

I fought my demons, I tried to dull the memories and pain.

Comes a time when you have to except reality and get on with living, or lay down and die.
I embraced the reality of what life was left for me, begged God for understanding to gain wisdom from what I seen and done as well as why the hurt, pain, struggle and death is in this world.

This world is a school.
There are higher and lower level classes going on right alongside of this one, they are just separated by the ability to see one from the other.

In this school class or dimension, there will always be wars and rumors of wars.
All the dead I looked at, all the lives cut short, that was their destiny.
It was only a waste if they did not learn the lessons of their struggles and failures.

I hate suffering, pain and soul torment.
I hate to see someone going through those things.
I hate to see an animal thrown to the street by some uncaring ass hole, or one which gets lost from their home and are faced with the struggle of surviving alone on the street.

But I have to accept the wisdom of those in higher pay grades above me who decide what each soul will face in each life.

The sin is not in making mistakes, but in failing to learn from their mistakes.
One day, God willing, I will have learned all this class has to offer, and I will move to a more advanced class, leaving some of this suffering and hurt I see behind.

But the next class will have it’s struggles and problems also.
There can be no growth without pain.
When a child cries at night, often it is from the pain of sudden growth spurts.

Without emotional, spiritual pain, there can be no emotional or spiritual growth.

Trust in God’s plan, then learn from your failures.
It is the price of growth.

The Ole Dog!

The Same FBI That Just Raided Trump Ignored Hundreds of Child Rape Victims and Warnings of Mass Shooters

There is ample evidence Trump is a pedophile of the worst sort.
When he runs his mouth it disgust me.
The mass shootings were mostly more than likely FBI instigated false flags to further disarm Americans.

That said, this raid of a former president on bull shit Micky Mouse stuff shows the world the USA is not even trying to hide their third world banana republic status and dying empire any longer.

Add to that the FBI was founded and ran for generations by J. Edgar Hoover, a closet cross dressing tranny pedophile.

The Ole Dog!

Former president Donald Trump announced on Monday that his that his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida was “under siege, raided, and occupied” by federal agents taking part in an “unannounced raid.” The raid was conducted over allegations that Trump unlawfully removed and destroyed classified White House records after he left office in January 2021.

In February, the National Archives and Records Administration confirmed it had found 15 boxes of classified material at Trump’s home, all of which was reportedly taken from the White House.

The case is similar in kind to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton in 2016, in which classified emails turned up during an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting of a 15-year-old girl from NC. Weiner is Huma Abedin’s estranged husband and Abedin was one of Clinton’s closest confidants involved in the scandal and owned the home in which many of the classified emails were located.

Nothing would ever come of the investigation into Clinton, however, and the same will likely be true for Trump. Nevertheless, the sheer man hours devoted to such acts of political grandstanding are notable given the seeming lack of these hours devoted to investigating child sex trafficking and mass shooters.

As TFTP reported at the time, less than six weeks before the Parkland shooting, someone the FBI described as “a person close to” to the shooter, reached out to the agency and desperately pleaded for their help. The person reported the Parkland shooter’s “gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

Instead of investigating the tip, the FBI later admitted that its agents failed to “follow protocols,” and did not follow up. But this was not the first time the FBI received reports of the Parkland shooter’s violent threats.

In September 2017, the mass murdering teen left a comment on a YouTube video that said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The user who uploaded the video immediately took a screenshot of the comment and submitted it to the FBI. While agents from a local field officer were quick to respond and followed up with an in-person interview, they never fully followed through with an investigation into the shooter.


The Same FBI That Just Raided Trump Ignored Hundreds of Child Rape Victims and Warnings of Mass Shooters

Government Database Reveals 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To COVID Vaccines

There was no pandemic.
It was a preplanned Scamdemic.

These Killer Jabs are not vaccines.
They are delayed Euthanasia shots.
Well, delayed for the ones who do not fall down kicking as soon as they get them.

The purpose has always been to kill of as many of the as the Rothschild’s Bitch Henry Kissinger calls the non “elite” humans, “useless food eaters.
The “elites” have warned you and bragged for generations they were going to kill off a huge chunk of humanity.

I wish I could tell you there is a way to remove the death from you if you turned your back on God and trusted evil beings, got jabbed, but I would be lying.
If you got jabbed and were not one of the lucky ones who got the placebo jab, you are the walking dead,

The more jabs you got, the sooner you die from the evidence of deaths among the killer jabbed.

If you took your kids and had them jabbed, you have murdered your own children.

The Ole Dog!

Brian Shilhavy, a researcher, compared VARES reports of cancer following COVID vaccine injections over the previous 20 months with the same query of all vaccines licensed by the FDA over the preceding 30 years. The results from the government database reveals a 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines.

A study of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found a 10,661.4% spike in cancer diagnoses as a consequence of experimental COVID-19 gene-base vaccinations compared to all FDA-approved vaccines over the past 30 years.

The editor of Health Impact News, Brian Shilhavy, recounted his steps in the search, including links to documentation of his numerous results.

Having first queried the cases of “the most common cancers [that] had been reported following COVID-19 vaccines,” he found “837 cases of cancer, including 88 deaths, 66 permanent disabilities, and 104 life threatening events (Source).”

He stressed that such figures were not exhaustive, and that the VAERS database could not handle a more comprehensive search of “ALL cancers listed in VAERS” underneath this group of COVID immunisations.

“Using the exact same search terms for cancer,” he wrote, “I then searched ALL FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years and found only 140 cases of cancer reported (Source).”

“That result is for 360 months (30 years), whereas the 837 cases following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines were reported in just 20 months, since the roll out of the COVID-19 shots beginning in December of 2020,” Shilhavy wrote.

“That is an increase of 10,661.4%!” he concluded.

Shilhavy, whose firm is based in Texas, also noted how many of the cases of cancer in the database were children and adolescents, ranging in age from 12 to numerous young adults in their 20s.

The COVID-19 disease as well as its experimental vaccines are connected with a spike protein that reaches the nucleus of cells and dramatically interferes with DNA damage-repair capabilities. This compromises a person’s adaptive immunity and may even promote the growth of cancer cells.


Government Database Reveals 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To COVID Vaccines

600% More Deaths Reported In Last 19 Months Than In Entire 32 Year History of VAERS Database

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago, the US government has poured billions of your tax dollars into the vaccine program. More than $9 billion of your tax dollars were given to vaccine companies for research and $22 billion of your tax dollars were then used to support vaccine distribution. The feds also shelled out another $10 billion to expand access and currently announced $3 billion more to spend on an ad campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy.

The US government spent well over $130 for every man, woman, and child in America to push the COVID-19 vaccines and yet over one-third of the country still refuses to get fully jabbed while nearly 70 percent refuse to take the booster. Why is that?

Periodically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases the new information on reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The number of reports are at historical levels and more deaths and adverse events have been reported than ever before.

Before going any further, as not to set off the “fact checkers,” it is important to point out that just because data is submitted to the CDC through VAERS, this does not in anyway mean that these reactions are related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the CDC:

One of the main limitations of VAERS data is that it cannot determine if the vaccine caused the reported adverse event. This limitation has caused confusion in the publicly available data from VAERS WONDER, specifically regarding the number of reported deaths. There have been instances where people have misinterpreted reports of deaths following vaccination as deaths caused by the vaccines; that is not accurate. VAERS accepts all reports of adverse health events following vaccinations without judging whether the vaccine caused the adverse health event. Some reports to VAERS represent true vaccine reactions and others are coincidental adverse health events and not related to vaccination.

However, also according to the CDC, “VAERS is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S. licensed vaccines.” And, given the sheer volume of reports, alarm bells should be sounding everywhere. Yet the are not.

While the CDC assures us that their database is inaccurate, the volume of claims should be enough to raise some serious red flags.


600% More Deaths Reported In Last 19 Months Than In Entire 32 Year History of VAERS Database

The culling of humanity is about to accelerate, taking many children and young adults, as the doctors, politicians and preachers remain silent

This world is a school.
All school classes have start dates and end dates.
Here they are called eras.

At the end of every school class there are final exams.
Then there are demotions, retention to repeat the class, and advancements.

There is no such thing as time as humans understand it on the other side.
No matter how long it takes, all souls will learn and stop fighting against God.
Even the evil bastards mass murdering humans now with the killer jabs while they try to set up a world wide kingdom on this rock they think they can maintain forever.

Those who walked with God refused the killer jabs, saw them for what they were.
Those who live in the physical, not the spiritual world put their faith in man and rolled up their sleeve.

What is being done to the children is evil and criminal.
But it will not be held against the innocent children’s souls.
But it damn well will be held against those killer jabbing the children.

There is a spiritual war which is being waged which is above humanities pay grade.

These tribulations, this evil will pass.
Keep the faith.
Stay the course.

The Ole Dog!

Leo Hohmann – leohohmann.com Aug 6, 2022
It’s been a while since I’ve reported on the shocking numbers in the government’s VAERS reporting system and some of the heartbreaking stories contained there, such as the recent death of a 9-year-old California girl two weeks after she was jabbed.
The girl received one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s injection. She had no preexisting conditions and was not hospitalized.
She experienced two to three days of “stomach ache, sore throat and chest pain; two weeks after receiving the vaccination,” the database states.
VAERS data from December 14, 2020, to July 22, 2022, shows 12,232 adverse events in 5- to 11-year-olds, including 313 “serious” cases and nine deaths.
The database also lists 24 cases of heart inflammation, 47 cases of blood clotting disorders, and 101 reports of seizures in the same age group.
Readers of this website know that VAERS doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. The deaths and disabling injuries listed there only represent 1 percent of the actual numbers due to the propensity of doctors to not report most of the devastation they see being caused by their partners in Big Pharma.
Taken together from nations around the world, these deaths by injection will add up to a genocide of untold magnitude, a mass culling that fulfills the purposes of a Malthusian clan of globalist elites.
How can this be happening, you ask. And who are these “elites?”
Many of these so-called elites are also Luciferian but plenty of others are just plain greedy. Still others remain silent and go along out of self-preservation. They don’t want to risk being canceled and jeopardize their comfortable lifestyles.
Thanks to the consolidation in the healthcare industry that was accelerated by Obamacare, most doctors today are just employees. They work for a paycheck. That means they’re easily controlled.
And what about the politicians? Won’t the Republicans change this when they take over in January?
That’s unlikely.
The genocide we see playing out in real time is so evil that I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone in politics is able to talk about any other issue.
I typed “died days after receiving jab Pfizer Moderna” into my search engine and I turned up pages of articles about people dying, usually days or weeks after they had been jabbed.


Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the KILLER JAB

This is a list of just the docs my doctor friend in Canada heard about passively. In the past 30 years, he’s never heard of a single death like this. Not one. Now there are 14.

Executive summary

A doctor friend in Canada heard about 14 deaths of Canadian doctors over the last 9 months. He’s been in practice for 30 years. He’s never heard of any such deaths before. Zero. Why is he now all of a sudden hearing of so many deaths, and these deaths are all happening very soon after vaccination.

The fact checkers assure us all that this is simply coincidence. The Canadian doctors continue to believe what they are told to believe. I predict the next shots will be even worse.

Sadly, I don’t think the Canadian doctors are ever going to figure this out.


Canadian doctors keep lining up to get the shots to be protected from a disease which is easily treatable with a combination of drugs with little to no side effects.

A doctor friend in Canada has been passively noticing the untimely death of doctors in Canada shortly after they were forced to get the third and fourth doses of the vaccine. He sent me these images below which have been sent to him. He’s not proactively researching these. There are likely a lot more he doesn’t know about.

What’s astounding is that this is a vaccine, which according to this CDC study, makes it nearly impossible for you to die after the shot. Yet, these doctors all died shortly after the shot.

Apparently, none of the deaths were covered in the Canadian mainstream media, so I thought you should know about them.

There was coverage of six recent deaths in Health Impact News: 6 Canadian Medical Doctors Died Within 2 Weeks After 4th COVID Booster Shots for Employees Started at One Hospital.

Let me be very clear. You cannot have 6 Canadian docs die within 2 weeks after the vaccine if there isn’t something wrong with the shot. Period. Full stop. Each of these is a very rare event. Having them clustered like this is a sure sign the vaccines killed them. Any honest scientist would start with this hypothesis as the most obvious hypothesis and only reject it if there was compelling evidence to the contrary.

14 deaths of young doctors in the last 9 months, all shortly after the jab

As of August 6, 2022, my doctor friend only knows about these 14 deaths this year.

Guess how many similar deaths (young doctors dying unexpectedly) he’s noticed in the past 30 years in practice? Yup, zero.

In short, this vaccine is disaster and the proof is in public view.

Will they stop the shots? Of course not.

According to the fact checkers, none of these doctors died from the shots, they all died of other causes. Duh. The vaccine always kills people by stopping their heart, brain, etc. so it always looks like they died from something else because they did.

But when normally healthy people all of a sudden die like this in rapid succession, you are being totally disingenuous if you rule out the vaccine as the likely instigator of the death.

What the fact checkers fail to point out is that in many cases, the diseases often first started after the first vaccine shot, and then got worse with progressive shots. Somehow, they always miss that point that the vaccine accelerated the death. The fact that all these doctors died in close proximity to the shots is just too coincidental.

Canadian docs will keep believing the “safe and effective” narrative because that’s what they are trained to do: trust the authorities


Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything

In the age of sloppy journalism, few authors are sloppier than those who claim they ‘debunked’ the story that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s biological father. They recite the Canadian governments’ official travel dates to Cuba and painfully avoid the Trudeaus’ extensive personal trip to the Caribbean trip in Spring 1971. It is a fact the Trudeaus were in the Caribbean in Spring 1971. It is a fact they adored Castro. It is a fact the Trudeaus were swingers. This is what you need to know.
First, Margaret Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau, and Fidel Castro were all notoriously sexually promiscuous. Margaret Trudeau was a partier who unquestionably had sex with men while married to Pierre. Nobody knows if Pierre objected. They met when he was 48 and she was 18. They got married when he was 53 and she was 23. Their marriage surprised Canada because Pierre had been a lifelong playboy with no wife or children. He would be turning 60 when she was barely out of her 20’s. She publicly states today she suffered from bipolar disorder and self-control issues. She smuggled drugs in the Prime Minister’s official government luggage. She sneaked away from official functions to get high. She partied scantily clad at Studio 54. She became embroiled in a scandal for having sex with Ted Kennedy (gross). According to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Pierre broke up with her while she was having an affair with Ronnie Wood. The list goes on.
Pierre Trudeau slept around too. According to a 2009 Globe and Mail article by Margaret Wente, actress Margot Kidder (Superman, Superman II), classical guitarist Liona Boyd, and actress Kim Cattrall all claimed to have slept with him at some time. Pierre Trudeau biographer John English states the “evidence is overwhelming” that he slept with Barbara Streisand. The record is not immediately clear how much of that happened before the couple was separated, but before she moved out of the house he was entertaining three women downstairs at a time:
He often invited two girlfriends to the same event. Allan Gotlieb, his ambassador to Washington, complained about one dinner he hosted for Mr. Trudeau because he had three girlfriends there…he carried on downstairs even though Margaret [while separated] was still in residence upstairs.
Fidel Castro put them both to shame. His sexual appetite was so legendary this article cannot efficiently capture it. Suffice it to say, he endeavored to have sex with two new women every day and sent aides to fetch them. He fathered 11 acknowledged children and rumors are he has multiple times that many bastards.
Second, the Trudeaus adored Castro. They, their aides and friends all said so. According to John English’s “Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1968–2000” they were charmed by Castro and made several trips to embargo-era Cuba just to see him. In 2000, Castro made a rare appearance out of Cuba to attend Pierre’s funeral in Canada. On his visit, Margaret welcomed the leader at his hotel on behalf of the Trudeaus. They demonstrated a striking level of familiarity before even getting off the tarmac of their 1976 trip. They all took photographs together. The Trudeaus introduced Castro to their children. And when Castro died, Justin Trudeau was the only leader of the Western World to give him an overwhelmingly positive eulogy without addressing his misdeeds.

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Russia Strikes US-Backed Terrorist In Syria Near American Base-This Terrorist group is based in the Al-Tanf zone, Supplied and Trained by International Criminal Instructors from the US Army Special Operations Forces

Continuing a 161 year long tradition of the Terrorist USA/DC crime cabal using it’s military to terrorize and slaughter innocent people for financial theft, political power and perverse pleasure, the USA in an international war crime illegally invaded Syria, a country which did not attack America, claiming they were “fighting terrorism”.

The USA is stealing Syria’s oil, food crops, murdering Syrians while training, financing and arming local terrorist to murder Syria government troops.


The Ole Dog!

Russia announced on Friday that it conducted an airstrike against a group of US-backed militants in Syria near al-Tanf, a US military base located in the south of the country.

Russia said it targeted Liwa Shuhada al-Qaryatayn (ShQ), a group that has fought against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Moscow said the Russian Aerospace Forces “identified and destroyed” a group of ShQ militants.

“This terrorist group is based in the Al-Tanf zone, supplied and trained by instructors from the US Army Special Operations Forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. “Operating from the desert, the Liwa Shuhada al-Qaryatayn militants carried out acts of sabotage against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure in Syria.”

The Pentagon confirmed that the strikes took place in comments to Newsweek, but didn’t provide any details. US Central Command told Newsweek that “CENTCOM is aware of the strike, but does not have information to provide to you on this.”

The US was said to cut off support for ShQ in 2017. In 2018, the group was said to be relocating from the southern area near al-Tanf to northern Syria.

The strikes mark the second time that Russia has targeted US-backed fighters near al-Tanf. Back in June, Russia targeted Maghawir al-Thawra, formerly known as the New Syrian Army. Russia notified the US before launching the strikes on Maghawir al-Thawra, which targeted buildings the group was using at al-Tanf.


Farage Warns, If America Falls To Marxists, Western Civilization Will Follow

For those who may not know, Farage is a inbred British Political prostitute who plays the part of controlled opposition.

He is warning the doors to the American barn needs to be closed 161 years after the cows wandered out the open doors and were slaughtered.

In 1861 the closet homosexual atheist Marxist yankee puritan shyster lying rail road lawyer and war criminal Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing it with a Mandatory out of the barrels of the USA military’s rifles Marxist (Communist) Soviet styled military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

Ok, for the VERY ignorant let us go ahead and put the lie of the USA illegally invaded the Confederacy, gang raped little children, pregnant women to death, black and white

to end slavery to a long awaited rest.

The FACT is there were African slaves in yankeeland when there was no more Confederacy.

With 3 to 1 ratio of invading gang raping thieving, burning mass murdering USA terrorist troops over Confederates defending their homeland from terrorism, the yankee communist still could not beat the South on the battlefield.
The rabid racist against Africans war criminal Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” was an attempt start a slave revolt in the South which would have drawn Confederate front line troops from the battle field to put a stop to the raping and murdering by revolting slaves Lincoln tried to start.
That this would have led to a mass slaughter of African slaves did not bother Lincoln who hated Africans anyway.

His own yankee war criminal generals warned him to make sure the yankee terrorist troops knew this was not really about freeing Africans because if the yankee terrorist troops got the least idea they were fighting and dying to free “ning#rs”, they would desert and go home.
Many did.

His own secretary of war said we declare free slaves where we have no power to free them, but do not free slaves where we have the power to do so.

In other words, Lincoln declared free slaves where he had no legal jurisdiction to do so, but left the slaves under his jurisdiction in slavery.

Now that that bit of yankee communist propaganda and lies are out of the way, back to America being a communist shit hole from 1861 onward.

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

During World War Two, the USA/DC “government” betrayed the American people by helping the mass murdering red Russian Khazarian Jew Communist Joseph Stalin

Who holocaust between 66 to 70 million humans, spread communism to all of Eastern Europe, half of Germany and to set up the Cold War which would lead to Americans dying in the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam Wars.

The USA murdered American General George S Patton for trying to stop the pre-planned Cold War and stop the complete take over of America with Rothschild’s red Russian Communism.
His murder was claimed to be from a slow low impact car wreck.

James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy in May 1944, the first secretary of the newly created Department of Defense. Forrestal was intensely hostile to the Soviet Union, fearing Communist expansion in Europe and the Middle East. Along with Secretary of State George C. Marshall, he strongly opposed the United States’ support for the establishment of the State of Israel.

He was murdered by the USA in 1949 and his murder was claimed to be a suicide.

US senator Joe McCarthy fought a one man war to expose Communist agents in the USA “government” and military.
The Jewish Communist controlled press slandered him.

When McCarthy was about to expose how high up in the USA military Communist agents had infiltrated the military, the No Combat Coward Communist Agent Eisenhower

who was then president in self defense had all the military records which would have proved McCarthy right destroyed.

Then the USA murdered McCarthy.

In 1963 president JFK was threatening to do away with the Anti-American Rothschild controlled CIA and stop Israel from getting illegal nuclear weapons.

JFK was going to get America out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam war the No Combat Coward War Criminal Eisenhower had involved America in, stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

The next “president” served the Rothschild’s Israel well and did not get his head blown off.

In fact every USA “president” since has served the Rothschild’s Israel well and did not have to “commit suicide” or have an “accident”.

Today America is a One World Government Communist/Zionist run shit hole.

For the American sheep

Who are then wondering what a semi intelligent British politician would be pushing Communism covering bull shit and propaganda, calling for closing the barn doors long after the cows left the barn and have been slaughtered.

Thats why!