Vaccine confers better protection than natural immunity, CDC finds

I do not know what kind of country The Americans left alive, the smart Americans who refused the Killer Clot shot mRNA Mad Cow type Spiked Protein delivering Loaded Syringe jabs and the few jabbed who may live, although sick and struggling to stay alive the rest of their lives may build on the other side of the mass murder culling of the human herd by evil demonically possessed ass holes.

But America is currently a shit hole of bleating in fear sheep herded through the slaughterhouse doors by Ratschild’s minions who could not tell the truth if they had a noose around their lying necks, their feet were on the trap door, they knew the only way not to hang for their crimes against America, Americans and Humanity at large was to tell the truth.

Not being allowed to tell the truth is part of the contract they accept when they take the 30 fiat shekels to sell their souls to evil.

The Ole Dog!


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