Dr. Sugata Das: disturbing cockpit video shows last moments of cardiologist’s life before he crashed his private plane near San Diego, killing one other person

This article is prefaced with two disclaimers. There is only circumstantial evidence that Dr. Sugata Das was “fully vaccinated.” But again, vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences; and Dr. Das was a healthcare worker. Also note that the audio is real, and the video is a reconstruction/dramatization of the crash. Regardless, the following is one of the most frightening coincidences you’ll see on this blog in 2021.

Dr. Das was a cardiologist at the Yuma Heart and Vascular Center in Yuma, Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey has issued several Executive Orders in 2021 that outlaw mandatory masks and experimental injections in Arizona government buildings, schools and political subdivisions. He signed Senate Bill 1824 into law on June 30, 2021. It requires all employers in the state to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with religious objections to the shots. The bill also prohibits blanket vaccine passports. But tucked into that bill is a caveat relevant to this article:

“[SB1824] Stipulates that a health care institution is not prohibited from requiring its employees to be vaccinated. (Sec. 13).”

The Arizona School Boards Association challenged the law in court. A Maricopa County judge voided the ban on mask mandates in schools and other parts of the bill due to a legislative technicality. The Arizona Attorney General is also challenging the Biden vaccine mandate in federal court. Despite all the foregoing, Arizona healthcare workers have never been afforded any legislative protections against vaxx mandates.

There are several recent reports of Arizona healthcare workers quitting their jobs in lieu of receiving mRNA or viral vector DNA injections. Some Arizona doctors expressed concern about staffing shortages among nurses and techs as a result of people quitting. A June survey by the American Medical Association found that 96% of physicians nationwide are fully vaccinated.

Death of Dr. Sugata Das

In addition to being a cardiologist, Dr. Das is also a pilot. He received a commercial pilot certificate on October 24, 2014, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


One thought on “Dr. Sugata Das: disturbing cockpit video shows last moments of cardiologist’s life before he crashed his private plane near San Diego, killing one other person

  1. Phil maff says:

    He appears to have cognitive issues as he decends through the cloud base….normal…..like adjusting from high speed freeway to lower speed smaller roads in a car. He’s asked to correct the direction as he wanders to the left. He does this but seems unable to register his info from the artificial horizon . The ATC tells him to climb repeatedly . Because he’s turning it’s harder to climb and keep airspeed but he seems to have more than enough airspeed for the turn but ignores the climb warning from his controls and ATC ,continues the right hand turn and pushed the nose down further . The plane ,even seconds before the crash has enough airspeed and power to recover. The engines sound fine,no slow speed stall warnings. If it was not a stroke it could be a carbon monoxide problem from the heating vents. I do not here the passenger being alarmed or saying holy shi* ,it may indicate poisoning for the passenger as well.
    The plane is modern and sounds sweet. At the height they were flying there should be no issue about air pressure,unless previous to this they had been extremely high and began to suffer oxygen starvation or pressurization issues.Maybe the autopsies may reveal what was happening in their lungs. Conspiracy nutters may suggest he was zapped with an EMP attack from the weather radar or electronics?
    Unlikely.the lack of concern from the passenger is revealing but as the article states…he was flying his regular route in food visibility.
    Our prayers for them and the families. Can people get embolisms from entering higher air pressure at low altitudes? A definite case of pilot error as opposed to weather or visibility issues.

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